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Swiss Mido Baroncelli Collection Commemorative Ultra-thin Watch Gloriously Listed, Inherited Elegance, And Proved Extraordinary Timepiece Classic

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Berencelle Collection, Swiss Mido has launched the Berencelle Collection ultra-thin watch with classic watchmaking tradition and elegant appearance Salute the Belem Celli series for 40 years. The appearance design of this series of watches is exquisite and quite retro. At the same time, Mido has always insisted on inheritance and innovation. The thickness of the collection series of men’s and women’s watches is only 6.95mm and 6.85mm respectively, making it a junior on the market. One of the thinnest mechanical watches under the premise of functions such as hands, automatic winding and date window. In addition to its extraordinary streamlined shape, the collection of commemorative ultra-thin watches is equipped with a fully automatic mechanical movement that represents Mido’s professional watchmaking technology, which confirms the outstanding professionalism of Mido’s watchmaking, as well as the classic watchmaking tradition. Lineage. With its simple, capable, classic appearance and exquisite design craftsmanship, this series will deeply attract everyone who wants to highlight his own character and not be ordinary, and has his own watch taste.

 Swiss Medo Baroncelli Collection Ultra-Thin Watch

    The arcade of the neoclassical building Emmanuel II in Milan, interprets the traditional Italian architectural style under the influence of the Baroque style, and this gentle and elegant shape is the creation of the Belém Celé series by Mido Source of inspiration. The story is inseparable from the performance of the scene, and to a certain extent is part of the scene, and a high-quality watch cannot be separated from the traceability behind the design. The sedimentation behind these history, through the blessing of Kit Kat design, builds a bridge to the ideal world in the heart, and restores the inherent spiritual power of the building. The new model not only incorporates the design concept of this iconic building, but also cooperates with exquisite cutting technology to symbolize the supreme elegance and timelessness. It combines timeless design and practical functions to perfectly interpret the unique charm of classic architecture. This is to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the 2016 Belem Celli series.

Swiss Medo Baroncelli Collection Ultra-Thin Watch

    The Belem Celli Collection commemorative ultra-thin watch is equipped with Mido 1192 (based on ETA 2892-A2) fully automatic mechanical movement. The entire series has smooth appearance lines, and the gentle appearance shows the outstandingness of the Mido brand. Design concept and tribute to the traditional handmade watch industry. This time Mido uses a new watchmaking process to create ultra-thin watches-the thickness of men’s and women’s watches is only 6.95mm and 6.85mm, respectively, which makes the Belem Sairee Collection series achieve three-hand, automatic winding and date at the same time. One of the thinnest mechanical watches under the premise of windows and other functions, making the brand more breakthrough and forward-looking. The ultra-thin design and extraordinary craftsmanship are outstanding in many watches, and it also has a very high level of aesthetic quality. Double-sided anti-glare sapphire mirror and transparent sapphire case back, allowing the wearer to appreciate the fully-automatic mechanical movement with blue steel screws and beautiful decoration, as well as the meticulously carved Geneva wave and MIDO logo automatic rotor.

Swiss Mido Baroncelli Ultra-thin Mother-of-Pearl Watch

    This series of ultra-thin watches are available in satin-polished 316L stainless steel and rose gold-plated case. The diameter of the watch for women is 33mm, and that for men is 39mm. The strap of the watch is a crocodile leather strap. The dial is engraved with the Heritage logo of the Berencelli Collection at six o’clock, and the date window is at three o’clock. The exquisiteness of the watch is also reflected in the details: the hour and minute hands are double-sided, one side is sandblasted, and the other side is diamond cut. The seconds hand made of blue steel perfectly embodies the most outstanding Swiss watchmaking tradition. In the new Belem Celli Collection series of commemorative ultra-thin couple pairs, the classic model of Swiss Mido is also reproduced, and time is used to witness the two people passing through each time together. This stunning and exquisite design of the watch will undoubtedly make Swiss watch enthusiasts ‘favorite’.
    The new Baroncelli Collection commemorative ultra-thin watch will be fully released in the near future for consumers to choose.

Luxury Ladies’ Watch From Piaget Altiplano G0a31107

Piaget is one of the world’s top watch brands. In today’s era of more and more women’s watches, attention to women’s watches is also getting stronger. Since its birth in the Swiss Jura Mountains in 1874, it has brought countless exquisite products to the majority of watch enthusiasts. Today it is the world’s top in the ultra-thin movement and jewelry setting. Today we come to appreciate a beautiful watch from Piaget Altiplano series, its model is G0A31107.
As a watch, the design of the appearance is the most intuitive way to express ideas. As a wrist accessory, the delicate appearance can become the focus of everyone. When the two are combined, it is the G0A31107 watch.
The Piaget Plateau G0A31107 watch uses a round case, with smooth lines showing the feminine beauty. The case is inlaid with glittering diamonds, which are full of light and shine in the spotlight. Piaget, as a top brand, also requires that its jewellery must be carefully selected, so that each diamond must fully match the size of the bezel groove in width, and use the best diamond and top setting technology to firmly set the diamond in At the same time, the case must be neatly arranged at the same time, as is the diamond setting on the small seconds dial. Therefore, only at the diamond level, it takes a lot of work and time.

In addition, the dial is made of natural mother-of-pearl. The mother-of-pearl is the mother of pearl, and it also has the color and texture of the pearl. Therefore, such a dial will naturally reveal the pearly treasure.
 In addition, in terms of material selection, the case of Piaget G0A31107 watch is made of rose gold, with a soft color, which can reflect the noble temperament of women. The silk strap material is very close to the wrist, which can also add a touch of softness, elegance and culture to the woman’s wrist.
The most conscious, artistically arranged fonts are more casual, free and individual.
In general, the Piaget Altiplano Plateau G0A31107 watch, whether it is a timepiece or an accessory, will undoubtedly be the pinnacle of a woman’s wrist, which can bring a different temperament to women.
 In addition to being outstanding in appearance, as a timepiece itself, it still needs a precise and reliable movement to support the time measurement function of the watch. The Piaget brand has always been known for its ultra-thin movements. The Altiplano series is the brand’s flagship ultra-thin concept series. Therefore, the application of ultra-thin movements is naturally essential. The G0A31107 watch uses the brand’s own Cal.450P movement. Like the 430P and 438P movements, they are 2.1 mm, only slightly thicker than a one yuan coin. You must know that under this 20.5 mm diameter and such a thin movement, 131 parts must be accommodated, and the escapement must be adjusted at the same time. The speed mechanism has enough space and is ultra-thin. What is needed is the top technology and technology. The dimensional accuracy of parts must be as small as a micron. Piaget’s Cal.450P movement has a total of 18 gems. For a movement without any function, this is enough to cover the required parts. The 43-hour power reserve is still somewhat insufficient, and it needs to be wound on a daily basis.

 Piaget not only stands at the pinnacle of the watch industry with ultra-thin movements, but also has a deep understanding in the field of jewelry. The Altiplano G0A31107 watch incorporates brand jewelry technology in addition to the style design that inherits the ultra-thin concept of the series. It became a precious timepiece.
 G0A31107 watch uses the noble and luxurious rose gold material to shape the case, crown, hands, etc. At the same time, the rose gold bezel is set with high-quality diamonds, and one by one is closely set in strict accordance with the diamond setting standards. For best results. In addition, the dial is made of ‘naturally beautiful’ mother-of-pearl. The natural gas quality has been revealed inadvertently, and the mother-of-pearl has been made from the essence of heaven and earth.
 Of course, as a timepiece, its focus is on the use of ultra-thin movements, so that the model does not have any burden.
 The G0A31107 watch is a timepiece. It is a high-quality watch that can accurately move the time. As a quintessence of personality and personality on the wrist of a woman, it is a luxurious and elegant noble jewelry. It is bound to be a focus.
 Watch details: piaget / 9069 /

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