Month: August 2015

Jiang Jinfu At The Airport Wearing Gucci Watch Jewelry

Spirit snake, as one of the oldest and most widely spread myth symbols, gives a strong mythological color, represents the vitality contained in the earth, and also entrusts human fantasy to nature.

   The 2017 Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show is about to start a new voyage. On March 22, Jiang Jinfu wore a Le Marché des Merveilles series watch decorated with the spirit snake element to the airport, showing his unique charm. On March 24th, Jiang Jinfu will go to the Gucci Watch & Jewellery Pavilion to lead the public to explore the amazing mysteries of Gucci’s Secret Garden.

   The sacred animal of the spirit snake has immortal significance, and its molting symbolizes rebirth, life, healing, rebirth and love, as well as the power released deep in the ground. The new Gucci watch jewellery Le Marché des Merveilles series integrates the spirit snake shape with the leather strap perfectly, and reflects the brand’s current creative aesthetic concept with rich materials, which is the best of this evolving new series.

   This watch is equipped with a stainless steel primary case, and the spirit snake shape appears on a special leather strap, which is made of the same single piece of leather as the strap and the surface leather-thus, the grain leather strap On the top, the red snake pattern filled with rich detail design circled along the strap until it entered under the sapphire glass, and then gradually disappeared, showing a mysterious force.

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