7000 Yuan, This May Be The Most Cost-effective Time Zone Table This Year

I am afraid that everyone still remembers the 10,000-level explosion that Rabbit pushed at the end of last year. Certina’s DS PH200M, with a price of more than 5,000 yuan, was almost contended by three or five customers at the moment of arrival. Basic It’s the one that beats the speed to win. It is also interesting that entry-level consumers who bought 10,000-meter watches for the first time and those who have bought a lot of watches are interested. For Certina, the feeling of fame in World War I is especially evident in this era of rapid spread. Although the Swatch Group retired from Basel this year, in March we did not see the new model for the first time as in previous years, but Certina clearly hid it and chose to display the first magic weapon of this year at this season-more than 7,000 The GMT time zone table is also a mechanical movement. Our purchase list may need to be adjusted again. First open the door to see the mountains, Xiutu broke the curiosity, take a look at the true look of DS Action GMT Automatic. This is a 43mm diameter, PVD black-plated stainless steel case rabbit has always felt that buying a watch is first and foremost a value, and secondly, is there a strong technology or a breakthrough breakthrough, as far as Green Belle is concerned, it uses what is now in Sri Lanka. The Woki Group’s widely used Powermatica-80 automatic winding movement has a power reserve of 80 hours. Regarding the 80 movement, the rabbit has been introduced many times before. After Swatch developed the 80 movement that year, it was widely used by various brands in the group, and the relative performance is stable this year. The most straightforward explanation of the 80-hour power reserve is-home from work on Friday evening, picking up the watch, and picking up the work on Monday morning, it is not in need of re-calibrating the time at all, which is very considerate. The luminous properties are not small. You can watch the time secretly at night. The reading method of the second time zone at 3 o’clock is also very simple. There is a separate needle on the dial and a 24-hour scale on the periphery is used to display the second. Time zone time. This year the rabbit’s favorite color is this green, with a Nato strap (of course there are steel and belt models, the rabbit then prints). In the Chinese market, there are two colors that can gain preference as long as they are positive. Green is one of them. As the vanguard of GMT, the first batch of goods will be officially listed in China in early May. The price is 7250 yuan (both Tmall and JD.com can also be booked), but the number is still small, and it may be necessary to reproduce the DS of last year. The scene of PH200M. But don’t worry, buying a watch is not fate. For Certina, the emergence of ‘Green Belle’ is of special significance. In fact, as early as last year, Certina was silently preparing to launch the market. The name ‘Green Belle’ comes from the U.S. Army Special Forces, and its inspiration also means ‘appear in any place in the world within 24 hours’, which also coincides with the function of GMT. And as far as features are concerned, GMT is one of the most practical, especially for people who travel abroad frequently today, it is much more convenient to use a watch to control the time between the two places than a mobile phone. In fact, in the products of Certina, the GMT function is not the first time, but it is indeed the first time to push a mechanical GMT watch. It is worth mentioning that because of DS (Double Insurance) technology, the waterproof function has also been greatly improved, reaching 200 meters, and products at the same price are already superior. Speaking of the DS double insurance technology invented in 1959, Certina has been in use today. In the 1920s, Erwin and Hans, the sons of Alfred Kurth, one of the founder brothers of the brand, joined the team. The young people brought new vitality to the brand and created a milestone for Certina. This technology is described in very simple terms, that is, it has better sealing. For example, all Certina watch crowns have 2 rubber rings, and there are also places where the crown and the case are connected, so that even if the crown is pulled out, the waterproof effect is also good. Not too bad. After talking so much, I just want to say that the 80-hour power reserve, which has the functions of GMT and the two places, and the mechanical watch that is waterproof to 200 meters, is worth the price of more than 7,000 yuan. However, what really touches us is the face value, and technology is nothing more than icing on the cake. After all, for many young people, how does a watch look good and fashionable without looking too streety? This is an important issue before everyone in the short term. When we really enter the workplace to face formal occasions and put away our enthusiasm for sneakers and tide brands, you desperately need a watch that allows you to retract easily (even for business occasions), which is not expensive. Don’t be rigid and exaggerated. This is a difficult degree to grasp, but if you try it on, you will know if it is. After Green Beret, rabbits give you more choices. They are orange outer ring and Nato belt. Of course, this is purely a matter of color preference. I believe my vision is just fine. The second one is a stainless steel model with a red and black outer ring. This one is more mature. Of course, the rabbit itself will definitely push Green Beret, because I have a preference for green (and this green is not dazzling and easier to match), which meets my ‘should not be too low-key’ demand for multimeters, and Nato is younger It is not easy to be taken away by the so-called dress watch in the future. First of all, Li Guangjie has put on Pose. If last year’s DS PH200M let Certina taste the explosive effect, then this year’s appearance of Green Belle seems to me to be more like a precise positioning. And whether it’s the retro dress style of the former or the sports attributes of Green Beret, Certina has mastered the design language in the past two years-there is no so-called ‘infraction’. I believe everyone also knows the style of rabbits. Buying a watch does not talk too much about ‘cost-effectiveness’. Generally, you choose a watch with an attitude of ‘you look good and say everything’. But there are hard core attributes underneath this appearance, and I can only say ‘convinced’. Readers interested in the stainless steel and orange models may have to wait a few more months, but Green Bayley, you will see soon. The gossip rabbit is only original, welcome to repost!

Toyota And Citizen Cooperate To Cross Watch And Sports Car

With the launch of the Toyota GT86 sports car, the CITIZENTOYOTA86 co-branded watch has also begun to be officially launched in mainland China. There are three models of flame red, storm black and sparkling white for consumers to choose from. Let’s enjoy it with the editor.

 In design, the CITIZENTOYOTA86 watch draws aesthetic inspiration from the GT86 sports car, achieving the perfect crossover between cars and watches. In order to make the watch reflect the bright color of the sports car body, the side of the case of the CITIZENTOYOTA 86 watch is not only completely the same as the actual color of the Toyota 86, but also applies Citizen’s newly developed multi-plating processing technology of up to 11 layers to show It has the same metallic luster and delicate color as the sports car, and at the same time has anti-scratch characteristics, achieving the unity of beauty and practicality. Whether it is the fiery passion of the red model, the cruel sharpness of the black model, or the simple and crisp of the white model, the CITIZENTOYOTA86 watch will reveal the extraordinary temperament of the GT86 sports car.

 In detail, the CITIZENTOYOTA86 watch also incorporates GT86 design elements. The dial pattern uses the same black T-shaped design as the GT86 instrument panel pattern, echoing the white hands, and is extremely racing. The three small dials on the dial continue the design of the classic three-ring instrument panel, showing a full sense of movement. The sword-shaped fluorescent pointer is simple and sharp, just like the GT86’s dashboard pointer, and the time can be clearly seen even in the dark. The 86-inch logo printed on the dial at 4 o’clock and the bottom cover affixed the identity tag of Toyota 86 fans to each wearer.
 In addition to the cross-border integration of design elements, the CITIZENTOYOTA86 watch demonstrates the common concept of Citizen and Toyota always paying attention to environmental protection. Citizen is the only company in the watch industry with an Eco-Drive trademark, and Toyota has been committed to the development and application of automotive environmental technology. As a joint work of the two brands, the CITIZENTOYOTA86 watch uses Citizen’s leading light kinetic energy technology to convert any visible light source into the green power that drives the watch. In terms of functions, the CITIZENTOYOTA86 watch has a 60-minute timekeeping function that is accurate to 0.2 seconds, which also surprises GT86 fans, which can fully meet the precise control of time during fierce driving.
 When the CITIZENTOYOTA86 watch’s sword-shaped fluorescent hands move lightly, staring at the dial not only feels the passage of time, but also the endless passion from the bottom of your heart. Sending the CITIZENTOYOTA86 watch to your wrist, whether on the track or in the field of life, you can always feel the unlimited fun brought by the challenge. It will also become another spiritual label for GT86 fans.
 This watch perfectly embodies the cross-border beauty of a watch and a sports car, fully embodying the passionate and dynamic spirit of sports car culture. As the sports car gallops, time condenses on the wrist.