Iwc “The Longest Flight Of The Silver Wing Spitfire”: A Beautiful Adventure From The East Coast To The West Coast

September 2, 2019, Santa Monica / Schaffhausen-IWC ‘Silver Spitfire-The Longest Flight’ Expedition The trip has been going on for more than three weeks. Two British pilots, Steve Boultbee Brooks and Matt Jones, just arrived in New York last week. They drove non-stop Spitfire fighters across the United States, passing Texas, Russ A short stop in Las Vegas before finally arriving in Santa Monica.

Three Spitfires Flying Together Over the United States
   Chapter 3 of The Longest Flight Log:
   The two pilots recorded their own journey: ‘It was another unforgettable week! We said goodbye to the vast sky of Manhattan, waved goodbye to the Statue of Liberty, and set off on a new journey again. Fortunately, the weather was stable. He soon arrived in Beaver County. ‘
   ‘Everything was going according to plan, but when the plane reached 8,500 feet, a thermometer in the cockpit suddenly failed and we had to interrupt the scheduled trip. During the resolution of the technical problem, we were subjected to a problem from Dexa The hospitality of the Comanche Ranch friends was also unexpectedly a little relaxing time, enjoyed the food, and had a wonderful day.
   ‘On the day of departure, we experienced another grand farewell ceremony. On the way out of Texas, two outstanding Horsemen Flight Teams from Houston set sail alongside us. Driving silver Wing Spitfire, there are two eye-catching war eagles flying next to it, and it is truly a blessing in the world.
   ‘On the way to Nevada, we got a lot of spectacular views again-flying over the Grand Canyon at 3000 feet; aerial view of the Las Vegas Strip, beautiful. However, we can’t stop more We finally arrived in Santa Monica on August 28. After a short break, we set off for Vancouver. ‘

   ‘During this short break, we would like to take this opportunity to sincerely thank all the friends who have so far given us support, enthusiasm and generosity. On the way, we and ‘G-IRTY’ have been warmly welcomed by everyone. Hospitality, I really appreciate all the good wishes of our supporters. ‘
   ‘The Longest Flight of the Silver Wing Spitfire’ Itinerary: The front is about to reach the US West Coast. More exciting, stay tuned. To keep track of the dynamics of the route, please check

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