Creating The Chinese Watch Industry ‘jingqishen

The development of the watch industry, whether it is a century-old industry leader or a fledgling dark horse rookie, must adhere to the law of focusing on cultural accumulation and relying on talent development. Seagull Watch Group’s 56-year corporate culture construction and development process is also a process of practicing the development law of the industry. It can be said that it shares the same name with the advanced Swiss counterparts.
In the 1980s, Seagull proposed the corporate pursuit of ‘becoming the world’; in recent years, the seagull group has formed an atmosphere of ‘advocating innovation’ and ‘advocating technology’, winning talents and development, and stepping out of the nineties The slump of the industry since the 1950s, and relying on independent innovation to overcome the ‘three classic technologies of the world watch.’ At present, relying on lean enterprise management, sophisticated processing equipment, meticulous talent training, and precision watch products, the company has already possessed the ‘fine spirit’ to enter the world table. In the past three years, two successful cases of defending rights at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show in Switzerland showed the results brought about by this corporate culture.

■ Technical Culture
From innocence to wisdom
From crisis to preparedness
  初 In early April 2008, Tianjin Seagull Watch (Group) Co., Ltd. participated in the Basel Watch and Jewellery Show in Switzerland. This is the 12th time Seagull has participated in the Basel Show since 1996. At this exhibition, the high-end products exhibited by Seagull received “special attention” from the independent watchmakers of Swiss Lifeng Group. The industry ‘big man’ filed a complaint with the exhibition organizing committee that the Seagull ‘dual tourbillon watch’ violated his patent right and violated the Swiss Federal Patent Protection Law. The Seagull Group transferred relevant patents and technical information from China as soon as possible and organized Swiss legal personnel to actively respond to the lawsuit. The chief appraiser of the Basel show and the watch expert of the original Ivan Group’s IWC brand evaluated the Seagull’s controversial dual tourbillon watch. The appraisal results showed that the core characteristics of the complainant’s patent certificate did not exist in the “Seagull dual tourbillon In the disputed product, the ‘Seagull Double Tourbillon Watch’ participating in the Pakistan exhibition did not violate the Swiss Federal Patent Protection Law.
After being spurred by this process of rights protection, Seagull saw that its own experience in international operations was seriously inadequate; it saw a big gap with Swiss companies in terms of its protection of core technologies and the establishment of a comprehensive intellectual property strategy; There is still a long way to go for internationalization requirements. All the seagulls reached a consensus that technological development should rely on patent construction for protection. Enterprises took this as an opportunity to perfect and standardize the intellectual property system, set up an intellectual property commission, a patent technology office, and apply for patent application, management, management, and protection. Intensified work.
仅 After only three years, Seagull once again encountered the ‘Intellectual Property Controversy’ at the Basel fair in Switzerland. A Swiss company lodged a complaint with the organizer of this exhibition, stating that the appearance and shape of the ‘tourbillon stainless steel cufflinks jewelry’ of Seagull is ‘similar’ to this company’s product, which is ‘infringement’, and requested that Seagull immediately remove the relevant products from the booth. And accept punishment. ‘Tourbillon stainless steel cufflinks’ is an extension of the ‘Seagull’ watch industry. Embedding a dynamic tourbillon in the jewelry ‘cufflinks’ is the idea of ​​the Seagull Watch Group, and has completed patent registration in Switzerland and China. Thanks to such sufficient preparation, Seagull can strive to fully safeguard the results of independent innovation, not only responding but also counterclaiming. Finally, the expert of the arbitration panel of the Basel exhibition confirmed that the Intellectual Property Committee of the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show in Switzerland announced: China Tianjin Seagull Watch (Group) Co., Ltd. has filed a counterclaim against the Swiss company’s ‘infringement’ complaint and won.
At this point, Seagull has completed the transition from crisis to preparedness at Basel. This is not only the improvement of the company’s system, but also the lean management of the company, the refined processing equipment, the careful training of talents, and the precision of the watch products. The corporate culture is deeply rooted in corporate results. At the same time, the two victory of rights protection also reflects the determination of Haiguren to shoulder the responsibility of national watch industry and insist on independent innovation to the end.

人 ■ Humanistic Culture
Carefully build the seagull ‘heart’ economy
Comprehensively improve employee cultural taste
The development of technology is ultimately the development of talents. Seagull’s emphasis on talent is reflected in the culture of carefully cultivating people-oriented employees. Whether it is a design master who has obtained a number of international patents or an operator who processes a simple part, Seagull has its own stage. Seagull’s 56-year development process is completely a process of meticulous training of employees in 56 years. Every time the seagulls go through difficulties, they create glory thanks to the sincere cooperation and hard work of the employees. Taking the activity of ‘implementing the construction of a harmonious and dynamic team of four caring employees’ as a carrier, give full play to the four-party role of the party, government, and work corps, and care for the majority of employees from both physical and mental aspects. Create a seagull “heart” economy, tap and promote the spirit of corporate spirit, establish a positive image of the company, enhance the sense of belonging of employees, enrich the amateur cultural life of employees, strengthen the physical and mental health of employees, comprehensively improve the cultural and leisure taste of employees, promote exchanges, cultivate sentiment, and stimulate employees Love the factory enthusiasm, promote the vigorous development of the seagull business, and realize the beautiful vision of building a happy factory and harmonious home.
In recent years, rich-level and targeted training activities, such as reading classes for leading cadres and training courses for backbone leaders of team leaders, have been carried out successively at Seagull. Not only learn knowledge, drill technology, but also talk about philosophy and talk about life. Through these training activities, Seagull has added the fresh blood of advanced corporate culture such as “Altruistic Spirit” and “IE + IT Lean Management” to the local culture of Seagull to develop it. Enterprises’ trade unions and league committees carefully design various forms of sports competitions, leisure associations, outings and other forms to promote corporate culture to employees. Corporate culture bulletin boards, publications occupy almost all prominent positions of the company. Under the influence of such a cultural atmosphere, Seagull has created a team of cadre employees with excellent technology and character.

责任 ■ Responsibility culture
成绩 Achievements in many national projects
展示 Show the Chinese ‘Essence of Qi’ to the World
Adhering to the spirit of ‘the first watch’, Erhaigull has always been responsible for promoting the development of China’s watch industry. It has also made great achievements in the development of national watches and precision processing research and development by relying on the construction of corporate technology and culture. After the company’s technology center was jointly identified as a national-level enterprise technology center by the five national ministries and commissions in 2009, this year the Watch Industry Group Co., Ltd. was again recognized as the first batch of national technology innovation demonstration enterprises by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology and the Ministry of Finance. Seagull is the first company in the domestic watch industry to receive this recognition, and Tianjin has only two of the 55 recognized companies in the country. This fully shows the country’s affirmation of Haiou Group’s independent innovation and technological development work level, and its affirmation of the technical status of the watch industry in the country.
Recently, the unveiling ceremony of Tianjin Seagull Group’s ‘Postdoctoral Research Station’ was held in the Airport Seagull Industrial Park, marking the official launch of the work of ‘Seagull Postdoctoral Station’. The implementation of the post-doctoral workstation project will enhance the overall strength of Seagull, promote the development of high-end mechanical watches, and gradually realize the desire of the Seagull Group to shoulder the burden of the national watch industry and to ‘play with the world’s famous brands on the same stage.’ The ‘Essence of Spirit’ of the Chinese watch industry.

Seagull watch launched
Coaxial tourbillon watch without card
卡 The balance without balance spring is regarded as a symbol of high-end mechanical watches. The difficulty of design and manufacture is destined that only high-end mechanical watches can be equipped. The use of a non-clamping balance with hairspring improves the defects that affect the mechanical watch timing accuracy with a carded structure, which can better improve the mechanical watch timing performance. The cardless balance with hairspring has high technical content in design, processing, assembly and adjustment, and it is difficult for watchmaking enterprises without certain technical strength to overcome. Equipped with a card-free balance with hairspring, in the current ‘Kingdom of Watches and Clocks’, Switzerland is the iconic equipment of high-end mechanical watches, and basically can meet the Swiss Observatory’s timekeeping standards. Through its own efforts, Seagull Watch is accelerating the pace and continuously reducing the distance from the cutting-edge level. Later, the silicon material hairspring, which will be equipped by the ‘Postdoctoral Workstation’ of the Seagull Watch Group, will soon meet the Swiss Observatory standard. Won the time.
Tianjin Seagull Watch (Group) Co., Ltd. successfully trial-produced the ‘China’s No. 1 Watch’ in 1955. The development process of more than half a century has laid a solid technical foundation and culture, formed a unique ‘independent intellectual property rights’ value core, and developed into a centralized machine. The core and the finished product are all in one, an enterprise group integrating R & D, production, assembly and sales. In 2010, it moved into the ‘Seagull Industrial Park’ of Tianjin Airport Economic Zone. Its national technology center and post-doctoral workstation are advancing the development of high-end mechanical watches and applying new materials, technologies and processes in manufacturing, and gradually achieving ‘competition with world-renowned brands on the same stage.’ ‘Desire.