Tracing The Source Of Jaeger-lecoultre Reverso Series

In 1931, with the flying dust and horseshoe marks, a new concept watch was born, its back can be turned to the front to protect the dial from impact, and it can also be engraved on the back. Personalized pattern. ‘Creating a watch that can be used in polo matches’ was the original intention of the designer of the Reverso watch in 1931.

The origin of the Jaeger-LeCoultre Reverso series?

‘Creating a watch that can be used in polo matches’ was the original intention of the designer of the Reverso watch in 1931.
India in 1930 was also the territory of the British Empire. Most of the riders at that time were British sergeants in the Indian army. They are holding a fierce polo match and are determined to compete. Polo, also known as the ‘Royal and Warrior’ movement, flourished a century ago on Britain’s very remote island. This sport, once popular only in the steppes of Central Asia, was filled with British sentiment by the soldiers of the British King, blending elegance, sensitivity and athleticism. Competition is sometimes too intense, and the watches worn by riders are often the first to fall victim to the competition. After the race, how many riders’ watches can survive the severe collisions and vibrations?

 That day, a game just ended. A sweaty, dusty officer took the horse and walked towards a gentleman in plain clothes on the side of the field. The gentleman’s name was César de Trey. He is not a British citizen but a Swiss. After starting his dental business in London, he switched to selling fine watches. The officer approached him, holding a watch in his hand, and the glass of the watch was already shattered. ‘Broken again,’ he shouted in frustration.

 That evening, at a reception organized by the club, the British officer was still annoyed by the damaged watch, and he approached Mr. César de Trey again because he knew that Mr. Terry Is a watchmaker. He asked Mr. De Terry if he could design a reliable watch that would stand the test of a polo game. This is no small challenge.

 Perhaps out of caution, the Swiss watchmaker chose silence. However, upon returning to Europe, he immediately met his own watchmaker: Mr. Jacques-David LeCoultre. The watchmaking workshop run by Mr. Lecourt is outstanding in Switzerland. This workshop has all the skills necessary for the design and manufacture of high-end watch movements. At that time, it already had nearly 200 different chronograph movements and the same number of timekeeping movements. This workshop also has a large number of original inventions and excellent design and assembly processes, which make it stand out from its peers. In addition, Jacques-David Lecourt worked closely with Jaeger-LeCoultre, and it is particularly worth mentioning that they have collaborated on the design of Duoplan watches. Therefore, Jaeger-LeCoultre Paris is the best partner for the development of watch cases.

 Through discussions and exchanges, they thought of a reversible case-the case can be flipped freely, and the dial can be protected from impact when the metal back is turned to the front.

 On March 4, 1931, French engineer Alfred Chauvot obtained a patent for a watch with a ‘sliding and flipping base’. As if the movie was being played back, our ears echoed the dialogue between the patent office staff and the designer.

‘Your invention name?’
‘What does the word Reverso mean?’
‘Reversible, from Latin.’
‘Reverso, take note. Your patent is registered.’

 In November 1931, Caesar De Terry purchased the patent for the Reverso flip watch from Alfred Shevo, and co-founded Spécialités Horlogères with Jacques-David Lecourt To manufacture and sell this epoch-making watch. The Reverso flip watch was a huge success, writing a strong mark in the history of Jaeger-LeCoultre. Due to the blockbuster Reverso watch, after the purchase of its patent rights from De Terry, the watch franchise was renamed ‘Société de vente des produits Jaeger- LeCoultre’ in 1937, marking the Jaeger-LeCoultre brand. Officially established. This history inherits the past and brings a new chapter to the brand’s glorious past.

Reverso Age of Complication Watches

 Although the Reverso watch is equipped with several generations of mechanical movements, the complication movement was added in the last decade of the 20th century. Then, the watchmaker’s endless imagination was stimulated, and they began to focus on the design of complex functions for the rectangular case of the Reverso flip watch. At that time, the case did not reach today’s large size. Compressing the complex functions of the clock into a very small space required meticulous craftsmanship.

 For the first time in 1991, the Reverso watch used the calibre 824, a complex movement. The Reverso Soixantième watch with power reserve and analog date display is an extraordinary representative of the Reverso limited edition. In 1993, the Reverso watch was equipped with a tourbillon. In 1994, Jaeger-LeCoultre met a new challenge to design the 943 movement for the Reverso Répétition Minutes Minute Repeater. In 1996, the Reverso watch incorporated chronograph functions. In 1998, a new limited edition of 500 pieces was equipped with dual time zone display. In 2000, the Reverso Quantième Perpétuel perpetual calendar watch brought to an end the legend of six limited edition Reverso rose gold watches. At the same time, the front and back dial design concept of the Grande Reverso Duoface large double-sided double time zone flip watch was developed and applied, so that the watch has two different styles of dials and can display the time in two time zones.

 To celebrate the arrival of the new millennium, the Reverso collection launches three new limited edition platinum watches, the Reverso Platinum Number One, the Reverso Platinum Number Two, and the Reverso Platinum Tourbillon Squelette. Flywheel flip watch.

 In 2006, the Reverso Grande Complication à triptyque, a large three-sided complication watch, was launched, the first three-sided watch. Later in 2008, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the excellent Reverso Gyrotourbillon 2 spherical tourbillon watch, which is equipped with a spherical tourbillon that rotates around two axes and is controlled by a cylindrical hairspring.

 The advent of the new Reverso Répétition Minutes à Rideau three-question flip watch confirms to the world that the 80-year-old Reverso style is still the same, and Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers add new charm to the new iconic flip case watch.
‘Creating a watch that can be used in polo matches’ was the original intention of the designer of the Reverso watch in 1931. However, although the role of the reversible case is to protect the mirror and dial, the resulting metal case brings a new aesthetic, allowing the watch to change in more styles: rectangular case, oval decoration , Art Deco style, Dorian style …

 The Reverso flip watch, born of a fierce sport, has become a symbol of elegance. This elegance is fascinating at first sight. Since the 1990s, although the size of the Reverso watch has evolved from year to year-exquisitely compact women’s models, heroic men’s models-nothing has changed, even if it is rectangular. The case evolved into a square. Stainless steel or multi-colored gold case, set with precious stones, dials with different layouts and colors, all kinds of straps: the unique and diverse Reverso watch series will perfectly show the extraordinary creativity and delicate elegance.

Jacques Will Participate In The 2014 Munich And Vienna Time Watch Exhibition

At this year’s MunichTime clock exhibition (October 31-November 2) and ViennaTime clock exhibition (November 14-November 16) In addition to the classic timepieces and new watches of this year, the watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre will also launch rare crafts. By then, the general public can watch the live sculpture show from the craftsmen of Le Sentier watch factory workshop.

Superb traditional perpetual calendar cylindrical balance tourbillon master series watch

   The Vienna Time Watch Exhibition was founded in 2001, and the Swiss watch brand Jaeger-LeCoultre’s exhibition history in Vienna exhibition began in 2005. In 2008 Jaeger-LeCoultre made its debut at the Munich Time Watch Fair. The two major exhibitions convey a new concept to the public, attracting more and more visitors. Not only are they built for watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs, they also provide the general public with an opportunity to learn more about fine watches.

Biplane Universal Travel Time Watch

   Watch enthusiasts can enjoy classic timepieces such as the Reverso and Master watches, as well as a Grande Complication watch: Reverso Grande Complication à Triptyque three-sided watch. New watches of the year include: Master Grande Tradition Tourbillon Cylindrique à Quantième Perpétuel, the superbly traditional Perpetual Calendar Cylindrical Tourbillon Master Series watch and Duomètre Unique Travel Time, which was nominated as the watch of the year. New Rendez-Vous dating women’s watches, such as the Rendez-Vous Date dating women’s calendar watch and the Night & Day dating women’s day and night display watch will also be on display, and female visitors can be feasting.

   The Munich Time Clock and Watch Fair will be held in the elegant and elegant Munich Bayerischer Hof. From November 14th to 16th, the Park Hyatt Hotel in Vienna will witness the exquisite collection of Austrian timepieces.

It Is Unpredictable Whether The Watch Industry Will Pick Up Quickly In The Second Half Of This Year

Recently, many industry friends asked about the outlook for the second half of this year and the future watch industry. Yesterday, a friend who temporarily left the watch industry asked two questions: ‘How about the overall watch market now? When will the watch industry recover?’ It seems she still wants to return to this industry she likes.
   My answer is: it’s not clear now. Because the overall economic market is too uncertain!
   Actually before this, that is, in February and March, when the Geneva watch exhibition was over and the Basel watch exhibition was about to open, according to the market performance and data at the time, it was optimistic that at least the domestic domestic watch market would gradually recover after June And started a relatively healthy rise.
   Now, it’s really getting more and more uncertain, although we are always looking forward to a good market, which is good for each of us. However, the data and the overall trend in all aspects have completely lost direction and feeling.
   Cars and watches are ‘playthings’-of course cars are more practical, and watches are more decorative and playable. Watch market and car market are often similar, especially high-end luxury cars and luxury watches market is about the same fate.
   Let’s take a look at the performance of the car first.
   Audi and BMW recently released sales records for the first half of 2015. Although Audi Global has grown, in China, the growth in the first half of the year was only 1.9% (lower than in other regions); BMW Global also increased, but it is particularly noted that due to the slowdown in the development of the luxury industry in China, The sales volume of the Sri Lankan brand is only 1769 (I feel that this number is not small …), a year-on-year decrease.
   Some data also mentioned that the Chinese automobile market has entered a ‘slow road’. The China Automobile Industry Association announced that car sales in June fell 3.4% year-on-year, the third year-on-year decline since September 2012. In the first half of this year, the sales growth of most automakers slowed down.
   Like the famous watch market, when the performance of the famous car market in the Chinese market is weak, the United States, Europe and other regions have achieved good results and growth, as if it seems that the Chinese market is not so important. In fact, if you know the data, you know that many brands, from famous cars to famous watches, a large part of their growth profits come from China, and their substantial growth momentum must be in China! In terms of the famous car market, the sales of the Chinese market in recent years have accounted for more than half or even more of the global net profits of these major international manufacturers. For example, GM’s 15% market share is in China, and even the next 20% corporate profit target is set in China.
   Watches are even more so. Many brands have 40-50% or even more than half of their profits from China. Some brands, even though the Chinese market was not particularly important before, are now looking for ways to expand the Chinese market. At present, the growth areas of the entire luxury goods industry are still China and Russia (the Russian market has also recently suffered and weakened …). The Middle East was not as obvious and strong as before.
   Watches and cars have shown a recovery and continued growth in the European, American, and Japanese markets in the past two years, but the overall volume is still far behind the growth in China.
   For the sales of famous watches, China must add the amount of mainland China and Hong Kong, so that the total number of Swiss watches sold in China is larger than the total of the three largest consumer countries except China in the United States, Japan and Italy (2014 The total amount of Swiss watches exported to China is 5.5 billion Swiss francs, and the United States, Japan and Italy are 2.4 billion, 1.3 billion and 1.2 billion Swiss francs respectively. Only in the past two years, the growth rates of the mainland and Hong Kong have not been large or negative, while the growth rates of the United States and Japan have been higher. In the past few years, the increase in China’s region has been very large. The rapid growth for several consecutive years has quickly made mainland China one of the three major export regions of Swiss watches.
   In the past, looking at the international economic environment and China’s domestic economy, we could basically judge the future direction of some industries, especially consumer products that people like to buy when they have spare money. Even because of the violent and strong economic development in China, sometimes the international economic environment may not affect China’s domestic watch sales. For example, in the global economic crisis that began in 2008, at first everyone predicted that when the watch market was over, no one would buy it. As a result of the global economic downturn, China ushered in the crazy development of the watch market in 2009-2011.
   For the sales of famous watches in China, there is a very clear basis for the market: there is a “rigid demand” for famous watches in China. Why do you say that? Although famous watches are not necessities of life, with the improvement of Chinese people’s living standards and quality of life, everyone will find that by your side, people who did not feel the need to buy a watch at all started talking about watches, and people who did not know about watches started to buy machinery Watch it. This is a huge market demand, especially as China is in the process of becoming more affluent and urbanized. This demand base is large. Therefore, in general, as long as the large economic situation is not complicated, according to the economic situation, it can be judged that the general trend of the future watch sales will not be bad, that is, as long as the economy continues to develop, the watch sales will inevitably increase, especially in the low This is especially true for high-end watches. High-end watches often experience small changes, but the overall performance is not bad.
   However, in addition to the weak environment of international economic growth, various uncertainties in China:
   First of all, the continuous deepening and continuous domestic anti-corruption efforts have indeed affected a part of the watch market that was originally dominated by gifts. Of course, I think this impact is positive. In the future, China’s watch consumption will become more and more transparent, and more and more by healthy wealth and individuals. Of wealth to consume. But it did hit a lot of famous brands intending to continue the rapid growth in China.
   Secondly, the recent ‘blurred’ and erratic Chinese stock market has also made everyone’s wealth cold and hot. When buying a watch, it obviously needs hot money. At least I heard a few friends around me who wanted to buy a watch, because the stock market was frustrated and the plan to buy a watch was cancelled. They are all senior watch fans. The impact of changes in the stock market on people’s wealth is so direct!
   In addition, the consumption tax on luxury goods that might have changed in the past does not seem to have any favorable changes. That is to say, when buying luxury goods, you must pay a lot of taxes and fees in mainland China. The prices are mostly worse than those in Europe and other countries! Even in Hong Kong, where the price advantage is obvious, the price of luxury watches is now less and less significant compared to some regions and cities. Therefore, everyone went to Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and even some unknown island countries to buy watches! Everyone wears famous watches one by one, but the sales of domestic watch shops are not on fire. This is a very strange and helpless factor, but it has a really big influence. How many luxury goods does the Chinese buy abroad each year? Reached 100 billion US dollars! However, the timepieces that Switzerland normally exports to the Chinese market are less than $ 6 billion. This is a big pain for the Chinese watch sales industry, but in the short term, there is no good way. Two words: Helpless.
   We will tell you about some of the advantages of buying a watch at home and the disadvantages of buying a watch abroad. How many people can stand up to rational consumption when facing such a large price gap?
   So, ah, ah, in the face of so many uncertain factors, I can only use my own judgment to answer the future of the watch market.
   And I’m not good at it. I ca n’t fully judge that there will be a strong recovery of the market and the previous hot sales. Geometric development period).
   On the whole, the watch market must go upwards, and more and more people are carefully selecting and buying their favorite watches in China, in stores or counters.
   Looking forward to our bull market in China’s domestic watch market coming soon! ~~

Back In Black Back To Black Classics: Piaget Watch Polo S Series

In 1979, Piaget Polo was released and became a generation of classic watches. In July 2016, Piaget launched the Piaget Polo S, a new watch created for a new generation of famous men in New York, continuing the series of legends. In 2017, Piaget Polo S once again presented three new watches.

Passing on wonderful stories
Three brand new watches continue the Piaget Piaget’s five masterpieces in colorful New York in 2016, making the Piaget Polo S series more perfect. Piaget Polo S chronograph with 1160P movement debuts with a dark grey dial for the first time. In addition, the black dial, ADLC-coated bezel, black rubber strap, and Piaget Polo S equipped with the 1110P movement show charm, and the black Piaget Polo S chronograph are each limited to 888 pieces, each equipped with an independent number. Both also have a black calfskin strap, allowing the wearer to freely match various fashion shapes.

Piaget essence, loyal to the source of inspiration
The Piaget Polo S series is named after the elegant and intense sports item-polo, whose design permeates the essence of the Piaget Society, embodying the immortal friendship between the brand and the world of music, film, art and sports. It promotes the most representative sculpting rules in Piaget’s genes, and at the same time echoes the ambition of challenging the tradition of the nominee.

Piaget Polo S watch adopts Piaget’s classic and ingenious ‘shape in shape’ design, embedded in a 42 mm round case with a pillow-shaped surface. The dial is decorated with horizontal patterns and inlaid with Superluminova hands, and the hollow ‘P’ is carved on the balance pendulum of the second hand, making the watch perfect and adding fashion taste. The watch is equipped with a self-winding mechanical movement developed by Piaget, and the back of the watch is set with a sapphire crystal back cover, which implicitly reveals the beauty of mechanical technology. The chain strap is hinged with exquisite hand, showing the processing effect of polishing and silk frosting, bringing a complete appreciation experience.
Three new watches perfectly complement the daily look and meet the fashion needs of the new generation of ‘Game Changers’.

Earl’s ‘Game Changers’
Piaget Polo S is a watch that combines beauty and practicality with day and night, which resonates with a new generation of celebrities. The watch celebrates Piaget’s carefully selected new generation of Game Changers, including artists with outstanding personal achievements, sports athletes, music geniuses and elites from all walks of life. Wearing Piaget Polo S watches, they have become brand friends of all countries.
Like Ryan Reynolds, the global brand ambassador for Piaget, these men have shown the essence of this unique watch in their lives and work.

Men’s accessories other than watches
In addition to the new Piaget Polo S and Altiplano watches, Piaget also brought Possession men’s bracelets to add diversity to the brand’s various collections. This versatile new piece can be worn alone or with your beloved Piaget watch. Possession men’s bracelets allow modern men to experience the true meaning of the legendary series in busy life: ‘Possession ─ Turn, the world is yours’.

Girard-perregaux 1966 Women’s Moon Phase Watch

Girard-Perregaux 1966 Women’s Moon Phase Watch has a beautiful circular movement with a precision automatic movement and moon phase display. Girard Perregaux’s fine watchmaking traditions and elegant style. Girard Perregaux has made remarkable achievements in the development of innovative watchmaking technology over the years. In the 1960s, Girard Perregaux was one of the few watchmaking factories with its own research and development team. In 1965, Girard Perregaux successfully developed the first hourly pendulum. High-speed movement with a frequency of 36,000 times, and achieves exceptional accuracy of timepieces; in 1967, a precision timepiece certificate issued by the Neuchâtel Observatory (Neuchâtel Observatory, Switzerland), 73% of which was obtained by Girard-Perregaux.
    The Girard-Perregaux 1966 series was launched in 2006. It pays tribute to Girard-Perregaux’s brilliant achievements in the 1960s with the latest technological achievements and reliable performance. During these years, the Girard-Perregaux 1966 series has no shortage of slim watches equipped with automatic movements. Take this watchmaking technology to a higher level; this year’s self-finishing women’s moon phase watch is also a thin watch. The elegant round case is in harmony with the poetic moon phase, showing a feminine beauty.
    The 36 mm gold case is exquisite in craftsmanship, winning the essence and beauty of classic timepieces: the white mother-of-pearl dial is polished by hand, shining beautifully, the bezel is set with 54 sparkling diamonds, and the light is shining, such as sparkling stars and the day of the dial The moon and stars echoed far away.
    The dial is exquisitely decorated, with the Roman numerals at 12 o’clock, the inlaid hour markers at 3 and 9 o’clock, and the 9 diamond hour markers in harmony. The leaf-shaped hour and minute hands gracefully display the time, and the blue steel small seconds hand dances along the moon phase to form Balanced and gentle appearance layout; coupled with elegant black glossy alligator leather strap, gold pin buckle engraved with Girard-Perregaux logo, adding a bit of luxury.
    The sophisticated appearance can only be matched with excellent mechanical beauty. This new women’s moon phase watch is equipped with a 3000 series automatic winding movement. The rose gold oscillating weight is engraved with fine GP lettering. The transparent back can admire the exquisite craftsmanship of the movement. It has a 46-hour power reserve and Girard-Perregaux 1966. When the series first appeared, the movement assembled in the same vein condensed the essence of the brand’s 220-year-old watchmaking technology.
Girard-Perregaux 1966 Women’s Moon Phase Watch
Technical specifications
Polished rose gold case, anti-glare crystal glass
Bezel: Pink gold round bezel set with 54 diamonds (approximately 1.35 carats)
Case back: assembled crystal glass
Diameter: 36.00 mm
Water-resistant to 30 meters
Crown: Rose gold with GP logo
Dial: White mother-of-pearl dial, 12 o’clock Roman numerals, 3 and 9 o’clock inlaid hour markers, 9 diamond hour markers (about 0.06 carats)
Hands: Leaf-shaped hour and minute hands, blue steel arrow-shaped small seconds hand with sun weight Girard-Perregaux 3300-0067 automatic winding movement
Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, moon phase display
Size: 11 1/2 cm-25.60 mm
Thickness: 4.80 mm
Gems: 32
Power reserve: at least 46 hours
Upper refining: automatic refining; rose gold pendulum has detailed GP carving
Swing frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4Hz)
Motherboard: rhodium-plated, polished fish scales on both sides, polished diamond chamfer
Clockwork Drum: Sun Ray Pattern
Transmission wheel splint: fish scale pattern, Geneva stripe polishing, diamond polished chamfer
Black glossy alligator strap
With rose gold pin buckle with GP logo
Rose Gold Model: 49524D52A751-CK6A
Another platinum model is available: 49524D53A752-CK7A