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It Is A Time Revival Classic: The Image Ambassador Liu Yifei Visits Hong Kong To Participate In The Tissot 1936 Classic Replica Watch Launch Conference

The classic design of the past laid the foundation for today’s aggressive innovation. On November 16th, Tissot Switzerland specially selected the ‘It’s Time to Revive a Classic Press Conference Luncheon’ at the Peninsula Hotel, the oldest hotel in Hong Kong, to showcase the nostalgic Tissot 1936 classic replica watch. Praise the brand’s spirit of valuing the past and looking to the future. Tissot watch global ambassador ‘Snow Goddess’ Liu Yifei also came to Hong Kong to participate in this event, together with Maria Ahnebrink, International Relations and Media Manager of Tissot Watch in Switzerland, and Miss Winkle, Vice President of Tissot Watch in Hong Kong, joined hands to call Zhu Yunyun, Lu Gonghe, Hong Kong sister Runner-up Pang Zhuoxin and his boyfriend Sun Zhiwei and more than a hundred watch enthusiasts together witnessed the Swiss Tissot 1936 classic recollection.

   The Tissot 1936 Classic Men’s Wrist Watch is a reinterpretation of a watch in the Tissot product line launched in 1936. The leather strap truly reproduces the first watches. The superior quality brown leather strap is decorated with beautiful milky stitching details. This decoration also strengthens the strap. After removing the strap, the bottom cover can be opened to facilitate the beautiful operation of the manual-winding mechanical movement and its delicate moving design.

   The Swiss Tissot watch originated in the small town of Le Locle, Switzerland in the mid-nineteenth century. At first, it was mainly made of pocket watches. After the First World War, watchmakers based on the practicality of convenience to wear, so they were on both sides of the case of the pocket watch. The inspiration for the classic 1936 classic replica watch in heaven is this revolutionary watch born in the early 1930s. The surface Tissot trademark and hour markers are all in classic font, paying tribute to the traditional watchmaking process.

Tissot watches give lettering to Liu Yifei

   Liu Yifei’s visit is her first trip to Hong Kong after serving as the image ambassador for Tissot. During the luncheon, Liu Yifei aired a new TV commercial previously shot for Tissot. She expressed her gratitude to Tissot for her trust and allowed her to present the most authentic side easily. The reason why it was done quickly in a happy atmosphere. ‘Liu Yifei, for her role in the new work, tried to look through previous works for inspiration before shooting. She is also a person who cherishes history and remembers:’ I will save my family and friends for me From time to time, I will take out everything and recall the happy and unforgettable moments. ‘Of course, she cherishes the small gifts given by her lover.’ I like to write the words I leave for my favorite. On the watch, both parties can feel love at all times. The Tissot 1936 classic replica watch that can be engraved on the back cover is just the best Christmas. The Tissot 1936 classic replica watch is the best gift for the other half. In addition to being a good choice, it also has heritage meaning. Giving a watch to the next generation is like conveying the family’s fine traditions, and insisting on life, faith and love one by one, which is of special significance.

Liu Yifei wears Tissot 1936 classic replica female wrist watch

   Historic buildings and new buildings coexist harmoniously. It seems that the Peninsula Hotel in which I live is the longest existing hotel in Hong Kong. It has been evaluated as a first-class historical building by the Antiquities and Monuments Office. The European-style decoration contrasts strongly with the surrounding modern tall buildings Not the same spark. She said that Hong Kong is still full of vitality and loves the cultural blend of old and new. Liu Yifei, ambassador of Tissot
   Before the press conference, Ms. Maria Ahnebrink, International Relations Manager of Tissot Watches, presented Liu Yifei with a Tissot 1936 classic engraved character pairing watch. Men’s watches were engraved with “Yi-fei” and women’s watches were engraved. It can be restricted across territories and always connected to each other. Liu Yifei sent a retro hourglass to Ms. Wen Jinglei, Vice President of Tissot Watch Hong Kong, in order to thank Tissot Hong Kong for the invitation. Tissot watch also surprises Liu Yifei, and arranges the ‘American and Korean popular mixed singer’ Xavier Callicott to appear to present a mysterious gift on behalf of the Tissot watch team.

Tissot watches were presented to Liu Yifei’s Tissot 1936 classic replica watch pair. Men’s watches are engraved with ‘Easy Flying’ and women’s watches are engraved with ‘My Love’.

   At the subsequent luncheon, Xavier Callicott sang ‘My Destiny’, ‘Second Life’ and ‘The Greatest Love’. The singing made Liu Jifei’s guests as immoral. Tissot selects these three familiar songs, hoping to tell the guests ‘the favorite words’ with ‘My Destiny’ through the pleasant singing of Xavier Callicott. ‘Second Life’ represents the classic resume of Tissot 1936 The engraved watch is a reinterpretation of traditional nostalgia and the profound meaning of ‘the greatest love for all’, which guides the next generation to pursue the true, the good and the beautiful, and is in the same vein as Tissot’s mission of valuing heritage.

Tissot 1936 classic replica female watch Swiss ETA2895-2 automatic movement, 316L stainless steel case and transparent case back, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 50 meters, leather strap, with standard buckle diameter 36 Mm.

Swiss Tissot Classic 1936
   Swiss Tissot 1936 classic replica watch is a reinterpretation of a watch in the product series launched by Tissot in 1936. The leather strap truly reproduces the first watches. The superior quality brown leather strap is decorated with beautiful milky stitching details. This decoration also strengthens the strap. After removing the strap, the bottom cover can be opened, which is convenient for watching the beautiful movement of the manual winding mechanical movement and its delicate and touching design. Breguet hands are reminiscent of traditional Swiss watchmaking.

Tissot 1936 classic engraved men’s 316L stainless steel case and transparent case back, 45 mm diameter, Swiss-made ETA 6498-1 manual winding movement, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 50 meters, Leather strap with standard buckle.

Back view of Tissot 1936 classic replica men’s watch

Wonderful Interpretation Of The Olympic Spirit Omega Launches The Latest Olympic Ad Start Me Up

Omega, the official designated timing manufacturer of the 2012 London Olympics, launched the latest London Olympic global publicity advertisement to celebrate the brand’s wonderful Olympic history and a great moment to show the core spirit of the Olympic movement. This TV commercial is divided into 15-second, 30-second and 60-second versions. The performance lineup includes Chinese diving player Qin Bo, American swimmer Natalie Coughlin, and British heptathlete Jessie Jessica Ennis, American sprinter Tyson Gay, South African swimmer Chad Le Clos, and American pole vaulter Jenn Suhr ) ─ ─ They are both Olympic hope stars and OMEGA image ambassadors. This commercial focuses on the most important warm-up and energy-saving preparation time before the game, because at this time it is about the performance of each athlete. The background music was provided by Rolling Stones, the most iconic orchestra in London celebrating the 50th anniversary of the Olympic year. Their 1982 best-selling golden song ‘Start Me Up’ has a unique opening guitar melody, which became the perfect background music for these world-class athletes after remixing by famous producer Don Was.
 Stephen Urquhart, president of OMEGA, said: ‘The shooting schedule and location are extremely challenging, but the results are wonderful and exciting, and we are very satisfied.’ He added: ‘Rolling Stones is a London orchestra. The best representative of this album, this remix breathes new life into this world’s 30-year-old great song, and it’s exciting. ”Advertising locations spread across 5 locations in southern Florida: Jessica Ennis and Jenn Suhr were filmed at the 75,000-seat Sun Life Stadium at the NFL Miami Dolphins. Rowers from the Miami Rowing Club and a former Olympic archery star were performed at the Miami Naval Stadium in Key Biscayne Photographed by Qin Bo at the 10-meter platform at Fort Lauderdale Aquatics Stadium Station, Tyson Gay and his training partner from Orlando Pure Athletics entered the mirror at Curtis Park Sports Park in Miami. Natalie Coughlin and Chad Le Clos are at Ransom Ev Photographed in the brand new water gym of the erglades college.
Tyson Gay Curtis Park at Sports Park
Jessica Ennis shoots film at Sun Life Stadium
 The London 2012 Olympic Games is of special significance to OMEGA. This Olympic Games will not only be the twenty-fifth official timing of OMEGA, but also the eighty-year anniversary of OMEGA’s official timing of the 1932 Los Angeles Olympics. As early as 1948, the last time the Olympic Games were held in London, OMEGA announced the birth of the modern sports timing-photocell and end camera.
Chad Le Clos filmed at the new aquatic stadium at Ransom Everglades;
Qin Bo (Qin Bo) Fort Lauderdale at the 10-foot diving platform at the Aquatics Center

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