Longines Carefully Interprets Autumn And Winter Women’s Watches With A Guide

With the passing of summer, the sense of autumn is getting stronger, and the fall / winter 2014 women’s fashion has also quietly struck. In the face of numerous and fashionable fashion trends, when matching with the new season, a suitable wrist watch, or can be transformed into the finishing touch, to achieve an elegant fashion style. Adhering to the pursuit of classic elegance, Longines, a well-known Swiss watchmaker, carefully captures trends such as Normcore, sequins, and pastel colors, selects beautiful timepieces, and presents a watch pairing guide for autumn and winter fashion womenswear.

  Simple black decoration Normcore style

  Unknowingly, Normcore has become one of the hottest trend keywords today, advocating a state that seems bland and comfortable but not losing style. In the autumn and winter of 2014, in the chic details of ordinary wear and careful elaboration, Normcore built a new realm of comfortable and free daily dress. With its black dial and crocodile leather strap, the Longines Companion Rose Gold Women’s Watch perfectly matches Normcore’s special preference for low-key colors, and its simple dial design echoes its pure and simple pure characteristics. A touch of gorgeous rose gold color on the outer ring is also in parallel with the overall style. It also respects simplicity, adding a bit of elegance and delicate bright details.

  Bright diamonds echo the sequin trend

  On the 2014 autumn and winter fashion show, the glittering sequins are still a popular element. The colorful and brilliant luster, accompanied by the designer’s whimsy, in every unique dress details, quietly blooming elegant charm. Coincidentally, the Longines Concas women’s diamond watch embellishes 120 brilliant diamonds around the bezel, which shines brightly with the delicately sequined elements. The light and pulsating streamer is shining brightly between hands and feet, just like the eye-catching winter elves, accompanied by confident beauties, and interprets the lively and true personality.

  Pink blue fritillary condensed pastel charm

  As an indispensable and important part of the trend color palette, pastels with subtle and fresh textures subvert people’s old impressions of autumn and winter color matching. The fresh and bright color is reminiscent of the sweet and clear natural breath, and it conveys a sense of calmness and ease in the autumn. Adhering to its passion for Italian sweet life, Longines Dai Chuo Weiner series uses pastel blue pearl mother-of-pearl to condense the pastel charm to paint bright colors for the rigorous and deep autumn and winter seasons. Eleven beautiful diamond hour markers and a special heart-shaped diamond located at 12 o’clock add a touch of magnificence to the wrist, blooming like snow and ice, crystal clear and elegant.

[Watch description]

Longines Compaq Rose Gold Women’s Watch Watch Number: L2. Price: RMB40,700
The Companion series is specially created by Longines for equestrian sports, adhering to modern design and precise quality, and expressing the perfect fusion of elegant attitude and sporting spirit. This female watch has a diameter of 29.5 mm, a rose gold case, a built-in L595 mechanical movement, a black dial with rose gold hands, and the hours, minutes and seconds are displayed. The date display window is at 3 o’clock. Like all models in the Compaq series, this watch is water-resistant to 5 atmospheres and has a spiral back with sapphire crystal.

Longines Concas Series Women’s Diamond Watch Watch Number: L3. Price: RMB27,400
The dazzling brilliance of the Longines Concas diamond watch for women comes from the 120 diamonds set on the bezel. The round stainless steel case has a crown with flanking protection and a quartz movement (L263.2). The white mother-of-pearl dial is set with 11 diamonds at the moment, contrasting with the diamond light on the bezel. This watch can display hours, minutes, seconds, and a date display at 3 o’clock. This watch is designed for ladies who combine lively life with elegant dress. It has a screw-in back cover, is waterproof to 5 atmospheres, and is matched with a stainless steel bracelet to make it more eye-catching.

Longines Dai Chuo Wiener Series Stainless Steel Diamond Women’s Watch Watch Number: L5. Price: RMB27,100
The Longines Dai Chuo Wei Na series is created for elegant women who love and long for Italian sweet life. This stainless steel diamond watch is equipped with the L963 quartz movement. The surface of the classic Symphony Fuchsia pearl mother-of-pearl is decorated with 11 indexes set with top diamonds of TopWesseltonVVS. Among them, the 12 o’clock index is specially designed with heart-shaped diamonds. A total of 28 top Wesselton diamonds, weighing 0.28 carats. Hard-wearing curved sapphire crystal. Stainless steel bracelet with triple folding spring clasp. Water-resistant to 30 meters (100 feet).

Jacques Deep Sea Chronograph Watches Professional Diving Timepieces From Legendary Models

When diving under the sea, the measurement of time must be reliable and accurate. Any miscalculation of the underwater minutes or the stop of the clockwork will cause serious consequences. Since the launch of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s first dive watch, watchmakers in the watch factory have been committed to providing foolproof security.
   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph is equipped with a timer running indication function. Whether the timer can start measuring an interval, whether it can be started and whether the measured time is displayed on each chronograph, can be seen at a glance, allowing divers to get greater Protection. This feature was inspired by Jaeger-LeCoultre’s earlier work: Chronoflight chronograph. This chronograph was born in 1930 and is used in the fields of civil aviation and military aviation. This watch further completes the aviation instruments Jaeger has manufactured since 1910. Chronoflight chronograph is equipped with multiple timers and accumulators, which can subtract the stopover time to calculate the total flight time. For more than 30 years, its reliability and accuracy have also been favored by racing drivers.
   Today, the Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph draws inspiration from the technical construction of Chronoflight for divers. The dial has a round timer indicator window under the ‘Jaeger-LeCoultre’ logo. It is composed of two red and white dials, which can accurately display the operating status of the chronograph watch. When displayed in white, the timer can start measuring time. Once the timer starts, the indicator window will show both red and white colors, indicating that the time is being measured. Finally, when the timer is stopped, only the red face is displayed in the window, which indicates that the time measurement has ended and the timer has not returned to zero, and the measurement result can be read.
   The Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph is a true professional diving watch that complies with all the requirements of the ISO 6425 standard for diving watches. The watch has a unidirectional rotating bezel and 10 bar (100 meters) water resistance. It has excellent shock resistance and anti-magnetic field interference performance, and it is still legible in dark environments. The operating status is indicated by the small second hand at 6 o’clock. Equipped with a new Jaeger-LeCoultre 758 automatic movement, the balance can vibrate up to 28,800 times per hour and has a 65-hour power reserve. The chronograph includes two chronograph dials (hours and minutes) and a central seconds hand. The dial is equipped with fluorescent hour markers and hands for clear display. The crown is located at 3 o’clock, and the two timing buttons are located at 2 o’clock and 4 o’clock, respectively. 42 mm diameter stainless steel case with black leather strap.
   In 2012, two watches that will be entered into the annals of history will continue the legend of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea diving watch and inherit its legendary prototype models and the Vallée de Joux workshop since its birth. The precise, reliable performance and creative spirit of today have more than ever met all the demanding requirements of professional and elegant timepiece enthusiasts.
Jaeger-LeCoultre Deep Sea Chronograph: Technical Specifications
Movement: Jaeger-LeCoultre 758 self-winding mechanical movement, hand-made, assembled and decorated, with a frequency of 28,800 vibrations per hour, 47 gem bearings, a thickness of 6.8 mm, 340 parts, and a 65-hour power reserve.
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, timer: hour and minute dial, central seconds, timing status display.
Dial: Matt black, white Superluminova hour markers.
Case: stainless steel, 42 mm diameter, rotating bezel, sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 10 bar.
Strap: black leather strap with stainless steel pin buckle.
Model: Q2068570

Men Should Have A Diving Watch What Should I Buy In Summer

Many watch friends are very careful when they buy a watch for the first time. They want to know more, buy a cheap and stylish watch, and hope that this watch has a classic The movement comes from a better brand. During the tangled process, it may have been ruled out many times. The final result is more suitable for you. In fact, you don’t have to worry too much when buying a watch, because a man needs more than a watch in his life. Later taste and experience will make you enter the field of watch purchase again. Generally, there must be at least two watches, sports and formal wear. If conditions permit, you can add a leisure watch or collection watch. The following three watches recommended for everyone will definitely make you happy this summer.

  Longines CONQUESTCLASSIC L3.641.4.96.6 watch


Watch reviews: Think of the first diving watch that a man should buy, what should it look like? Simple in style, superior in performance, stable in movement, and trustworthy in the brand, it is necessary to give yourself a proper price positioning. Thinking of the hot summers and the hot sun, a diving watch seems to be able to move people’s hearts. The blue dial is reminiscent of a free and vast ocean. The Longines Concas classic L3.641.4.96.6 watch, the diameter of 39 mm does not seem very large, but most men can still support it. With a stainless steel case, the aluminum bezel rotates in one direction, and the side protects the crown, adding safety to underwater exploration. The marine blue dial is decorated with large Roman numerals and stick hour markers, equipped with luminous hands and scales, to guide divers to conquer the unknown in the dark. In addition to the basic hour and minute display, the calendar display window is located at three o’clock. A touch of red decoration at the end of the second hand and a dazzling embellishment make people put it down.

  The stainless steel bracelet with double safety folding clasp can be fine-tuned in small areas when diving. Divers are engraved on the case back to pay tribute to Longines’ first diver’s watch. In terms of power, it is equipped with L633 mechanical movement to ensure the superior performance of the watch. Water-resistant to 30 bar.

Basic Information
Number: L3.641.4.96.6
Brand: Longines
Series: Watchmaking Tradition
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 9,600
For more watch details, please click: TAG Heuer 300MCALIBRE5 Automatic Watch Series WAN2110.BA0822 Watch


Watch reviews: TagHeuer also has a very unique charm in the minds of men. At the beginning, he was attracted by Carrera’s passion and speed. Later, he gradually paid attention to F1 and the diving series. . The Diving 300 is not only available in blue but also in black. If you think blue is too turbulent, then the calm atmosphere of black may be more versatile. This watch uses a 41 mm diameter design, the case is made of a stainless steel case, the watch dial is a pure black dial design with white dots and bar scales, with fluorescent coating, and with luminous hands To ensure that the watch can be read clearly in the dark state. The red triangle at the end of the second hand marks the passion of ignition, and the date display window at 3 o’clock is simple and practical. The bracelet is also made of stainless steel, brushed, beautiful and stylish.

  In terms of power, the watch is equipped with a Cal.5 automatic mechanical movement. For a mechanical watch, there may be a slight error, but if you love him enough, this error is definitely within the tolerance range.

Basic Information
Number: WAN2110.BA0822
Brand: Tag Heuer
Series: Diving
Movement type: automatic machinery
Gender: Men
Price: ¥ 16,400
For more watch details, please click: ORISDIVERS 0173376534155-0742634EB watch


Watch comments: If you don’t like steel straps, can the lightweight rubber straps suit your wishes? Oris ORISDIVERS series 0173376534155-0742634EB watch is masculine, full of men’s true colors. This watch has a diameter of 43 millimeters. The atmospheric dial shows different degrees of temperament. The multi-piece stainless steel case is equipped with a ceramic top ring with a minute scale. The dark blue dial with white fluorescent indicators and white hands, the calendar display window is located at six o’clock, the dive time is clear at a glance. There are shoulder guards on both sides of the crown to ensure the waterproof performance of the crown, and the decorative threads on it are easy for the wearer to operate. The black rubber strap bears Oris’s classic signature, and is comfortable and soft.
  In terms of power, it is equipped with Cal.733 movement, 28800 oscillations per hour, and a power reserve of 38 hours. At present, the reference price of this watch is 13,200 yuan. Buying this watch at this price is still a good value for money.

Basic Information
Number: 0173376534155-0742634EB
Brand: Oris
Series: Diving
Movement type: automatic machinery
Price: ¥ 13,200
For more watch details, please click: oris / 11200 /

Summary: Sports watches also include chronographs. Although different timing functions will make you enjoy time and time, I still like diving watches the most. Simple dials, tough cases and superior diving functions are impossible Resist its premium design. Especially after jumping out of the water in that year, the case also carried drops of crystal clear waterdrops, which was refreshing and hard to resist. Moreover, the diving watch can be worn for sports and leisure, and will feel very comfortable when worn daily. Although the above three watches come from three different brands, they also have some similarities. Choose different details for the same function. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Bi Wing Shuang Fei Tanabata Meet Jacques De Loire Golden Bird Watch Chanting Beautiful Love

Thousands of years ago, the loyal love of the cowherd and the weaver moved the magpie. Thousands of magpies set up a bridge to allow lovers to cross the Jiaojiao Milky Way, leaving romantic and beautiful love stories to be chanted to this day. Birds also often become a symbol of praise for love. Today, Jaquet Droz portrays the gentle and graceful tits of La La Valley between square inches and vividly reproduces the romantic picture of ‘being a lovebird in heaven, and wishing to be a branch in the ground’, becoming a transmission pulse for love The best gift for feelings.

Golden eagle bird hour minute dial-Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons

 Since its inception, Jacques Dro pays tribute to these light, crisp, and clear-sounding tits from the Jura region of Switzerland, home of Pierre Jacques Dro, and uses the most advanced technology at the time to reproduce the rich feathers and bright Ze’s feather color and the mysterious and deep eyes of birds. Over three centuries, this exquisite craftsmanship has always been the spiritual essence of Jacques Dro’s creation. Today, the craft masters of the Jacques Dro Art Workshop also share this creative purpose, surpassing themselves again, and designing golden birds. Hour minute dial-Petite Heure Minute Relief Seasons. This watch combines the most unique skills of the Jacques Dross master craftsman, a new interpretation of traditional works, can be called a new aesthetic masterpiece. On the white mother-of-pearl dial, two elven birds with bright colors and three-dimensional shapes stand on both sides of the dial. The mother-of-pearl dial is fully hand-carved, and the gold-finished birds are engraved and carved before being set on the dial. Finally, they are colored together, from the shape of the bird’s wings to the size of the bird’s body, from the outline of the throat to yellow and blue. The meticulous combination of colored bird feathers and all the details make this watch a veritable three-dimensional masterpiece. Its demure posture and extended wings are possessing the beauty of a love interpretation of ‘double wings flying.’

 This watch combines the top craftsmanship of mother-of-pearl with a gold chassis and comes in two styles: an autumn version with a warm warm tone, a red gold case and inlays combined with a vibrant and emotional brown, which exudes The calmness, restraint, and temperament of mature men coincide. In the winter models mainly in cold tones, the white gold case and buckle are set with sparkling diamonds, as if the white snow in winter releases the dazzling light. The holiness and purity shown by it are the most subtle and beautiful expression of love to the lover.

 PetiteHeure Minute Relief Seasons
White mother-of-pearl dial
18K Red Gold Handmade Gold Carved Bird
18K Red Gold Case and Inlay
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
Off-centre hour and minute display
41 mm diameter
Limited edition of 88 pieces
Market reference price: RMB 619,500

 PetiteHeure Minute Relief Seasons
White mother-of-pearl dial
18K Red Gold Handmade Gold Carved Bird
18K white gold case,
Case set with 272 diamonds,
Buckle set with 24 diamonds,
Total diamond weight 1.19 carats
Self-winding movement
68-hour power reserve
Off-centre hour and minute display
41 mm diameter
Limited edition of 88 pieces
Market reference price: RMB 700,000

Jiajia Large Traditional Watch Series Three Questions Watch

Reference price: 1914000 yuan
     Model Q5011410, Jaeger-LeCoultre 947R hand-wound movement, two-week power reserve, velvet dial, partially decorated Clous De Paris glyphs and appliqués, 18K gold-plated hour markers and trademarks, traditional Crown Prince hands, 18K yellow gold case, waterproof depth 50 meters, crocodile leather strap, 18K yellow gold folding buckle, 44mm case diameter, limited to 100 pieces.
Recommended reason:
     This minute repeater from Jaeger-LeCoultre is very promising. Before that, most of the minute repeaters used gongs with a circular cross section, and this time Jaeger-LeCoultre introduced a gong with a square cross section on the 150th anniversary. The use of square-shaped gongs can largely increase the contact area between the hammer and gongs, which is also the basic condition for sound increase.

Blancpain Moon Beauty Watch

Romance is a woman’s nature, as if you never guess when I will leave and go elsewhere. My mood will change quietly with the light and shadow. The sun goes from east to west, and my makeup changes from light to thick. When I wear my watch, the sun rises; when I fade away, the night falls. I am Blancpain Moon Beauty, and the world moves with me.
  Romance and beauty are instantly recognizable. From day to night, the charm of Blancpain’s moon beauty touches the tides. In the changing colors, Blancpain uses several scenes related to the Moon Beauty watch from morning to night to portray the exquisite daily life of romantic and intellectual independent women in modern cities.
  The Blancpain Moon Beauty Watch is a romantic choice for independent women. Modern women’s time management and aesthetic cultivation can be expressed through this pure mechanical female watch: the round dial represents classics, the simple design conveys aesthetics, and the delicate polishing and polishing destined her beauty to stand the test. Fearless years. The power and taste of Blancpain Moon Beauty is self-evident.
  From morning to night, the more you look, the better you look at;

Blancpain Moon Beauty Eccentric Date Retrograde Watch
  8:00 AM morning game
  Coffee, black tea, or ice water. For breakfast, she matches it according to her mood. The contrasting color handbag full of architectural lines feels naturally matched with a unique and uniquely designed Blancpain Moon Beauty Eccentric Date Retrograde Watch-this is the finishing touch of today’s style, and those with advanced aesthetics know this .

Blancpain Moon Beauty Moon Phase Moonwatch
  12:00 pm play at noon
  She never evades when the sun is the strongest. Sitting at the window of the restaurant during the lunch break, she meditated and enjoyed every bath of light, not realizing that she had become the scenery in the eyes of others. The moon beauty face with beauty moles on her wrist, looming in the light, smiled at her: Blancpain Moon Beauty has more than one side, she can illuminate the night, or hug the sun.

Blancpain moon beauty date indicator
  15:00 PM Inspirational Hunting
  She was used to writing down thoughts in the notebook at hand. Sometimes it’s a paragraph, sometimes it’s a painting, and sometimes it’s a dream. The second hand of the Blancpain Moon Beauty watch turned her back to this world. She knew that the fleeting romance was beautiful, but she hoped that she could live in the moment to have more beautiful memories.

Blancpain Moon Beauty Moon Phase Moonwatch
  18:00 PM Twilight Vitality
  She didn’t feel a little tired after finishing work, not only because of her delicate appearance, she hoped that she would look motivated at all times. Confidence and confidence are not what high heels can give. Like this long-lasting Blancpain Moon Beauty watch on her hand, she believes that the baptism of time will make the strength clearer and more able to grasp the people and things that accompany long-term companions.

Blancpain moon beauty date indicator
  21:00 PM Night Tour
  As night fell, she was ready. Red dinner bag, golden high-heeled shoes, these items with social attributes are the equipment for attending a party, dazzling, except for her imprint. Tonight she reduced complexity to something, and Blancpain Moon Beauty was her only accessory. ‘It can be dazzling, but be yourself,’ she said to herself.

First Innovation Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Offshore Replica Watch

Compared to the Royal Oak series, the Royal Oak Offshore watch was launched in 1993 with a resolute image of larger size. Since its birth, it has won loyal fans from all over the world and has become the source of inspiration for Audemars Piguet’s innovative design, constantly performing new versions. To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the Royal Oak Offshore Watch, Audemars Piguet introduced a replica watch based on the 1993 model, incorporating new craftsmanship and technology based on the original design.

The future of the first generation of watches

 Since its introduction in 1993, the Royal Oak Offshore has never ceased to innovate in terms of shape, function, and material. Since then, Audemars Piguet has launched more than 120 42mm Royal Oak offshore watches, made of titanium, forged carbon, gold, platinum and many other materials.

 The replica version launched in 2018 faithfully reproduces the original design. It uses a stainless steel case with a blue rubber crown and a chronograph button. The traditional blue dial is engraved with a small ‘petite tapisserie’ plaque decoration and a stainless steel strap And ‘AP’ folding clasp. The case is equipped with Calibre 3126/3840 self-winding movement with 25 years of fine watchmaking experience and technological upgrades.

 Loyal to the original nature of the original model: stainless steel, the iconic blue dial is decorated with ‘Petite Tapisserie’ small plaid.

With blue rubber crown and timing button (real shot)

Stainless steel strap and ‘AP’ folding clasp (detailed shot)

 Differences: the difference from previous engraved editions, the new model is engraved with the ‘Royal Oak Offshore’ logo on the center of the bottom and ‘AUTOMATIC’ on the bottom.

In summary: surpassing classics on the basis of classics is like standing on the shoulders of giants and looking farther away. Many people say that classics are difficult to surpass, and I think this sentence does not seem appropriate for this watch.

For more details, please click, the watch chain Geneva watch topic link:

The Enviable Celebrities Cp Always Love And Show Their Love And Love To Watch

Tanabata is approaching again. Every time on this day, your Weibo and circle of friends will surely stage a show of love for lovers. And those enviable CPs in the celebrity circle will also sprinkle dog food in waves. Hug, Kiss, Confession of Love … These routines are the same from home to abroad. I also found out that these couples also showed off their watches while showing affection. From Beck and his wife to Hu Kesha Yi and Jia Jingwen Xiu Kai Kai … Look at how these celebrity CPs show their dog food while showing their watches.

Beckham Day Rolex

   Victoria and Beckham, who have always been star couples, have already had a group of babies. Po’s photos of love are still a kind of sweet feeling. It seems that the relationship between the two is good.
   When they took a group photo with their backs and shoulders, the two laughed so loudly that they were trembling ~

Beckham and Victoria Ins

Behr Dai Rolex

   Blinkham’s handsome flower arm with sparkling Rolex watch, the hormones in the air were contracted by him. And the next Betty, naturally, is ‘a woman who can’t put up a Rolex.’ The couple’s sense of sight on the watch, the atmosphere is quite affectionate feel.
   The Bess couples are well-known, and the quality of dog food of New York celebrities Olivia Palermo and German male model husband is not low.

American beauty Olivia Palermo and male model husband Johannes Xubell

   Olivia Palermo is a celebrity in New York and a celebrity in the fashion industry, and her husband, Hannes Xubeier, was once named one of the world’s most dressed men. Not only are the two of them well-known, but the key is their high value. Take a photo with show love together, you can imagine how much lethality is.

The Kiss poses great lethality.

Johannes Xubert wearing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Johannes Xubert wearing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

Johannes Xubert wearing Audemars Piguet Royal Oak

   Olivia doesn’t wear a watch very much, but in her husband’s private photos, the shadow of the watch can be seen in almost every photo. Audemars Piguet Royal Oak series has a particularly high appearance rate. Although the backslaughter was so sweet, I did not forget to look at the watch on his hand.
   There are enviable double-high CPs in foreign countries. Looking at the domestic, there are also many star couples who are making sugar. Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai are a couple ~

Jia Jingwen wears Rolex Women’s Date Watch

Picture of Jia Jingwen and Xiu Jiekai

   Regarding face value, Jia Jingwen’s looks are all goddess-level in the eyes of boys and girls. And his 9-year-old Xiu Jiekai often feels like a sunny man. Even mothers with three children, Jia Jingwen and Xiu Kaikai often leave themselves a two-person world. Like traveling together or having a romantic dinner. On this occasion, both will wear Rolex watches, the woman prefers rose gold, and the man chooses silver. One-handed cheek support gesture is also tacit.

Savoy Decatur CALIBRE DE CARTIER Collection

Savoy Decatur CALIBRE DE CARTIER Collection

   Hu Ke and Sha Yi, the couple’s wife and wife, rarely seldom talk about me in public, but occasionally the romance must be recorded. Half work and half vacation together, play with a small atmosphere to watch fireworks, and do not forget to take selfies. Sha Yi has been wearing a Cartier CALIBRE DE CARTIER watch. The atmospheric dial and comfortable rubber strap are just perfect for big men like Sha Yi.

Lu Yi and Bao Lei group photo

   Lu Yi and Bao Lei, who are acquaintances in college, were recognized as exemplary couples in the class when they were studying. From the same window to the same bed, their feelings have always been steadily happy. Although most of them are children, they can still see their sweetness from the gap in their lives. Lu Yi, who is prone to be blindfolded, sells cute expressions, and Lu Yi is also willing to follow Bao Lei to do it.

Bordeaux Cartier Santos

   Borey’s watch is a Cartier Santos watch, with a small square dial and diamond-studded style, which should be just right for her who loves short hair and simple and capable. The group photos of the two were of the type of petty, and found interesting in the dullness, which is probably how they enjoy their marriage.

   After watching the scenes of these celebrity CPs, do you have a feeling of eating dog food? As for the opinions of their watch taste, we can also share opinions and opinions.

Watching A Watch Showdown By Police Bandit ‘drug War’

‘Drug War’ can be described as a very hot movie recently. This film is rich in details, the plot is true, not contrived, and not in love, it almost perfectly shows the actual scene of anti-drug to the audience. The confrontation between righteousness and evil in it tells a story that a person’s heart is more poisonous than poison. What would it be like to wear several specially designed watches for the protagonists?
Gu Tianle The real and fake poisonous heart

 Chopard Racing Shows Speed
 As a representative of medium-sized men in Hong Kong films, Gu Tianle established himself on the big screen with another police bandit and action movie. The years didn’t seem to leave too many traces on him, but only increased that maturity and domineering. He played a cruel villain in ‘Drug War’ and brought us superb performances. The watch that suits him is the Chopard racing series that shows the speed and speed of confrontation.
 This 162286-5001 watch, which belongs to the classic racing series, has a time stamp design different from other watches. On the low-key black background, there are exaggerated digital shapes. Exaggerated and irregular numbers break the normal rules, as if they are telling The villain played by Gu Tianle how to break the routine of self-protection in order to survive.
Sun Honglei’s Proud Bones

 Girard Perregaux Three Golden Bridges Balance Choice
 In order to hunt down drug dealers, Sun Honglei chose a balanced and compromise solution between catching and not catching, that is, using Gu Tianle as a bait to catch bigger fish. But this decision implies greater risks. At this moment, Sun Honglei is like walking on a wooden bridge. Between the front line of life and death, he must grasp that delicate balance, in order to protect himself and destroy the enemy. That’s why we recommend this Sanjinqiao watch.
 Girard Perregaux’s three-gold bridge tourbillon watch not only makes people appreciate the superb craftsmanship of watchmaking, it is also one of the most important patents applied by Girard Perregaux. The history of the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon can be traced back to 152 years ago. As a model of contemporary timepieces, its status has never wavered. This specially crafted and aura watch is the most suitable for a tough guy like Sun Honglei walking on the bridge of life and death.
Zhong Hanliang’s heroic spirit of righteousness

 Founder of Zenith showed that the police were just right
 Zhong Hanliang, with his handsome appearance and high popularity on the Internet, plays the role of a public security policeman in the ‘Drug War’ by subverting his past temperament. His handsome appearance cannot hide the hard work and danger of the police in pursuit of drug dealers. What kind of situation will he be involved in? Let the Zenith watch that suits his perfect temperament tell you the answer. This watch has a large diameter. The most special thing is that every small window inside is presented in a rectangular pattern. The black and white and gray tones reveal simplicity and skill. Not only can the date be clearly read, but also the power reserve display. Bring great convenience to users. What kind of experience will it bring in its square shape?
Gao Yunxiang did his best to keep up the hunt 追

 Rolex rose gold shines bright human nature
 Although everyone may be a little unfamiliar with Gao Yunxiang’s name, when he sees his face, he will definitely recall his superb acting skills in ‘When Love Has Been Past’ and ‘Wind and Rain’. This time he also plays the role of a police officer. In order to find the big drug lord hidden behind him, he made every effort to hunt down relentlessly.
 This watch belongs to Rolex. With its special material, it is realized that the original male watch can also use rose gold, a material full of feminine characteristics, so perfect without revealing a trace. The craftsmanship of the see-through design on the back is superb, coupled with the turning point of the plot, it seems necessary to expose the drug dealer to transparency.
 After reading these four watches, presumably you guys are going to try it.

Chinese Favorite European Brand Watches

Omega Store Causeway Bay

According to the report, Omega, Cartier and Rolex are the darlings of the Asian watch market. These three brands have contributed to the growth of the region’s luxury brand watch market by 59%.

The 3 most popular watches are Omega’s Constellation and De Ville and Cardia’s ballon bleu (the lowest price of this watch is 3,410 euros, and the highest price is more than 50,000 euros) .

报告 The report is based on data first published by Baidu, China’s largest search engine. Baidu Vice President Zeng Liang said, ‘Watches are currently one of China’s fastest growing luxury markets.’

TierCartier Ballon Bleu Tourbillon watch

As well-known watch brands lead 23% of global interests and account for 41.5% of China’s total demand,

Luxury brand watches have gained huge attention. The World Watch & Jewellery Show in Basel, Switzerland has opened on March 27, and the show will continue until April 3.

Watches Celebration