Month: September 2016

Earl Piaget Shines At The 64th Berlin Film Festival

Chinese films returned strongly at the 64th Berlin International Film Festival. There are 23 films in the main competition unit of this film festival, 3 of which are Chinese films. As the count of PIAGET, this brand that has spared no effort to support the film industry for seven consecutive years has sponsored the American Independent Film Spirit Awards, became the main sponsor of the Taiwan Golden Horse Fifty Film Festival, and has been thematic sponsor of the Hong Kong Golden Awards for many years. Filmmakers Qin Hao and Guo Xiaodong embarked on the red carpet of the Berlin Film Festival.

Qin Hao wears Piaget Altiplano ultra-thin watch

Piaget watch worn by Qin Hao Berlin Film Festival (G0A36118)

Movies have too many common languages ​​with Piaget. The creation of a film brings it onto the international stage, behind a pursuit of art and an exploration of the human spirit. Creating a watch or jewelry to make it a work with connotation and soul is behind a spirit of insisting on its own brand, a manifestation of strength, and a high degree of obsession with the art of the work. It is like the Piaget Piaget has always adhered to the ‘always do better than required’ brand spirit. Leaving aside the commercial atmosphere, it is more like an artist writing a beautiful poem with concentration. Watching movies, or tasting Piaget’s watches and jewelry, you will know.
Speaking of this film festival, the film ‘Massage’ directed by Lou Min is adapted from Bi Feiyu’s famous novel. The novel tells the story of a group of blind people engaged in massage to survive. Last year, stage shows and TV shows of the same name have been released, and how Lou Yan will use the film to interpret this story, everyone is very looking forward to it. Those who love this story will inevitably compare different versions of the art to see which one has successfully escaped the shackles of the original.

Guo Xiaodong wears Piaget Gouverneur watch

Piaget watch worn by Guo Xiaodong at Berlin Film Festival (G0A37111)

Guo Xiaodong, a famous Chinese actor, was nominated for the best actor at the Berlin Film Festival for his outstanding performance in ‘Tuina’. He wore a PIAGET Gouverneur series watch to attend the scene. The starring Qin Hao, an art film power actor, has been selected as the best actor of the International Film Festival. He wears a smart suit and wears PIAGET Altiplano ultra-thin watch to shine on the red carpet.

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