Month: October 2016

38mm Classic Limited Edition Tissot Watch

38mm Classic Reissue Limited Edition Tissot Watch

Estimated price: 8000 ~ 15000 HKD
Including commission price: 8750 Hong Kong dollars (about 7738 yuan)
整体 [Overall description] Limited edition, all steel, chronograph, circa 1996.
[Accessories] Table box and certificate.
[Diameter] 38 mm
[Condition] Three-piece set, all-steel case, limited edition of 3333 pieces. Sapphire crystal, equipped with 7765 movement, 17 diamonds, calendar, chronograph function, flight slide, rangefinder, dial, watch The case and movement are signed. The entire table is in good condition.
评论 [Review]
Classic replica limited edition Tissot watch with old logo. The black dial, gold scale and hands are matched to make the reading time clearer. In addition, it has a flying slider and a rangefinder. The watch function is perfectly combined with the calculated standard ruler. The vintage taste is very strong. Tissot has some vintage works almost every year, which is affordable and very durable. Tissot’s product positioning today is ‘Gold Quality, Silver Price’.

Modern And Timeless J12 Series: Entering The World Of Chanel’s Watches

This year, the J12 watch has gone through 12 years. Chanel has continued to introduce new models, inlaid with jewellery, matte design, limited editions, and even the world’s unique collection watches. As a classic combination of creative design and professional watchmaking, this year, the J12 series launched 25 new models.
Chanel J12 watch
     Since launching its first watch ‘Première’ in 1987, Chanel has established its own watch world. With the passage of time, the third pillar industry of this Chanel family is constantly developing and growing. Today, Chanel watches have developed into three major series: classic watches, ‘J12’ watches and ‘Première’ watches.
Each step is tempered by high temperature and intense fire
     All Chanel watches are produced at the Chanel Watch Factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds, Switzerland. Here, Chanel combines its innovative ideas with high-tech equipment and traditional Swiss technology to create A unique art boutique.
     The J12 white watch can lead the trend, which must be attributed to white high-tech precision ceramics, an innovative precious watchmaking material. Chanel has selected high-tech precision ceramics as the watchmaking material for J12 watches since 2000. It uses the high-tech precision ceramics’ high hardness, resistance to scratches and oxidation, and diamond powder polishing technology to make ceramics shine like The metal-like dazzling light makes the watch never fade and is not easy to wear, and has high sensitivity. It is especially important that ceramics can adjust the temperature according to the body temperature, which is extremely comfortable to wear.
     One of the core parts of the Chanel watch factory in La Chaux-de-Fonds is the ceramic workshop, where J12 was born. Here, the case and bracelet are subjected to high-temperature hardening after each step, and finally formed to reach As hard as a diamond.
Chanel J12 watch
Black embraces everything, so does white
     Like every Chanel classic, the J12 watch is undoubtedly a symbol of eternity and has become an iconic number for Chanel. It not only brings innovation to Chanel in the field of watchmaking, but also leads a new trend.
     Today, high-tech precision ceramics have inspired many important brands in watchmaking. In 2003, Chanel launched the pure and flawless J12 white watch. Chanel loves the pure color of ‘white’ for ten minutes, and often wears white camellia on the buttonhole to set off her skin tone. The J12 white watch has been a huge success since its introduction. Since then, white has also become the mainstream color in watchmaking.
     As Ms. Chanel said, ‘Black is everything, and white is the same.’ White can set off the essence of the beauty of the J12 watch, thus highlighting its vibrant design.
J12 series launches 25 new models this year
     As a classic combination of creative design and professional watchmaking, this year the J12 series launched 25 new models. First and foremost, the white ceramic watch when counting J12 GMT. This year’s new GMT watch removes the bezel and extends the mirror to the edge of the bezel, making the entire dial visually wider. The number that shows the departure time in 24 o’clock is no longer on the narrow dial, but on the inner bezel on the edge of the dial. The J12 GMT displays a unique and refined design with an open dial and an ultra-thin body of 10.38 mm.
     Under this design, the extremely classic and elegant J12 GMT further shows a more modern and timeless temperament. The J12 white diamond watch also has a refreshing change: all the bezels have become thinner. This not only makes the dial larger and clearer, but also the surface is simpler and more elegant, and then gently sets a circle of diamonds. Highlights the simple and elegant style of Chanel.
     This year’s new J12 white diamond-set watch has 8 diamonds on the dial instead of digital hour markers, which are alternately arranged with rhodium-plated digital hour markers. At the same time, rhodium-plated hands make the entire dial more spiritual and beautiful. The bezel is studded with diamonds (38 mm with 54 diamonds and weighs approximately 1.4 carats), which perfectly reflects the curvaceous beauty of the watch. Another J12 29mm white watch with 40 pink sapphires set on the bezel, a bright pink hue, breaks through the white constraints of the watch body and makes people look bright. This watch uses a mother-of-pearl dial and is set with 8 diamond hour markers at the same time.

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