Month: January 2015

A Wonderful Wrist Circus Show

Athens can be said to be the only watchmaking brand in the world that uses active figures to make minute repeaters. I’m talking about dials. Of course, using the doll on the back of the table is also our Blancpain Palace.
     I still remember that I was in love with the Hunting Minutes in Athens for a long time. This circus aventurine minute repeating timepiece is the most active figure in the Athens Minutes series. Compared with the rich color tone of the Hunting Minutes, This circus is so clean, but the theme is still very strong. Naughty monkeys, juggling clowns, cute bears, elegant ballet dancers, fierce tigers, and heroic animal trainers have been given life by master carving masters and appear vividly on the aventurine dial.
     Activate the minute repeater button, and a wonderful circus show will be staged on the dial, which is very interesting. It is also a beautiful thing to return home after a tired day, make tea, take a nap, and tinker with it.

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