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How About Chopard Watches? How About Chopard Watches?

About Chopard
  The Chopard watch, founded by Louis Ulysses Chopard, is well-known in the watch industry. It has always advertised the top design and craftsmanship of Chopard’s original design and craftsmanship. . In more than 50 countries, Chopard watches are regarded as the best in simple, elegant and unique styles.
  Chopard, a name that is no stranger. Speaking of this word, your first reaction must be the talented musician and his world-famous piano music. However, this Chopard is not Chopard. It is not a famous song composed by a master of the world, but an exquisite piece by the hands of a skilled craftsman; it does not have a continual resounding sound for three days, but it can also continue to bring people artistic touch and joy.
  Watch from Chopard, a watchmaking family with over 140 years of history. In the name of Chopard, Chopard has infused a strong artistic temperament, so it is impressive and brings unexpected effects to the brand itself. Chopard watches in the world are just like Francesco Chopard in the history of world music. They are also well-known. They actively promote cultural and charitable causes, such as the ‘Golden Palm’ award and the world at every Cannes Film Festival. The charity association’s sponsorship not only made Chopard watches highly respected among celebrities, but also established a good reputation among ordinary people. In the eyes of people, Chopard watches naturally became expensive international watches with positive reputation.
  Today, from the enthusiastic Caribbean sun beach, to the Japanese hot springs with cherry blossoms, to the Champs-Elysées in France, and even at the foot of the pyramids in Egypt, you will find the luxurious and stylish figures of Chopard.
  The casual classic
  Chopard’s casual watchmaking philosophy has always moved people who love it. These people also respond to this great world brand with the most loyal heart.
  Family management is what makes Chopard unique, and 99% of its products are produced in-house. Some watchmakers are part of their own production, such as Piaget watches, but Chopard devotes almost all its energy to the production and design links, and then outsources sales. Chopard is always doing very emotional things, and all decisions of the company are based on the family’s will.
Thinking about acting, how to ensure that the products produced can be recognized by consumers? The special business philosophy determines this company’s special philosophy. Many large companies follow market research and produce products based on market orientation. And Chopard watchmaking companies never do market research, they only make their favorite products, and their main job is to find such consumers-consumers who identify with them.
  What really lays the foundation for Chopard’s international brand is the ‘Happy Diamonds’ series launched in 1967. When transformed into expensive diamonds of different shapes such as snowflakes and hearts, they chase and play with each other in the watch mirror like urchins, which makes people feel relaxed and happy.
  This ingenious and unique design not only opened another window of jewelry watch design, changed the way that gems can only be statically set on the surface, but also made people a little more fun when watching jewelry watches. This bold and unique creation was a huge success, winning the German Baden Golden Rose Award in 1976, a watch with the highest honor in the world. With this happy and creative design, Chopard has won a high status in the top jewelry watch industry. It can be said that the Happy Diamonds series plays an important role in the Chopard watch. Exaggeratingly, it seems to be a legend or a miracle about Chopard. In fact, it’s the Happy Diamonds series that exemplifies traditional craftsmanship and innovative design so well.
Of course, it has become a famous symbol of Chopard watches. It gave diamond watches a new way of interpretation, and the invention was indeed stunning and amazing.
  There are two different versions of the legend about the origin of happy diamonds.
  One of the versions is a company’s designer named Ronald Kulovsky who accidentally glanced at the diamonds on the workbench and was moved by the unrestrained dazzling light. Inspired by the suddenness, he immediately set a few diamonds of the same size with a gold ring and enclosed it in a ring-shaped crystal glass ring. Then he put the glass ring on a small two-pin classical gold watch and reinforced with gold With the strap-Happy Diamond Watch was born. The diamonds on the outer edge of the diamond wandered around with the movement of the wrist, flashing stars alluring light. Even superstitious gamblers have watched it, thinking that wearing happy diamonds can always work.
  Another version is when designer Ronald Kulovsky strolled the German Black Forest one day and came down the road to the waterfall and watched thousands of small water droplets spouting in the turbulent river. Let him suddenly think, ‘If the diamond is no longer fixedly set on the watch, but can be rotated freely and happily like life, that would be great!’ As a result, he really did. After careful consideration, he put a layer of sapphire crystal between the watch and the diamond, and then wrapped the diamond in 18K gold. In this way, diamonds really began to slide freely in the watch, which did not hinder the function of watching time, but also added fun.
  No matter which version of the story is true, or two versions are not enough to believe, neither can we deny that Chopard’s Happy Diamond Watch is indeed beautiful and stylish.
How about Chopard watches
  Comments from netizens: Chopard watches are mainly made with luxury diamond watches. They are very beautiful, and the diamonds are dazzling, so the price and cost are basically 100,000 or more.
  Netizen evaluation two: Chopard is a world-renowned brand watch. The style and workmanship are very good, and it is very kingly to wear.
  Netizen comment 3: In 1860, Louis-UlysseChopard established a high-precision watch factory in the Jura region of Switzerland, known for pocket watches and fine Chopard watches. In 1863, the Scheufele family from Germany acquired Chopard and began to associate Chopard watches with diamonds and music, creating their main series ‘Happy Diamonds’. Although it is a happy diamond, Chopard watches are also full of tradition and passion. Its MilleMigliaGMT2005 watch was launched for the legendary MilleMiglia classic car race. This product series is equipped with a precision timepiece certified automatic winding steel watch with a power reserve of approximately 46 hours. The silver-plated dial is equipped with clear time A dynamic black timer. It has a speed scale that can calculate speeds from 60 to 240 kilometers per hour. Water-resistant to 50 meters. Chopard, a Swiss jewellery and watch brand that has a history of more than 140 years, has always combined extraordinary creativity and luxurious materials to design timepieces with outstanding taste and novelty. This year, the brand inherits the rich results of the past and is committed to researching a variety of complex functions. Watch, launched a more diversified creation. Among them, this model named after the founder’s English abbreviation, uses a movement developed by its own six years ago, and the watch has a simple design, full of style, and full of strong lines. Another complication watch, including this model with four small dials, in order to maintain the balance of the surface design, set the hour dial in three positions, occupying the positions of 3, 6 and 9 o’clock respectively. , With an hour dial, a stopwatch dial and a 24-hour dial, and at 9 o’clock there is a nine-day power reserve display window. Another barrel-type watch has the same shape and functions. The Chopard watch brand is famous for its design with sliding diamonds inside the frame. Especially in women’s watches, this kind of creativity has been perfected. This year the brand launched a series of jewellery wristbands with infinite joy. The exquisite and cute design promotes the spirit of joy and happiness. The watch has a unique graphic design on the surface, which generates a ever-changing geometric figure. Each 12-hour scale is a star-studded Western constellation style, a snowflake series full of romantic feelings, And 12 Chinese zodiac styles full of Chinese flavor. At the same time, there are flowing diamonds in the surface, and the diamonds shake as the body dances, which is full of fun. Adhering to the creative design full of romantic poetry, the brand continues to break the traditional creative spirit. The hour numbers that have always been stored on the surface are reversed and expressed.The Arabic numerals are used to form the bezel and add dazzling diamonds. Unlimited creativity and beauty.

  Netizen evaluation 4: Chopard not only does watches but also jewelry, so Chopard watches always carry a certain luxurious temperament. In fact, this can be seen from the materials he uses.
  Netizen evaluation 5: The special watch is cheaper and I want to enter it recently. The entry price of precious metal watches is more than 20,000 in Europe and 40,000 in domestic. happy
Dimand seems to have 3 diamonds, 5 diamonds, etc. The cheapest European price is around 30,000, and happy spot can also be viewed!
  Netizen evaluation six: Chopard is mainly used to make diamond watches. The most classic masterpiece is the two sapphire mirrors with flowing diamonds. They belong to one of the top ten watches. In addition to watches, they also make accessories and jewelry.
Chopard’s Popular Watches Recommended
Chopard 16/3154

No. 16/3154
Style: Manual Machinery, 33mm, Men
Material: 18k yellow gold
RMB: ¥ 32,000
Table mirror material: Sapphire crystal glass

Chopard 161289-5001

No .: 161289-5001
Style: Automatic, 38 mm, men
Material: 18k rose gold
RMB: ¥ 80,000
Movement model: L.U.C 01.04-C
Power reserve: 60 hours
Back penetration: back penetration
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