Gorgeous And Elegant Dior Christal Series Unisex Watch

As a world-class luxury brand, Dior has always advocated building its brand into a brand as noble as gold. Dior has sometimes even become a reference for mature women’s aesthetic taste, and the bright and luxurious is exactly what Dior wants to express. The first Christal watch was launched in 2005.
 Christal means crystal and crystal. With this word, it can be said that it is a very good overview of the biggest characteristics of this series of watches. This series of watches reflects not only the luxury of Dior, but also the innovative fashion taste of Dior. Dior cut and sapphire crystal by hand and inlaid it on the strap, so this more material for the table mirror was endowed with new beauty by innovation, making this series a representative of high-end fashion. The Dior Christal series CD116411M001 watch brought today is based on the classics of this series in conjunction with the Qutining movement factory to create mysterious functions, adding joy to such a gorgeous and elegant watch. Let us now meet the beauty of Dior Christal Mystérieuse.

 The shape and materials of this watch are inherited from Christian Dior’s classics. The crystal bracelet, cut and inlaid with sapphire crystal, makes the entire watch brilliant. The bezel is decorated with diamonds in a unique interval, and this interval is also carefully designed by Dior designers, so that there is such an asymmetric structure full of beauty. The biggest innovation of this Christal Mystérieuse is of course the word Mystérieuse. If you think this dial is just a static decoration, you have underestimated Dior’s interpretation of ‘mystery’. Dior worked with Quinting and many engineers in the watchmaking, automotive, and electronics industries to create this mysterious and transparent movement over seven years.
 Dior Christal series CD116411M001 watch with Chirstal classic shape and creative mysterious dial, it is amazing. The sapphire crystal-cut inlaid bracelet and case fill this watch with the crystal texture of the Christal collection. Brilliant diamonds nicely decorate the black bezel. The dial is at the heart of this mysterious theme. Pieces of colorful sequins are not painted on the dial, but on different levels of sapphire crystal. And these sapphire crystals are part of the movement. As you go, the sequins flow slowly, as if dancing. The deeply staggered design also makes this dance feast more vivid, showing the aesthetic accomplishments and unique ideas of Dior designers. This movement was developed by Quinting in cooperation with Dior. It is an electric automatic movement that serves the mysterious functions of this watch, while ensuring the accurate movement of the watch. Such a stylish and creative Dior Chirstal mysterious watch adds another unforgettable classic to the collection. Those who like Dior may wish to pay more attention to this watch.