Month: June 2018

Here Is The Most Outstanding Watchmaking Craft In The World …

Maybe you are a senior watch friend, or you are a junior who just entered the bezel, but everyone has more or less the craftsmanship of watches. Interest will gather here, not everyone knows the specific differences between automatic, quartz and manual movements, and few people know the overall details of watchmaking and designing watches. Today, the Watch House will recommend a watch documentary for you, and we look forward to the successful conclusion of this film exploring the concept of timepieces, the history of mechanical watchmaking and time itself.

  Keeper of Time is a feature-length documentary that explores the history of watches and clocks. Directed by Michael Culyba and produced by Tourbillon Film Works, the film project is currently in production and will be filmed globally through Kickstarter activities. The project will start on October 1, 2018 and will raise $ 100,000 in 35 days At present, on the 19th, the project investment has completed more than 70% of the progress.

  Michael Culyba has been editing documentaries in New York City for over 16 years. His work has won several awards, and Keeper of Time is his directorial debut. ‘Two years ago, I bought a beautiful watch for my birthday,’ Michael Culyba said. ‘I didn’t know anything about mechanical watches. I started to study how they work. I was quickly struck by the extraordinary engineering and craftsmanship of making beautiful timepieces. This initial curiosity quickly sparked a passion for watches, and eventually Lenovo this guardian. ‘

Dr. Demetrios Matsakis (Chief Scientist, Time Service, Naval Observatory)

François-Paul Journe, based in Geneva, Switzerland, is widely considered one of the finest watchmakers in the world

  The film revolves around a series of interviews with people in the watch industry, including Nick Manousos (also a film watch consultant), Talking Watches alumni William Massena, watchmaker François-Paul Journe, and HODINKEE CEO / Founder Ben Clymer, Plus many others. The film was co-produced by Emmy-winning film and television editor Shelby Siegel (The Life and Death of Robert Durst) and will be released in October 2019.

FP Journe’s Resonance is the only mechanical watch in the world that basically integrates two watch movements to take advantage of the ‘resonant’ physical phenomenon

  Keeper of Time explores the history of clocks, mechanical watchmaking, and the concept of time itself. Through interviews with those top watch experts and the world’s best watch manufacturers, it examines the planets and stars above, the amazing engineering of mechanical watches, keeps our complex atomic clocks running in the modern world, and delves into the world of timekeeping. More. The film has been thinking about the theoretical and physiological concepts of time, aging and human death.

American watchmaker Roland Murphy cranks his antique rose engine by hand to sculpt the dial

  Guardians of the world at the FP Journe studio in Geneva, Switzerland, the Royal Observatory Museum in Greenwich, London, the U.S. Naval Observatory, and GPS navigation atomic clocks in Washington, DC, etc., have stopped cyclones around the world. New York City Central Station Tiffany Tower Clock Tower and Lobby Clock and much more. The film is carefully filmed on the camera and is full of close-ups with all the details including special mechanical watches designed and manufactured by the world’s most outstanding craftsmen.

GPS accuracy on smartphones depends on the time generated by the atomic clock of the USNO Time Service Building in Washington, DC

  Crowdfunding offers a range of creative rewards for various commitments, including a private factory tour. The reward includes a range of products that incorporate elements of watch design. (The following figure is an example)

Designed by Small Stuff, this modern DIY paper eclipse is designed for our Kickstarter contributors, this is a prototype

Download the DIY Day with PDF file and follow the printing, assembly and usage instructions to learn how to use the shadow of the sun to tell the time

Roger W. Smith’s iconic coaxial escapement letterpress

  Let us all look forward to what kind of surprise this feature watch documentary can bring us!

Hublot Loves The Earth And Protects The Wild Animals.

In our lifetime, 2/3 of the rhinos in the world may disappear and they will become losses that can never be reversed. The culprit is poaching. Hublot is committed to working with the SORAI Foundation (SaveOurRhinoAfricaIndia to save our rhinos Africa and India) founded by KevinPietersen to protect rhinos from extinction.

   The BigBangUnicoSORAI Conservation Rhino Watch is newly launched, and the sales proceeds will be donated to the CareforWild Animal Conservation Organization for the care and conservation of rhino orphans who have lost their parents. At the same time, it will also donate to the SouthAfrican National Parks to purchase equipment to enhance night monitoring capabilities. By buying this watch, 100 kind people will become part of this charity of Hublot and the SORAI Foundation.

BIGBANGUNICOSORAI Limited Rhino Conservation Table

   As a symbol of this alliance, the new BigBangUnicoSORAI Limited Rhino Conservation Watch has a diameter of 45mm. The ceramic face plate adopts the sand brown tone that symbolizes the rich African natural wind and presents the image of a white rhino. With NATO NATO military strap, you can also replace the rubber camouflage strap, the two straps show different personalities. The special vulcanized rubber technology ensures that the color pattern of the strap can be as durable as new, and the fineness of the perfectly drawn lines is 1/10 mm. This technology is also the first in the watchmaking industry. Limited edition of 100 pieces.

   The illegal trade and poaching of rhino horns is one of the topics discussed in the Geneva Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) in August last year. The urgency of conserving rhinos cannot be overstated. Taking the lead before poachers every time is a race against time. Thanks to many innovative technologies such as thermal sensing applications, the monitoring team was able to protect rhinos before poachers. We are proud and delighted to support the SORAI Foundation founded by KevinPietersen, and continue to work for our future generations and global biodiversity.

World’s largest rhino sanctuary

   CareforWild was established by Petron Nieuwoudt in 2001 and is the world’s largest rhino orphan shelter and refuge. This organization was established to ensure that the species rhinoceros can continue to survive for future generations. When baby rhinos lose their parents for poaching, they essentially lose their chances of survival. CareforWild animal conservation organizations ensure that they are protected and healthy in a safe environment. Fight against poachers by monitoring and connecting with the network 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, various mobile devices, trained guard dogs and owners, and air support.

South African National Park Federation

   Founded in 1926, this organization has a total of 19 South African national parks, including the most magnificent Kruger National Park. With an area of ​​20,000 square kilometers, countless wild animals roam freely. Thanks to donations from various parties, the National Parks Union of South Africa was able to purchase thermal sensors at night to effectively combat various poaching acts. Team members are therefore able to locate the rhino’s whereabouts and quickly stop poaching, thereby protecting the precious lives of countless rhinos.

Limited to 100 pieces worldwide

Micro-blasted khaki ceramic case
Table diameter: 45 mm
Thickness: 15.45 mm
Water resistance: 10ATM (about 100 meters)

Case back
Microblasted beige ceramic case back

Micro-blasted khaki ceramic bezel

Matte khaki rhino image on
9 o’clock position
Khaki lacquered hollow face plate with white luminous hands

Hublot homemade UNICO automatic chronograph movement
Vibration frequency: 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations / hour)
Power reserve: 72 hours
Number of parts: 330
Number of jewels: 38

Strap and buckle
Desert camouflage black grained rubberized strap or khaki nylon strap
Black PVD titanium and black ceramic folding clasp

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