Month: September 2012

Germany Loves ‘chinese Customization’! Watch Glashütte For Watches And Mercedes For Cars!

No matter in the watch industry or the automobile industry, ‘Chinese customization’ is nothing new. With the development of the domestic economy and the continuous improvement of consumption power, the Chinese market has become the world’s largest luxury goods and automobile market without any dispute. It’s not difficult to understand why so many world-renowned brands will launch ‘Chinese Customization’ one after another. As a powerful country in modern industry, Germany’s accomplishments in industrial products are obvious to all. ‘Made In Germany’ has also become synonymous with ‘rigorous, rational, and credible.’ In the field of mechanical manufacturing, precision instruments and the automotive industry, Germany can maintain the world’s number one position for a long time, but when it comes to watches, ‘high precision’ industrial products, we have to mention Glashütte. Glashütte in German means ‘treasure of bright metal’. It is the name of a small town in eastern Germany, the center of precision watch manufacturing in Germany, and one of the most important watchmaking centers in the world. Glashütte was originally a mining town. From December 7, 1845, the first young people were trained as watchmakers, and the door to German watchmaking was opened. The top German watch brands born in this town are A. Lange & Söhne and Glashütte Original. These two brands that have been reborn after the Second World War still rely on Traditional German watchmaking art has a pivotal position in the watchmaking industry, and it is also the two major German watch brands that can currently be compared with the top Swiss brands. Recently, Glashütte Original has launched five limited edition watches of the parliamentary excellence series for the Chinese market. These five watches all use 42mm cases, two of which are made of 18K gold, the dial is indigo and Haobai; the other three cases are stainless steel, and the dial colors are indigo, galaxy gray and Haobai. All dials are made by Glashütte Original Dial Manufacturer. Speaking of Glashütte’s original dial, it is also one of the brand’s features. Glashütte’s original dial was born from two cities. One is Glashütte, where the designer spends hours to create its appearance. The other is Pforzheim, the artisans of their own dial-making factory, process precious raw materials into exquisite works of art. I have to say that Glashütte Original is a rare watchmaking brand with its own dial factory in the high-end watchmaking field. The five limited edition watches all use the Calibre 36-01 movement made by the original Glashütte brand. This movement is characterized by a silicon hairspring and an expanded single spring locking device with a power reserve of 100 hours. Today, there are not many watches that can reach a 100-hour power reserve. In my impression, only some watches of Blancpain in the same class have such long-lasting power equipment. The three hands are simple and clear. The hour and minute hands have a new design, and the brand’s signature ‘double G’ shape on the second hand is very delicate. The only thing that makes the author feel unfortunate is that it would be better if a limited edition of the original ‘Grand Calendar Window’ of Glashütte’s original classic can be launched. However, looking back, these five limited edition watches instead embody a minimalist and exquisite artistic beauty. The ‘Chinese customization’ of Germany’s top watch brands is pleasing to the eye. As a representative of the German automotive industry, can the customized version of the Mercedes-Benz brand to the Chinese market win the welcome of Chinese consumers? At the end of last year, Beijing Benz launched a new A-Class sedan in the Chinese market. There are five models, all of which are equipped with 1.3T turbocharged engines, with two types of tuning, high and low power, and the price is 218,118,300 yuan. As a model developed for the Chinese market, Beijing Benz takes into account domestic consumers’ preferences for “long wheelbase”. Even an A-class car with a wheelbase that has reached an astonishing 2789mm can also make the new A-class. The sedan is capable of leading the rear space of its class. In terms of appearance, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan is very “bluffing” and uses the same front face design language as the imported Mercedes CLS. That’s right, that leaked Mercedes-Benz CLS, which is known to people all over the country. I have to say that the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan still looks very luxurious and coupled with the longer wheelbase, it also shows that Mercedes-Benz has a certain grasp of domestic consumers’ needs for appearance and space. In terms of powertrain, this 1.3T turbocharged engine also appeared on Mercedes-Benz models for the first time. In fact, it is not wrong to mount such a small-displacement turbocharged engine on an A-class car. This also shows that power is not necessarily the selling point of this A-class sedan. If someone tells you how powerful this engine is, it must be a lie to you. Before the Mercedes-Benz A-Class series was not made in China, the imported version of the A-Class was still the main 1.6T turbocharged engine. Now, after the domestic production, the sedan version is launched, but the power is weakened. In addition to the controversy over the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan, this 1.3T turbocharged engine is equipped with a ‘rear suspension’. Except for the top-of-the-line version of 293,800 yuan, which uses a multi-link independent rear suspension, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan uses a torsion beam non-independent rear suspension. This also means that the main models of the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan are ‘scrapers’, which is indeed a bit inappropriate for a luxury brand. The A-Class sedan has also become the only non-independent model of the Mercedes-Benz brand. Rear suspension model. If you say, the original MPG China limited edition watch launched by Glashütte is the embodiment of Germany’s top watchmaking art. Then Beijing Benz launched the new A-class sedan in the Chinese market, which is an understanding of the Chinese automobile consumer market. In my opinion, domestic automobile consumption is most concerned about the three points of brand, appearance and space. The Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan did a good job in these three aspects. As for those reduced powertrains and rear suspensions, it may not be the most important for consumers. However, from the perspective of current terminal sales, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan is indeed a bit laborious. After all, compared with the original Glashütte original watch, the Mercedes-Benz A-Class sedan is “customized in China” and it is not really good enough! What do you say? (Text / Qiu Xiaozheng)

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