Fearless Time, Really Myself Roger Dubuis 2018 Roger Dubuis Mother’s Day Pour Love

The unique identity of the mother is given to contemporary women. The flexible and persevering side makes them flexible in the transformation of multiple life roles. They treat the world rationally and hide their sensibility in them. They are intelligent and independent. , Soft and firm. At the time of Mother’s Day, Roger Dubuis selects a variety of elegant timepieces, wrapped in years of praise, stepping on the pointer to witness the mother’s special charm, paying tribute to the extraordinary temperament of modern women and A variety of styles, the beauty of time blooms on your wrist.

Excalibur36 automatic winding watch

   Mothers are not afraid of the challenges of life, they do their best for their careers, and at the same time they can balance family and personal life. The Excalibur36 automatic winding watch offers a variety of choices in shape and style, showing a variety of charming qualities in different occasions. A pure white timepiece shows a strong and determined character in the workplace; all-black watches emit a charming and seductive magnetic field as night falls; and blue watches show a mysterious, elegant and noble character at midnight . With the state and mood of different moments, let the mother dare to show the specific appearance in her character traits.
Reference price: RMB 139,000
Excalibur36 Automatic Watch – Rose Gold Diamond Watch
Model: DBEX0357

This Excalibur 36 self-winding watch is like a poetic ode to advocating the charm of modern mothers, with a bold style to set off the luxurious style. The exquisite diamond-set dial exudes brilliance with pride and self-confidence, expressing the mother’s intricate details, and she suddenly becomes the embodiment of elegance and eternity. Even though time has passed, it still proudly presents itself with a glorious attitude.
Reference price: RMB 568,000
Velvet self-winding watch
Model: DBVE0072

Mothers have foresight, their innovative thinking brings irresistible power, and surprises the world. Their thoughts are the most precious gems. This diamond watch with mother-of-pearl dial, accompanied by a delicate alligator leather strap, exudes wisdom and elegance, perfectly interpreting the modern mother’s unique, eye-catching, fashionable and elegant temperament.
Reference price: RMB 302,000

Parma Gianni Tonda Métrographe And Métropolitaine Real Shot Appreciation

The Métro watch series reflects the looks and magic of large cities in the world-the people there, and the tempo that dominates the movement of urban people-this is the first time that Parmigiani has released -Style watch. The entire collection includes ‘Métrographe’ for men and ‘Métropolitaine’ for women.

Asymmetric long case

 Both the men’s and women’s watches have a rounded stainless steel case, and both have elongated shapes, which are more elegant overall. The watch exhibits a modern urban design, more elegant than other classics of the brand, reminiscent of the Tonda 1950 watch. The calibre 3000 and its case have been designed with precision to create a slim and elegant case intermediate.

 The unique mystery of the Métro collection is that the watch is not symmetrical; it presents two different contours. The left-hand silhouette, which does not include the crown, is traditional and classic, showing the brand’s signature teardrop-like appearance. In contrast, in the contour on the right-hand side, the elongated lugs extend all the way to the crown, surrounding the crown and hugging the chronograph function button on the men’s watch.
This asymmetry gives the watch a unique personality that is subtle and stylish; a modern twist that subverts tradition.

Contrast beauty of the dial

 The contrast principle was applied in the presentation of the dials of the Métro series, thus highlighting the unique aspects of the work.

 On the Tonda Métrographe men’s watch, the minute and hour counters are highlighted to highlight the watch’s complex timing functions. These gray snail-shaped chronograph dials are in stark contrast to the white textured dials; on the black dial models, the appearance of the chronograph dials is illuminated by luminous materials, which makes them prominent during the day and bright at night. The two counters together form an inclined ‘8’ shape, which is a characteristic symbol of the Parmigiani brand.

 On the Tonda Métropolitaine, feminine radians add a soft touch to the watch’s modern lines. The elongated case intermediate contrasts with the ‘flinqué’ transparent enamel finish on the dial, as the latter presents a continuous wave-like pattern. The numbers and hour markers are inlaid on the flat background of the linear pattern in the form of round reliefs.

Strap and bracelet

 Parmigiani introduced new concepts in the design of leather straps and stainless steel bracelets in the Métro series.

 The calf-leather textured strap with the ‘Hermès’ logo presents an extraordinary effect. The edges of the strap are different colors and polished to create a perfectly smooth surface that contrasts sharply with the texture of the strap. For example, a yellow-yellow band is decorated with a bright red edge; a black band is set with a white edge. The étoupe (hemp) strap has a gray edge for a less noticeable contrast. Whether it is a bold or low-key restraint contrast, the role of this contrasting contrast concept is to make each strap unique, instantly recognizable, and more aesthetically attractive.

 Each of the Tonda Métro watches is also available with a stainless steel bracelet, which has been completely redesigned. In order to match the style essence of the whole series, the appearance of the bracelet is thinner, narrower and smoother, which brings out a more pleasing case shape. The links of the stainless steel bracelet feature Parmigiani’s signature teardrop shape. The size of each link is unique, and is precisely calculated to ensure the best ergonomics and the perfect connection between the case intermediate and the bracelet.

 The above is the latest cutting-edge information of SIHH 2014 brought to you by the special editor of Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, so please pay attention. (Picture, text / watch home Yang Lin)

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2014:

Tobillon Semainier 53 Weeks Tourbillon Big Watch

For a watch with top craftsmanship, the beauty of an intricate yet sophisticated movement must be accompanied by practical functions and friendly user-friendliness before it will be reduced to Expensive toys. Blancpain’s ‘Tourbillon Semainier 53-Week Tourbillon Watch’ is the perfect masterpiece combining top watchmaking technology with practicality. At Blancpain’s watchmaking workshop in Le Brassus, the watchmaking center of Switzerland, the watchmaker mastered the new Cal.3725G movement and its 356 complicated and delicate parts to compose the 53-week indication and the tourbillon. Melodious chapter. Modern people live a tight and busy life. No matter how time passes by every second, time is constantly compressed, full calendars, meetings and appointments one after another, and effective mastery of time can truly become the master of time. Blancpain’s ‘Tourbillon Semainier 53-Week Tourbillon Watch’ is a watch designed to reflect the busy life of modern people. It echoes Blancpain’s ‘Tradition of Innovation’ brand spirit. The combination of work and life needs with the tradition of top watchmaking craftsmanship creates a complex function watch, but it is enough to make work and life easier.

    There are 365 days in a year, divided by 7, which is about 52.14. A year is usually 52 weeks. The reason why 53 weeks are marked is mainly because according to the international standard calendar, 52 weeks can not be divided into extra days or leap years. One more day of accumulation, or the first day of the year is January 1st, which happens to be Saturday. Even if the day is the first week, there will be 53 weeks in some years, such as 2009, 2015, 2020, There will be 53 weeks in 2026 and so on. In order to give life to the top mechanical craftsmanship that reflects the flying of time, the watchmakers at Blancpain watchmaking workshops have developed a new cal. 3725G, with a self-winding tourbillon movement with a 7-day power reserve and 356 parts. Make up the beauty of its delicate movement. Just like the watchmakers’ expectations for top-level watchmaking craftsmanship, Blancpain Master Carpenter fully chamfered the bridges and plywood of this movement, Geneva corrugated carvings and delicate polishing, all by Blancpain Léman. The series ‘Tourbillon Semainier 53-Week Tourbillon Watch’ combines complexity and practical convenience, while taking into account the aesthetics of watchmaking.
    Blancpain Léman series ‘Tourbillon Semainier 53-Day Tourbillon Watch’ with a large case diameter of 40mm, to enhance the legibility of practical information on the dial, the case has 950 Perkin and 18K rose gold, and matching White opal face plate and black face plate, two options, Perkin case limited to 88 pieces worldwide, 18K rose gold case limited to 188 pieces, waterproof up to 100 meters, transparent sapphire crystal caseback can be seen from the back The exquisite polished beauty of the movement.
Technical Information
Blancpain ‘Tourbillon Semainier 53-Week Tourbillon Watch’
Model: 2925-3630-53B (18K rose gold case with black dial)
Movement: Cal.3725G / diameter 27.6mm / thickness 7.05mm / 356 parts / 168 hours power reserve
Case: 18K rose gold material / diameter 40mm / thickness 14mm / waterproof 100 meters