Month: September 2010

Seiko Introduces Four Barcelona Football Team Cooperation Commemorative Watches

With the opening of the Olympic Games in London, Japanese watchmaker SEIKO announced that it will gather its diverse brand series and launch four “FC Barcelona Barcelona football team” commemorative watches at one time. It is expected that Will set off a wave of sports with the trend. SEIKO (Seiko) launched four cooperation models of Barcelona football team
    As the public’s attention to various sports events gradually warms up, the Olympic effect is gradually brewing to the extreme. The new model introduced this time uses the FC Barcelona Barcelona team standard color and combined with its team logo to design The style and color of the championship glory perfectly set off the ‘passion’ and ‘stable’ sportsmanship spirit of the Barcelona football team.
SEIKO enters partnership with world-renowned FC Barcelona FC
Olympic Games Drive Blood Tide
    Since SEIKO entered into a partnership with the world-famous FC Barcelona FC in 2011, it has not only become the official watch of the FC Barcelona, ​​but also promoted cooperative products in various events and the global watch boutique market.
SPORTURA Avant-garde Original Design Recognizes Sportsmanship
    The SEIKO SPORTURA sports chronograph uses the color of FC Barcelona’s football team to design a sporty color for the watch. The red line on the edge of the strap embellishes the sense of speed on the court. The yellow second hand is set off by the black dial, which is more distinctive and clear and easy to read. The moments of the system, like the jumping and flowing speed of the dial, show the unrivaled perseverance and spirit of sportsmen, just like SEIKO’s pursuit of excellence in watchmaking.
    SPORTURA sports chronograph SNAE93J uses the color of FC Barcelona’s football team to design a sporty color for the watch, which perfectly displays FC Barcelona’s ‘passionate’ and ‘stable’ sporting spirit in the watch. Stainless steel, non-reflective sapphire crystal, daily waterproof 10 bar, magnetic resistance, timer function (1/5 seconds can be counted to 60 minutes), alarm, two places time, date display.
PROSPEX’s sturdy speed integrates fashion into sports
    SEIKO PROSPEX SBDL009J sports chronograph, the design reveals a bright and sophisticated sports watch. Featuring a rough appearance, it embodies the rigid enthusiasm and charm of exclusive sports players and men, and the powerful metal strap design shows a sense of leadership in pursuit of speed. The smooth black lacquer-like dark black dial is dotted with a large three-eye window set with the glittering golden edges of FCB Barcelona. , Not only makes the surface extremely layered, but also highlights its spirit of always going all out.
    PROSPEX sports chronograph, SBDL009J, sold exclusively in flagship stores and image stores. It presents a sense of speed with powerful design and three-eye interpretation with gold lines to win the glory of the champion. It is complemented by the FC Barcelona team emblem, which symbolizes the spirit, to show all-out sports spirit. Stainless steel material, strengthened mirror surface, environmental protection solar energy, daily waterproof 10 bar pressure, magnetic resistance, timing function (1/5 seconds can be counted to 60 minutes), alarm, date display.
SPIRIT embellishes silver and gold embellishments to stimulate the fanatic potential of athletes
    SEIKO SPIRIT Solar Watches SBPY049J and SBPY051J, with a calm black design that echoes the consistency of the surface and the body, reveals the unique bloody personality of men who love sports, and the dial is embellished with two colors of silver and gold. The time-marking lines and the three-eye window, in addition to making time reading more convenient, also show two chic but outstanding designs. Carefully at the six o’clock direction, the design uses a thicker line to highlight the function of timing, symbolizing that athletes on the arena are always eager to stimulate their full body potential within the time limit to achieve the ideal state.
    The SEIKO SPIRIT solar watch, SBPY049J, is a silver model, with a stable black surface, bright silver dotted moments and three eyes, and deliberately highlights the timing function with a thicker line at six o’clock. Some athletes must be excited within the time limit on the field The meaning of all potential. Stainless steel material, reinforced mirror, environmentally friendly solar energy … Fully charged up to six months of electricity, daily waterproof 10 bar, magnetic resistance, timing function (1/5 seconds to 60 minutes), date display.
    SEIKO SPIRIT Solar Watch, SBPY051J Shine Gold, exclusive for flagship stores and image stores, with a calm black surface, dazzling moments and three eyes with bright gold, and deliberately highlight the timing function with thicker lines at six o’clock. It is the intention of the athletes to reach their full potential within the time limit. Stainless steel material, reinforced mirror surface, environmental protection solar energy? Full charge can reach six months of electricity, daily waterproof 10 bar, magnetic resistance, timing function (1/5 seconds can be counted to 60 minutes), date display.
The most successful combination of sports and boutique once again work together to create a new fashion style
    This year’s Olympic football matches have been in full swing on July 26 and will last for 16 days, ending on August 11. The focus of all circles has focused on its participating members. The Spanish football team has recruited the three European Nations Cup champions. Barcelona’s Jordi Alba and Thiago Alcantara have been recruited into the team. Spain strives for the highest honor.
    Also a team with positive ambitions, SEIKO and FC Barcelona have the same faith, are proud of their long-standing tradition and historical achievements, and pursue perfection in the fields they invest in. SEIKO and FC Barcelona believe that excellence comes from internal development and improvement.

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