Month: May 2010

Extraordinary Time Tasting Cartier 2013 New Cheetah Decoration Watch

Cheetah is the most iconic animal shape of Cartier Kingdom. Its flexible body is entrusted with the cyclical trajectory of time, and it is extraordinary to experience the passing of time between cuteness and cuteness. artistic conception. At the same time, the theme of cheetahs for women’s watches is a super perfect fit for the feeling conveyed by this ‘mysterious’ animal of women. Next, please join us in admiring Cartier’s brand new at the 2013 Geneva Watch Fair. Introducing two exquisite cheetah decorative watches.

   As a representative of Cartier’s fine jewelry, of course, it can be described as extremely luxurious in both design and materials. It is not difficult to see the appearance of these two watches recommended for everyone today. In the past, I have recommended a cheetah decorative watch for Cartier. The movement of the movement is presented on the surface of the disc in the form of a cheetah. When it shakes off, it looks like a sensitive and cheetah walking easily on the surface of the disc. Above all, great creativity.

   The first to bring everyone is the Panthère pine de Cartier cheetah decoration watch. The diamond fur and enamel spots form a black and white contrast on the white gold diamond dial. This watch is like the most tender cradle for Cheetah.

   The watch uses an 18K rhodium-plated white gold case set with brilliant-cut diamonds, including the case and the bezel, all covered with diamonds. This luxurious material also reflects the top quality that Cartier high jewelry watches have always followed.

   The three-dimensional design of the cheetah decoration material is 18K rhodium-plated white gold and inlaid with brilliant-cut diamonds. It is worth mentioning that the black spots on the cheetah are elaborate enamel spots. It is well known that black enamel is the most difficult of all enamel crafts. Mastered, it can be seen that the watch has done a good job in terms of craftsmanship.

   The watch is also very careful in the design of the dial. The black brass barley grain guilloché dial with rhodium-plated steel hands, although the area occupied by the dial is very small compared to the eye-catching cheetah decoration, but this is the slightest. Without hindering Cartier’s hard work and hard work, the subtlety shows the brand spirit.

   This watch features a 18K rhodium-plated white gold folding buckle with black frosted calfskin strap, set with brilliant-cut diamonds, and is equipped with Cartier’s quartz movement.

   Next up is the Baguette Panthère cheetah decoration watch. What is she playing? Seeing this piece of work, we couldn’t help being curious about every move of this cheetah. This is a lively and cute young leopard, leisurely climbing on the miniature dial of the watch. This charming animal is presented in a three-dimensional sculpture, exquisite and vivid. This stunning and elegant noble bracelet is inlaid with step-cut diamonds, and the cheetah’s plump, soft body is wrapped around it, adding a sense of humor to the boxy geometry.

   This watch features an 18K rhodium-plated white gold case and bracelet set with brilliant-cut diamonds and baguette-shaped diamonds. The overall luxury is extraordinary. At the same time, many watch friends have stated that this watch can be called the most adorable watch on the 2013 SIHH.

腕表 The unique cheetah decoration on the watch is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, and those deep eyes are made of emerald. Focusing for a long time will give you a wonderful illusion, as if this cheetah on the wrist has recovered. The onyx nose conveys the unique charm of this feline.

The square dial uses almost the simplest design. Compared with this, it is also to share the complexity and complexity brought by the cheetah with diamonds, so that the overall aesthetic of the watch reaches a certain balance. The sunray pattern is translucent lacquered silver dial. Sword-shaped rhodium-plated steel hands, with simple handling but subtle, the watch is equipped with Cartier 101 MC manual winding mechanical movement, a rare work of art.

Summary: In fact, as a high-level jewelry watch of this level, I have to say that this may be limited to the exclusive use of women in high society, but the pursuit of beauty is a right that even God ca n’t take away, so I can here The beauty in my eyes is for everyone. Of course, if you have to determine the price of these two watches, I can only speculate based on the previous level. Above 1 million yuan should be its lower limit. Diamonds are like poison to women, and just one diamond can make women entrust their life to such a pile, so it can be seen that these watches will become another target sought by high-end women this year.

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