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A Tribute To Time Shining Tiffany Ct60 New Watch Series Released By Shanghai Yaodong

On May 12, 2015, Tiffany & Co. Tiffany held a style party in Shanghai and officially launched the new watch series Tiffany CT60 for Greater China. The name of this series is derived from the acronym of Charles Tiffany, the founder of the brand, ‘New York Minutes’ and the 60 seconds of ‘New York Minutes’.

Tiffany CT60 Rose Gold Limited Edition

  Tiffany CT60 combines retro flavor with modern style, so the launch party was specially selected to be held at the Roosevelt Mansion on the Bund 29, which combines traditional charm and modern style. At the same time, it paid tribute to the former owner of Tiffany Watch, former US President Franklin Roosevelt. Tiffany CT60 is based on a gold watch he received in 1945 as a prototype.

Ruan Jingtian, Zhang Zilin, and Jin Dachuan

Ruan Jingtian

Zhang Zilin

  Stylists and business elites including Ruan Jingtian, Jin Dachuan, Zhang Zilin and other stars attended the party, admired the outstanding timepieces created by Tiffany for more than 165 years, and personally experienced ‘Tiffany New York minutes’ through a series of Tiffany CT60 watches displayed live. Charm and connotation. The party takes the towering city skyline along the Huangpu River as the background, perfectly combines the rhythm of Shanghai with the elements of New York’s urban landscape, and opens the immersive ‘New York minutes’ mode. Live DJ rhythmic music and tap dance performances from the birthplace of Tiffany America brought the party atmosphere to a climax, recreating New York’s heartbeat and urban vitality. On-site guests are more than happy to participate in the on-site interaction and share their feelings and interpretations of “New York Minutes” through photos.

Le Kangxian, President, Tiffany Greater China

  Mr. Le Kang, President of Tiffany Greater China, said: ‘Tiffany CT60 inherits Tiffany’s design heritage, shows New York’s style, energy and creativity, but also carries the spirit of’ New York minutes ‘and pays tribute to Charles Tiffany,’ The New York Minute Creator ‘.
  In 1853, when public clocks were not yet widely available, the founder of the company Charles Tiffany had led the era. He erected a giant Atlas clock on the outer wall of the Tiffany & Co. boutique, which became the reference for New York standard time. . It is the activation of this clock that has given rise to the term ‘New York minutes’. ‘New York minutes’ shows New York’s unique pace and energy, and defines the time spirit of the city-not counting by the minute, but by Innovation note. In New York, a minute is not just a general measure of time. Its richness and vastness are beyond people’s original perception. There are countless wonderful things happening in one minute in New York.

Tiffany CT60 Basic

  Today, ‘New York Minutes’ is an attitude. It has no geographical limitation and transcends the boundaries of time and space. It represents the story of the creators of the times around the world putting their dreams into practice and struggling regardless of success or failure. ‘New York Minutes’ is bright but full of richness. The impossibility of it is an incentive for every individual’s potential.

Tiffany CT60 Chronograph

  A century and a half ago, Charles Tiffany set the standard time for New York with his visionary courage and hard work spirit, and then set a new era. Today, Tiffany goes back to history with the birth of the Tiffany CT60 watch series and explores more. Countless creators in China today are practicing the inner spirit of ‘New York minutes’, breaking through the shackles of time and creating their own era. Tiffany CT60 is just for them.
  Since 1847, Tiffany’s timepieces have been accurate timekeeping all over the world, and has given a unique New York style charm. Continuing this heritage, the newly launched Tiffany CT60 watch series has Tiffany’s consistent simple lines, very artistic appearance, unique style; Swiss watchmaking technology provides quality assurance for watches, Geneva ripple, spiral texture A variety of traditional fine craftsmanship, including pearl pattern polishing, ensure that the watch is both beautiful inside and out. Tiffany CT60 presents a series of watches of different sizes, suitable for men and women, all equipped with self-winding movements, made of 18k rose gold or stainless steel. These include a 40mm limited year calendar, a 40mm junior calendar, a 42mm chronograph and a 34mm junior.

Names That Can’t See The Time

People often warn themselves that everything will be deceived by looking only at the surface. In fact, the surface can express a lot of things, but sometimes, you don’t see enough of the surface.

For example, people often think of mechanical watches as the old-fashioned retro of traditional industries, and only consider quartz watches electronic watches as designers’ favorite digital avant-garde. In fact, the avant-garde of mechanical watches is endless. Regardless of its repeated innovations in movements or materials, let’s talk about the most superficial ‘surfaces’-after seeing those mechanical watches without pointers and scales, it is likely that you can’t even read the readings, you will It is known that the avant-garde and kung fu playing on the surface of mechanical watches are powerful ‘super class’.

The fun of a mechanical watch is multifaceted and multi-level. Although this time the appearance of the mainstream mechanical watch is not common in people’s impressions, and even many independent watchmaker brands, but what about this? You do n’t play mechanical watches just to watch the time! And we are not a shopping guide. Urwerk UR-210 “Maltese Falcon” satellite display watch: If you want to know how to read exactly, the process is as follows: three satellite rotors each have four hours, and Carloso is not responsible for the display during the slow rotation When the two rotors of the next hour have turned, the other rotor is driven and the next hour number is displayed. Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport watch in vertical reading
How to look at a watch is a big problem?
Time is more than a simple scale. In the eyes of a genius, time is expressed in different ways.
It can be an MB & F HM2 SV watch that uses two dials to express time, like a retro dual-card recording. It can also be like a miniature universe, with three satellites rolling in space and rolling out their respective time readings (of course you The Urwerk satellite display watch UR-210 ‘Maltese Falcon’ is also read in conjunction with the minute display below the surface. When you are bewildered by avant-garde innovative digital products, do you think of a mechanical watch, or may it look like this?
The watch is used to watch the time, but can it have no hands, no dial, and no time-adjusted crown? Athens’ ‘Fantastic Dark Lord’ realized such a sudden whimsy. I believe that its unique time display method will undoubtedly win the true love of mechanical fans-directly using the usually mysterious and invisible movement as the time indicator! The movement is placed on a rotating base, the time can be displayed just by the movement of the movement itself, the hour marker is on the barrel, and the light escapement bridge serves as a minute indicator. But how does it go without winding the crown and time? Yan Tingpeng, general manager of the Greater China region of Athens Watch, is always happy to demonstrate this process in person: the time can be adjusted by turning the bezel, and the manual winding by turning the back cover! Each revolution is equivalent to storing 12 hours of power, with a power reserve of more than 8 days!
However, Parmigiani is a high-profile independent watchmaker brand in China. His Bugatti Super Sport is well known. Inspiration obtained in cooperation with the super sports car Bugatti Veyron, a breakthrough display of time in a vertical form-that is, the dial and the time display are 90 degrees vertical, which is not only for the driver’s convenient time reading adjustments, but also make the People admire their boldness in reversing the mechanical structure to create a new straight-cut Bugatti PF 372 movement. This world-first movement uses a double pinion system with chamfered gear trains. Through a series of complex transmissions, the dial can display time in a vertical form.
Even domestic watch brands have begun to innovate in design. The memory tourbillon watch of Fiyta looks like a tape recorder, and it even puts the tourbillon device horizontally and presents it at the same time as the time display. When the two display windows are running at different speeds, it is easy to think of how the tape recorder works.
The Tourbillon memory Tourbillon watch Parmigiani Bugatti Super Sport in vertical reading
Must be ‘difficult to read’
The shape system has always been for content services. Especially the traditional watchmaking industry that focuses on real life. The surface that most people find difficult to understand actually has values ​​that are obviously not difficult to understand.
If you don’t talk about people, these watchmakers with ideals, of course, want to create a unique way of expressing time. Let people know at a glance that this is their own product. If you want to talk about people, then this imagination and expression of time can achieve reality with superb skills. The most obvious thing is that it is a symbol of strength. We just said that the avant-garde and ‘super class’ of traditional mechanical watches playing on the ‘surface’ requires deep skill. Otherwise, how dare to break the traditional structure of the watch at will, but still maintain the excellent performance of the watch? It is expensive to develop a new movement, not to mention a movement that has to adapt to a unique design instead of sharing costs.
Although the introduction in this issue is not common in the general mainstream market, there are many ways to play watches. Sitting in the sun and watching snowflake-paved diamonds is a kind of dog’s eye. It is also a kind of watching a wonderful movement with a magnifying glass. You can afford the exclusive enjoyment of the watch, and those who ca n’t afford the watch can also enjoy it together and see how many whimsical ideas can be put into practice. Ah Q said that many amazing genius designs are limited to no more than 10 pieces, which is impossible for most people to own, but the significance of beautiful things is not to own them.
Just like hard-to-wear but charming high-heeled shoes, it is not for you to go a long way, nor are you going to play mechanical watches just to watch time. These difficult-to-read mechanical watches have a clear attitude that allows you to carefully study the rhythmic beauty of its structural mechanism. How can you see it at a glance!

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