Red Bull Racing Participates In Shooting Competition

Daniel Ricciardo and Max Verstappen participated in a spectacular F1 shooting competition in the beautiful West Wycombe, England. The 40 shooters were divided into 5 teams, firing simultaneously in a 4×4 formation.

   The main purpose of this event is to raise funds for the spinal cord research charity project “WingsforLife”. The second, of course, is the fight for the title. Daniel and Mark thought that their quick response could be completely transferred to another sport, and they accepted another challenge-timed shooting. 100 clay pots were thrown into the air, and each of them needed to hit as many targets as possible within 60 seconds.

   TAGHeuer timed this challenge to ensure that the results were accurate.

   Toward the end of the fulfilling day, the winner was finally revealed. Although Daniel said that his results were ‘worse’, his teammates with sharp eyes and excellent shooting skills reversed the defeat and became the team with the highest score. The Red Bull team is led by Christian Horner and includes Daniel, Mark, Aston Martin Chairman Dr. Carlo Bonomi, and SkyTV F1 expert Martin Brundell.