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Carbon Watch Gold Price Iwc Engineer Carbon Fiber Automatic Watch

Although I have known the brand of IWC for a long time, I have never liked it as much as today. I do not know why it is my interest. I still interviewed my idol master Claus. reason. When I stepped into the booth of IWC, I felt that IWC is so different this year. After IWC launched the pilot series last year, this year IWC is the engineer, and IWC’s cooperation target this year is the Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One ™ Team. Since it is cooperating with sports that represent the world’s most cutting-edge technology, the technological content of natural watches will not be low.

 When I put this watch on my hand, it felt like a word ‘cool’, which was the coolness of the moisturizer …

In the name of carbon

Petronas Petronas is the abbreviation of Petronas Malaysia. This petroleum company was established in 1974. Its ownership is completely owned by the Malaysian government. Since it is the title sponsor of the Mercedes-Benz team this year, we can The prominent position of the rear wing and the main air intake body saw his logo.

 At the watch exhibition, IWC has unloaded eight pieces of this tank to the scene, so I was fortunate to see the decomposed F1 car. After seeing it, I understand why the F1 car is so expensive because it is not When making a car according to the standard of making a car, but using a standard of watchmaking, every detail is handled perfectly, and each part can be said to be a work of art.
 You can never see a checkerboard pattern of air intakes on a regular car.

 When mentioning F1, there is a material that must be mentioned, that is, carbon fiber (Carbon fiber). After experiencing the era of aluminum alloy and glass fiber reinforced plastic, now not only F1, including other top racing cars and super sports cars, has already used carbon fiber as the body material . The biggest advantage of this material is that it is extremely light. At the same volume, it weighs one-fifth that of steel, but its strength is five times that of steel. Although this material born in the 1980s is not new today, its high cost cannot be solved today because its processing difficulty is still very high. So far, only some valuable items will use it.
Mystery of life

  I admit that I am an obsession with various special materials, so when I saw IWC launched a watch with a carbon fiber case material, I almost cried with excitement. Because I really have a special feeling for this material. From the appearance, the titanium alloy is too dark; the ceramic is too bright and too brittle; only carbon fiber has both beautiful patterns and sufficient strength and toughness. In terms of use, the frame of my bicycle is carbon fiber. During high-intensity riding, it is stronger than aluminum alloy frames in terms of hardness, strength, toughness and weight. Of course, its price is aluminum alloy frames. 5 times.

 Of course, in addition to the excitement of the material, the most exciting thing is the watch itself, because the watch industry has always been able to introduce carbon fiber watch watches. Due to the special physical and chemical properties of carbon fibers, their connection to each other cannot be welded, and only glue can be used for bonding. Over time, problems will occur at the connection parts, so the life of carbon fiber products The problem remains unsolved. This is why the fine watchmaking industry goes further with this material. Although carbon watches have been introduced as case materials before, they are all produced in very small quantities and remain at the conceptual level. But today IWC carbon fiber watches can finally be seen on the market. Although the red and yellow scale models are only limited to 100 each, this is also a remarkable achievement. Here we explain in detail the production process of this watch!

  The first thing I want to explain is that any shape of carbon fiber products we see now is made of carbon cloth, and the carbon cloth is alternated twice by each longitudinal fiber on top And it is woven with two horizontal fiber bundles interwoven below, so you will see a very distinctive pattern, whose single fiber is five times thinner than human hair. In addition, the Young’s modulus (physical quantity that describes the solid material’s resistance to deformation) of carbon fiber is twice that of Kevlar fiber, which is specially made of bullet-proof vests, and is resistant to corrosion.

 The second step is to soak in the epoxy resin. The purpose of this is to give the fiber chemical activity through gas-phase or liquid-phase oxidation, increase the affinity for the resin, so as to prevent fiber damage and improve the affinity with the resin matrix. And sexual effects.

 In the third part, the fiberboard impregnated with epoxy resin is molded in a mold, baked at high temperature and pressure, and then resin hardened.

 The fourth part begins to enter the shaping stage. The previously hardened carbon fiber embryos are milled into the engineer’s appearance by CNC (CNC machine tools). CNC is the current popular precision product processing method. The biggest advantage of this method is that it is integrally formed and The precision processing avoids the trouble caused by bonding, but because the carbon fiber itself is extremely hard, you must be extremely careful when milling, and if it is lost, it will be completely scrapped. As for how IWC did it, the director of their R & D department did not tell I.

 The last step is of course assembly. We see that the case of this watch is assembled by three carbon fiber components, such as the bezel, case and back cover, by screws. This means that IWC will mill 3 different shapes of carbon fiber. Components, processing difficulty can be imagined. In addition, we need to pay attention to one detail. The notes under the table clearly write titanium alloy. What does this mean? We know that carbon fibers are not waterproof only through physical fixing, so carbon fibers cannot directly contact sapphire crystal glass, and there must be a medium in the middle to connect them. This medium is a titanium alloy. We make a bold assumption here. Every screw mouth should have the existence of titanium metal. If this idea is established, we really cannot but admire the superb skills and good intentions of IWC!

Choose me yes

  When I put this watch on my hand, it felt like a word ‘cool’, which is so cool and quiet. I need a watch, because there is no second fastest time in the world. Way, but I hope I do n’t feel it, because I want to make it a part of my body. This watch does it (the rubber canvas strap also plays a key role). But now there is a new problem. The Chinese press release of this watch says that the material of this watch is carbon steel, which means that the carbon fiber is covered by steel. In fact, this is still a steel watch. I totally disagree with this statement. First of all, if there is steel in the case, it is absolutely impossible for a watch with a diameter of 46 mm to be this weight. Secondly, if it is carbon-clad steel, this watch will change. It’s meaningless. It’s over if you just make the steel watch. Is there a layer of carbon in order to avoid steel wear? I think it’s different. I guess I can’t figure it out.

 Having said that about the case, let’s take a look at the movement. This watch still uses the well-known stability, precision and durability developed by IWC. It has an integrated shock absorption system and a Pellaton automatic winding system. 80110 movement. Although this movement is not new, the engine piston-shaped oscillating weight adds a lot of vitality to this movement. We noticed that there was a circle of text engraved on the bottom ring of the titanium alloy, but some of the text made me uncomfortable, that is One Out Of 100.

 Finally, I sent two beautiful factory pictures for everyone to appreciate.

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