Vacheron Constantin 2014 Master Carving Mechanical Watch

Vacheron Constantin 2014 Master Carving Mechanical Watch

 Model: 82620 / 000G-9924 high jewelry style (black enamel circle) / 82020 / 000G-9924 (black enamel circle) / 82020 / 000G-9925 (blue enamel circle) / 82020 / 000G-9926 (gray enamel circle); Certified by the Geneva Seal; Movement: 4400 SQ; Vacheron Constantin independently developed and manufactured a manual-winding mechanical movement; diameter 28.60 mm (12 ½), thickness: 2.80 mm; approximately 65 hours of power storage; vibration frequency 4 Hz (28,800 times / hour); 127 parts; 21 gems; display: hours and minutes; case: 18K white gold. High jewellery watch style: diamond-set buckle (42 baguette-cut diamonds, weighing approximately 2.00 carats); diameter 40 mm, thickness 7.50 mm; transparent sapphire crystal case back waterproofness tested by 3 bar atmospheric pressure (about 30 meters); Dial with big flame black / blue / gray enamel; 18K gold bezel with Roman numerals; strap: black / dark blue handmade square Mississippi crocodile leather strap, riding stitching; high jewelry watch Diamond buckle (12 baguette-cut diamonds, total weight approximately 0.88 carats); half-Malta cross design. Buckle: 18K white gold buckle. High jewellery watch style: diamond-set buckle (12 baguette-cut diamonds, total weight about 0.88 carats); half-Malta cross design. Vacheron Constantin presents Vacheron Constantin’s new master sculpting machine Metiers d’Art Mecaniques Ajourees series at the 2014 SIHH in Geneva. Vacheron Constantin has created engraving movements for watches since the 1960s, extending the engraving process to complex functions such as three questions, tourbillons and perpetual calendars, even ultra-thin movements with complex functions Style, constantly breaking the artistic limit of this craft. Crafted with superb carving art and skills, ultra-thin movement 4400, and extraordinary contemporary craftsmanship with large open flame enamel crafts, let us appreciate this unique and wonderful Metiers d’Art master (Mecaniques Ajourees carving machine) series wrist Watch it!

Omega’s ‘little Ghost Party’

Some time ago, I bought two watches, one is Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new master calendar, and the other is Omega’s new Ironmaster. table). I have bought a lot of Omega, all kinds of hippocampus, all kinds of super tyrants, all kinds of disc flying, but only the iron tyrants have not been contacted. This iron tyrant is a new version of Omega launched in 2017 (I remember it should be 2017). Iron tyrant has always been a niche watch in Omega. I was hesitant to buy it at first, but my wife said that it could be bought from this under.
 Through this period of hands-on wear, I am quite satisfied with this European.

Omega new iron bully
Iron Bull was one of the three main forces of Omega.
 Although Omega iron tyrants are relatively niche today compared to hippocampus, constellation, dish flying, and super tyrants, they are also an important watch in the history of OMEGA. 1957 was a very important year for Omega, because in 1957 Omega launched three major series of watches, namely the hippocampus, super tyrant, iron tyrant. Each watch has its own professional direction. The hippocampus is diving, the superpower is timing, and the iron bull is antimagnetic.

Omega new iron bully
 In the 1950s, there was a wave of technological upsurge. Various watch brands including Omega, Rolex and IWC started to introduce anti-magnetic watches. The target group was scientific workers. Among them, Omega launched Ironmaster, Rolex launched MILGAUSS, and IWC launched engineers. These three anti-magnetic watches at that time were all anti-magnetic by anti-magnetic inner case, anti-magnetic level can reach 1000 Gauss. In 2017, Omega launched a new iron tyrant, using Omega Zhenzhen Observatory technology (no longer use antimagnetic inner shell), antimagnetic level reached more than 15,000 Gauss.
Iron Bull is a very individual Europe.

 The Omega Ironmaster in history has long looked like the hippocampus, and the new Ironmaster launched in 2017 has a complete makeover and has its own personality.

Omega new iron bully
 Omega’s new iron tyrant is a very pure watch, three hands, nothing more, no calendar, is a typical tool watch or professional watch. The new Omega Ironmaster is 40 mm in size and 12 mm thick. The size is quite satisfactory. I used to wear a big watch before, 39 new masters of Jaeger-LeCoultre and this 40 iron tyrant, wear it for a while before slowly getting used to it. A major feature of the new Ironmaster case is that the entire steel case, from the bezel to the case, is all brushed. The entire watch is matte and has no polished parts. This completely brushed case is very rare in famous watches, and can even be said to be unique. I personally feel that Omega handles the case like this to emphasize the style of the Ironmaster professional watch. Although the case treatment is unique, like the rotating lugs, the iconic features of this Omega case are fully retained. Omega’s new iron fighter is a dense bottom, engraved with a hippocampal pattern and antimagnetic 15000 Gaussian English on the bottom of the watch (Omega’s seahorse is half horse and half fish, mythical creature, not the seahorse in the animal world) The new iron bully is placed in the hippocampus series. This is OK for everyone, it has no effect on us.

The brushed face of the new Omega Ironmaster is very beautiful.
 Omega’s new Iron Bull’s face is also very unique. The surface of the new iron tyrant is retro-style, the highlight is the dial completely brushed. Under the light, you can see very dense and clear drawing through the dial. To describe it, it can be said that it is like rain, waterfall or iron brushing. The color is different in different light, and the effect is great. I don’t know if you have found that Omega is really good at making dials, whether it is in the hippocampus, iron tyrant, constellation or other European. The new iron bully uses triangular luminous time scales and track scales. 12, 3, 6, 9 have digital time scales, and a crosshair passes through the middle of the disk. The pointer luminous and hour marker luminous are retro yellow. The second hand uses a ‘lollipop’ second hand with a round luminous dot at the end. Because the plate of the new Iron Bull and the Omega Ghost Party 007 hippocampus have similar places (because they have taken the retro route, refer to the 1957 version, so similar), so the new Iron Bull also has the nickname of ‘Little Ghost Party’.

Omega’s new Ironmaster caseback is engraved with a hippocampal pattern and uses the Omega core 8800 movement.
 The new Omega Ironmaster uses the 8800 movement (8806). The 8800/8900 is Omega’s current main movement, which is certified by the Zhenzheng Observatory. Anti-magnetic 15000 Gauss, daily error 0 / + 5 seconds. The 8800 and 8900 have different functions. The 8800 has a calendar quick adjustment, and the 8900 has a time zone quick adjustment. The functional directions are different (there are some differences in the configuration of the automatic tourbillon and clockwork). Because the Omega 8800/8900 movement uses anti-magnetic technology, the anti-magnetic itself has reached 15,000 Gauss, so the new iron fighter no longer needs anti-magnetic inner shell. With the Omega 8800/8900 anti-magnetic technology, super anti-magnetic can be achieved. In addition, the new iron tyrant is a pure large three-pin, there is no calendar, after unlocking the crown, there is only one gear, pull out the crown one gear is stop seconds to adjust the time. I wore this watch for a while, and it complied with the OMEGA TOP OBSERVATORY standard every day when I walked. I felt that it was fast and accurate for 1 or 2 seconds every day.

Omega’s new iron tyrants have black, gray and blue different disc surfaces, and there are two types of straps, steel chains and belts.
 Finally, let’s talk about the price. The official price of Omega’s new iron bully is 37200 for steel chains and 36500 for belts. The public price is reasonable and not high. As for the actual price, it depends on your specific situation. Compared with the hippocampus, super tyrant, disc flying, and constellation, the new Omega iron tyrant is a niche watch in Omega. Compared with the more popular Euro, the Iron Bull is more like a player-oriented watch. For more old players who play a variety of watches, Tieba is suitable for changing tastes.
 There is one problem that I have never thought about, that is, the public price of the new Ironmaster exceeds the Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter diving watch.
 Iron fighter public price 36500 (belt) / 37200 (steel belt), seahorse 300 meters diving watch 35600 (tape) / 36500 (steel belt)
 The movement of Omega’s new seahorse 300-meter diving watch is the same as that of the new Ironmaster, which is 8800. The new hippocampus 300-meter diving watch has ceramic rings, enamel filling, transparent bottom, etc., which should reasonably be more expensive. Now the public price of the new Iron Bully is a little bit higher. I don’t know why?
PS. Finally, put a full set of pictures to verify the body.