Shuttle Between Dresden And The Earl Mountains – A.Lange & Söhne Lange And Mathematical Physics Salon

Mathematics and Physics Salon shows the evolution of science in different centuries. Among them, the redesigned exhibition of historical timing instruments illustrates how Ferdinando Adolf Lange brought Saxony’s precision watchmaking skills from Dresden’s ‘knowledge treasure house’ to the town of Glashütte. A. Lange & Söhne Lange watches have also become important exhibits in the salon.

 The creation of the Saxony watchmaking industry is the first step in the salon of mathematical physics. Around 1800, astronomers and horologists working in salons raised the precision of timekeeping to an extremely high level, and Dresden soon became Europe’s main watchmaking hub. The young Dresden watchmaker Ferdinando Adolf Lange was inspired by Salon’s masterpieces of precision. He summoned the courage to take an important second step on the way to watchmaking. In 1845, he set up his own watch factory in the Oers Mountains, determined to build the finest watch in the world, and this dream gradually came true. The birth of the Saxony watch industry.

The GRANDE COMPLICATION pocket watch (No. 42500) represents a long tradition of Lange’s watchmaking skills. This watch is a collection of clocks in the oldest museum in the Zwinger Palace in Dresden.

From the glorious royal capital to the desolate and secluded Müglitz valley of the Oers Mountains, this horological tour is presented one by one in the ‘Time History’ exhibition area. Different watch exhibits and automatic devices witness the watchmaking from the Renaissance to the present Developed and pay tribute to Seifert, Schumann, Gutkeith and Lange, all fathers of the Saxony watchmaking tradition. This exhibition brings together everyone’s original treasures. The focus was on two watchmaking home-made Lange pocket watches, which appeared in 1867 and 1870. Signed ‘Gutkaes & Lange, Dresden’ and ‘A. Lange, Dresden’ and ‘A. Lange, Dresden’ signed, reminding of Lang Initially, the selling points of Ferdinando Adolf Lange’s master Gutkes and the Saxony capital were prominent. Later, the brand’s well-known curved logo gradually became a symbol of Saxony’s superb watchmaking skills.
 GRANDE COMPLICATION No. 42500 is undoubtedly one of the highlights of the collection. This is the most complicated pocket watch ever made by Lange. After its appearance in 1902, its whereabouts were unknown, and it fell into the hands of the watch factory again a hundred years later. This watch has been repaired in Lange’s workshop for several years. It now occupies an important position in the exhibition hall.

Lange’s most famous model and LANGE 1 symbolizing the revival of Saxony’s precision watchmaking industry

 LANGE 1 is the latest exhibit in the entire museum. This watch is the most famous model of Lange and the model with the most awards so far. After the reunification of Germany, this watch represents a new vision of the Saxony watchmaking industry, and at the same time represents the deep relationship between the brand and the salon. The beginning is already inseparable.