Month: December 2016

Cartier Prays For The New Year Of The Snake

The Spring Festival, as the most intensive chapter in Chinese traditional festivals, implies deep and long-term emotional sustenance and endless beautiful pursuit. With the quiet approaching of the New Year of the Snake, French palace-level brand Cartier perfectly combines rich creativity with top-level craftsmanship and sends sincere blessings with classic heritage.

The perfect timepiece

   Looking back, every inch of time has written tradition and created classics; looking forward to the future, a new chapter is waiting to be opened, and we will continue to write some good stories. Loaded with blessings and expectations, Cartier engraved long and lasting blessings with timeless perfect timepieces.

   The Tank watch, which has never stopped, has written a brilliant page in the history of Cartier and even the world’s watch history with its continuous creative passion and persistence in the blood of the past century. The Tank Anglaise watch, which came out in 2012, broke through again, hiding the crown for the first time in the hollow vertical lugs, exuding full tension in the minimalist shape, giving life a radiant passion and enthusiasm.

   Cartier, who knows the essence of oriental culture, blends the eternal laws of recurrence into the Ronde Louis Cartier round watch, and outlines the perfect world. The round and comfortable overall design has a classic charm, and the delicate circular gears tirelessly rotate, leading the hands to rotate harmoniously around the dial. The newly launched 42mm oversized model, equipped with an ultra-thin manual winding mechanical movement, highlights the classic elegance of men.

   The Cartier Blue Balloon series watches draw on the brand’s profound watchmaking essence, and with its imagination and infinite innovation spirit, it breaks away from the limitations of traditional watch design and creates classic watches that can be worn by men and women. Since its successful launch, the Blue Balloon series has quickly taken the world by storm. The highly identifiable three-dimensional case and sapphire bow crown have created a symbol of taste and identity.

Tank Anglaise watch, small model
18K rhodium-plated white gold, paved with diamonds

Huang Xiaoming And Liu Yifei Gathered Again To Attend The Tissot Baohuan Watches Beijing Conference

On April 27, 2017, Tissot held a series of Baohuan series at the China Oil Painting Institute in Beijing. At the event, Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei, who played the role of Yang Guoxiaolong, were both present. As the China spokesperson for the Tissot brand, To the Condor Heroes together witness the release of the Tissot watch ring series.

Tissot brand spokespersons Huang Xiaoming and Liu Yifei

Tissot Baohuan watch worn by Huang Xiaoming at the event

The Tissot Baohuan series is a new series released at the 2017 Basel International Watch Fair. This series is equipped with a new silicon spring movement. The watch has a more accurate movement time and a longer power reserve. It uses a power reserve of up to 80 hours. The Powermatic 80 movement confirms the motto of Tissot to create affordable luxury watches with this new series of watches.

Tissot Logo in China Oil Painting Institute

Event scene interior

 Event scene interior

 Event scene interior

 Event scene interior

Event scene interior

The Tissot Baohuan launch event is located in the China Oil Painting Academy in Beijing. The China Oil Painting Academy is affiliated to the China Academy of Art. Tissot chose such a place that integrates art research, creation, and education as the location for the launch of the Baohuan series. It also expresses the brand’s feelings for the Baohuan series, which is also a masterpiece of the brand.

Tissot watch

Tissot Classic Leloc watch on display

Tissot’s classic durull watch on display

Although the Baohuan series is a new Tissot series, it can be said to be a classic. In terms of design, every elegant beating of the pointer highlights the eternal style of the Tissot Ballade series, creating a long-lasting charm. The most significant innovation is the use of technology only for high-end watches. The Powermatic 80 movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours is believed to bring innovation to watches of the same price class in the industry.

Group photo

Summary: Tissot has always been called the entry-level brand of Swiss mechanical watches by the public. The newly launched Baohuan series has also increased the power reserve to 80 hours. We can imagine that as the entry-level brand of Swiss mechanical watches, Raising the watch’s dynamic storage to 80 hours, will all well-known brands require themselves by this standard in the future? Ask yourself even to a higher standard? I believe that in the foreseeable future, we will never have to readjust the watch every Monday because of insufficient weekend reserves.

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