Month: March 2010

Bulgari Classic Presentation’ Exhibition Unit Symposium Pei Chunhua, Tranquility, Alessio Lapice And Other Filmmakers Talk About ‘fengyun People’

[June 19, Shanghai] This year, Bvlgari joined hands with the Shanghai International Film Festival for the third consecutive year to launch the ‘Bulgari Classic Presentation: Characters of the Storm’ exhibition unit, which is felt through the screen. The world pays tribute to the people of the times. Yesterday, the ‘Character of the Time, Light and Shadow Inside and Outside’ Symposium, Kolia Neveux, Managing Director of Bulgari Greater China and Michele Cecchi, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai, ‘The Best Actress’ of the 87th Oscar Nominated, British actress Rosamund Pike, Chinese power actress Tranquility and Italian actor Alessio Lapice gathered together to discuss the characters from the film and beyond, as well as their human charm and ideal glory.

Bulgari Symposium on ‘Characters in the Light, Inside and Outside’
   People on and off the screen
   The characters in each person’s mind are different. The character of the situation can be a great person recorded in the movie, or a movie character shaped by the charm of light and shadow. Five biographical films of the ‘Bulgari Classic Presentation: Characters of the Year’ screening unit-‘Big Stars’, ‘First King’, ‘Puccini’, ‘Modigliani’ and ‘Mother Teresa’ ‘, Not only for the audience to create a broader image of’ characters and figures ‘inside and outside the light and shadow, but also provides a space for thinking about what a character is.
   British actress Pei Chunhua once met in the film career with James Bond of the ‘007’ series of films, Jane Austin’s ‘Pride and Prejudice’, the five sisters of Bennett, and other landmark characters. In ‘Private War’, a great female journalist like Mary Colvin was performed. In her opinion, the characters are those who inspire people or change the world, but also have courage. Sometimes, they fought alone, experiencing countless difficulties and dangers in opening their own paths, but always insisted on their beliefs.

British actress Rosamund Pike

   The Chinese power actor Tranquility not only played such prominent figures as Empress Xiaozhuang and Empress Dowager in the history of the Empress Dowager, but also shaped such impressive figures as Milan in ‘Sunny Days’ and Danzhu in ‘Red River Valley’. character. She said that the definition of a situational character is very broad. It can be a celebrity hero from ancient times to modern times, or some ‘little people’ that happened to us, or even ourselves.


Chinese actress serenity

   Light and shadow multifaceted humanity
   In the film world, we can feel rich character emotions, ups and downs storylines, and we can use the shooting methods, narrative skills, character modeling, etc. to more intuitive and multi-angled ways to bring the complexity of humanity to light and shadow. In. Pei Chunhua, who performed the ‘multifaceted wife’ in ‘The Vanishing Lover,’ stated, ‘When you treat complex characters (in the movie) with the right attitude, you will find them sometimes very interesting.’

   From the quietness of the film for almost 30 years, he shared that the process of actor shaping the role is two-way. While shaping the role, these roles also give the actor different souls. ‘I feel very lucky because when an actor can experience a different life, And I often say that I am a person acting with my life. ‘

   The Italian actor Alessio Lapice, one of the leading characters in ‘The First King’, plays the mythical Roman Empire founder Romulus in this film. This character just needs to face all kinds of humanity related to life, honor, and faith. Choice. He said that when playing a great character, he felt nervous and pressured, and at the same time he was very fortunate. ‘The role of Romulus made me realize that everything in the world is cohesive. I think this is the charm of the character ‘.

Italian actor Alessio Lapice

   The significance of the times
   Light and shadow are intertwined with the lightness and darkness of human nature, and also describe the characters and the appearance of the times that have caused the world to think deeply, such as characters such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi, and Mother Teresa who have ‘divine’. We marveled at the size of the world through the silver screen space, and also felt the profound significance and glory of the characters in the ups and downs. In this regard, Pei Chunhua and Tranquil successively shared their experiences in participating in social charity.

   ‘Italy has given Bulgari too much beauty, and Bulgari also gives back’, Bulgari Greater China Managing Director Collia expressed that Bulgari has always echoed its inspirational world-from the ancient Roman The investment in the renovation of the ancient monuments will be used to promote the film, art and cultural exchanges between China and Italy through the Shanghai International Film Festival. In 2014, Bulgari has donated funds to the Roman government to repair the Spanish steps, recreating this classic scene that has an important role in light and shadow.

Coria, Managing Director, Bulgari Greater China

   Mr. Chen Qi, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai also shared that Italy and China are both cultural powerhouses with deep historical heritage. They have a long history of exchanges for more than 2,000 years and have always maintained friendly exchanges at various levels such as trade, culture and art. This Bvlgari exhibition unit with the theme of “Fengyun People” will cleverly gather together the light and shadow art, cultural history, and life aesthetics of China and Italy to present the charm of Fengyun people, beautiful life and movies to the audience. , Once again launched a profound and unforgettable cultural journey.

Michele Cecchi, Consul General of Italy in Shanghai

   Every character is a microcosm of the times. In the world of Bulgari and the movie, we use light, shadow, and brilliance to pay tribute to the people on and off the screen, and to discover and understand the features of the times and personality behind them. Let us continue to improve in our thinking, Moving forward in the times.

   As the official partner of the Shanghai International Film Festival, Bulgari continues to be committed to the exchange and development of Chinese and Italian film culture. The five ‘Character Characters’ movies presented in this Bulgari classic show the long and deep history and artistic culture of Italy, while also immersing the audience in the interlaced light and shadow, realizing that the characters in the complex world are in an era of complexity Color and time significance. Bulgari will always maintain a close interaction with the movie, and continue more events in and out of light and shadow.

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High-quality Swiss quartz movement

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