Earl Piaget Ultra-thin Crafts Sui Tang × Zheng Yuanchang Performing Legends

For the first time, the Piaget Altiplano 900P, Piaget’s record of creating the world’s thinnest mechanical watch, was released in Taiwan. It was also airlifted to Switzerland from Switzerland and equipped with the first ultra-thin 9P and 12P calibre antique wrist. Watch, staged a special exhibition of ultra-thin ultra-thin craftsmanship in pursuit of excellence, which made Sui Tang, who has long been paying attention to Piaget brand, amazed and praised the top watchmaking craftsmanship; Zheng Yuanchang paired with ultra-thin watch models, the elegance is more appropriate, and the exhibition is gentle The taste of timepieces.

Guest photo (from left) Zheng Yuanchang, Earl Taiwan Managing Director Liu Yuxuan, Sui Tang

As the brand’s motto “Always do better than necessary”, Piaget is the leader of ultra-thin watches, constantly surpassing new historical records. Currently, the brand owns 37 homemade movements and 25 With ultra-thin DNA, 14 of them became world record ultra-thin alliance leaders. The 12P movement launched as early as 1960 has a thickness of only 2.3mm. After half a century of time, it continues to be the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement. Unsurprisingly, the latest 900P watch, which combines a movement and a case, has won the world’s thinnest mechanical watch king.

Sui Tang elegantly attended the ‘Earl’s 140th Anniversary Ultrathin Craft Special Exhibition’

Zheng Yuanchang wears Piaget Altiplano 900P ultra-thin watch, attends ‘Earl’s 140th Anniversary Ultrathin Craft Special Exhibition’

Pursuit of ultra-thin glorious history
Ultra-thin is a major challenge in the production of mechanical watches. Its difficulty is no less than any complicated function such as tourbillon, perpetual calendar, three questions, etc., because the goal of ultra-thin is to make the movement of the pole extremely thin. The possibility that more than a hundred parts are combined to a thickness of only a few millimeters, and it is necessary to maintain the correct time operation and stable mechanical performance for a long time. This makes ultra-thin technology as hard to imagine as building a house on a cloud.

‘Earl’s 140th Anniversary Ultrathin Craft Special Exhibition’ showcases the brand’s outstanding ultrathin watch technology across the century

Piaget assembles the 900P movement

Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin skeleton movement watch, 18K rose gold case, set with 160 round diamonds, buckle set with 23 round diamonds, equipped with Piaget 838D ultra-thin hand-wound diamond skeletonized movement

Count Piaget, founded in 1874, has been known for manufacturing stable and high-quality movements in its 140-year brand history. The most important turning point was the manufacture of the world’s thinnest manual winding in 1957. One of the movements, the 9P with only 2mm, and then in 1960, it continued to create the world’s thinnest, 2.3mm automatic winding movement 12P. These two important achievements can be said to have put Piaget on the road of ultra-thin development. Since then, ultra-thin has become Piaget’s brand, and has become the most important DNA in Piaget watch design. Therefore, Piaget made ultra-thin a prerequisite for the development of every function, from the most basic movements of hours, minutes, and seconds to chronographs, perpetual calendars, tourbillons and even minute repeaters. The ultra-thin specifications are being practiced, and the thin and thin vision is being expressed. Therefore, it has repeatedly taken the lead in setting many world records before no one else. These technical milestones have finally made Piaget the king of ultra-thin fields. Rich in style, no one can match it. At the beginning of autumn, for Piaget, it was a bumper season. It has accumulated 140 years of ultra-thin craftsmanship and created a number of ultra-thin movements that have written world records.

Piaget Altiplano 900P ultra-thin watch, 18K white gold watch, the movement and case are merged into one, the world’s thinnest manual winding mechanical watch, black coated movement with 18K white gold pin buckle, equipped with Piaget 900P ultra-thin manual winding movement

Piaget Emperador Coussin Ultrathin Minute Repeater Watch, 18K Rose Gold, Waterproof Case, Transparent Sapphire Crystal Surface, Sapphire Glass Back Cover

Piaget ultra-thin watch, 18K yellow gold, gold surface with white Patton hands, equipped with Piaget 12P ultra-thin self-winding movement