Interpreting The Art Of Time: Athens Watch Enamel Painted Watches Taichung Astronomical Watches Exclusive Exhibition Limited To January 4

ULYSSE NARDIN Swiss Athens watch is dedicated to creating a unique wristwatch. From December 26th to January 4th, it has exhibited a variety of art clocks exclusively at the flagship store of Taichung Astronomical Clocks It shows the dedication of the Swiss Athenian Watch to the development of watchmaking art, and the watchmaking strength that can show the world’s proud art masterpieces to the world.
Athens watch ‘Jade Exquisite Watch’

   Including two enamel painted watches on display for the first time, the enamel painting method delicately depicts the famous ship ‘America. The Vespucci 鎏 gold enamel watch and the 鎏 gold 骐 骥 watch Classico Horse; Stranger’s ‘Stranger Music Watch’ that makes music flow; Freak Phantom ‘Fantasy Ghost’ Carrousel Tourbillon which reverses the rules of the watch Watches; Jade ‘Jade Delicate Watches’ specially designed for intimate ladies; each watch perfectly presents the best synonym of precise timepieces and artistic products.
Athens watch ‘Golden Watch’

Swiss Athens watch masterpiece art fantasy enamel painted watch arrives in Taiwan for the first time
   The Athenian Swiss watch originated from the maritime legend of the 19th century. It is famous for making the chronometer of the Observatory. It kicked off the long and glorious history of the brand. The Athenian watch has not only given the absolute precision of each watch, In addition to the unique characteristics of each watch, it fully reflects the distinctive brand style of the Swiss Athens watch. The models displayed at the Taichung Astronomical Clocks China and Hong Kong Flagship Store will give watch lovers a glimpse of the unique watchmaking legends of Athens.
Athenian watch ‘Amerigo Vespucci’
   Athens Watch in Switzerland, has great respect for enamel craftsmanship with more than 100 years of history. It has cooperated with the famous Swiss enamel artisan Donzé Cadrans for 26 years. After acquiring its enamel panel factory in 2011, it retains its heritage of top watchmaking craftsmanship in 2014. Introduced the new ‘Golden Watch’ Classico Horse with a distinguished rose gold dial and a sophisticated and fine-filled enamel craft (champlevé) method, carefully carved on the dial to sculpt the areas that need to be colored, and fill in the enamel one by one The solution outlines the fluidity of the steed Benz; the other ‘America Vespucci’ gilt enamel watch is based on the theme of a famous ship, vividly depicting the glorious details of this famous ship , The full color and the delicate outline of the adventure ship, the azure blue sea waves create a gorgeous depth of field, and the saturated hue is refined from metal oxides. Therefore, each enamel dial will show different artistic details. In the world, you can never find any watch with the same details, which has become a dreamy watch in the eyes of watch players.
Athens Watch ‘Stranger Music Watch’

   Stranger’s ‘Stranger Music Watch’ is inspired by the classic music box. As the movement of the movement drives the rotating dial and the metal steel needle, it plays the popular song ‘Strangers’ released in 1966 at the right time and when the song button is pressed. in the Night ‘.

Athens watch ‘Fantasy Wraith’ Caruso Tourbillon
   In addition, the brand’s innovative design classics are displayed simultaneously. Freak Phantom Carousel Tourbillon watch without hour hand, minute hand and crown, and elegant timepiece Jade with jade-like jewelry lugs. ‘Sophisticated’, taking the use of women as the core consideration, taking good care of the beautiful nails of the lady, and sincerely invites all friends who love the Athenian Swiss watch to come and appreciate it. Do not miss this exhibition opportunity!

Exquisite And Stylish Tasting 2017sihh Richard Mill Rm35-02 Rafa Watch

The 2017 SIHH Geneva Haute Horlogerie Exhibition has been opened, and the staff of the front of the Watch House have also started to work. They will bring you the latest, fastest and most comprehensive report of this exhibition . Let’s follow in the footsteps of the Watch House and take a look at the new RM35-02 RAFA watch launched by Richard Mill in the watchmaking brand of SIHH Geneva.

   Continuing the brand’s many technological innovations, the movement parts are manually polished, many chamfered and mirror polished. Exquisite watch detailing makes this all-red watch radiant and chic.

   The above content is the information related to the 2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention.
   2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon features:

Low-key Luxury And Eye-catching Tasting Montblanc Bohème Ladies Watch

Since 2014, Montblanc launched the Baoxi women’s watches, Baoxi women have become representatives of elegance, intellectuality and fashion. After a number of well-known actresses interpreted this, the Baoxi series Timepieces are well received by modern urban women and become their ideal masterpieces. In 2017, Montblanc once again added new members to the Baoxi series, which not only inherited the fine tradition of Baoxi women’s watches, but also made it more bold and unique in design. The unique temperament and style of modern Baoxi women. Let’s take a look together: (watch model: 116501)

Baoxi Women’s Watch

   Baoxi women’s watches have many characteristics. Compared with traditional women’s watches on the market, Baoxi women’s watches pay more attention to the independence, quality and charm of the overall design to cater to modern urban ladies. Demands for watches. The Montblanc Bohème series watch is designed for women who appreciate appreciation. It not only shows the simple and exquisite designs on the surface, but also inherits the Swiss fine watchmaking tradition. The watch is equipped with a high-quality Swiss mechanical movement inside. Experience the beauty of machinery with more cultural connotations.

Stainless steel and rose gold case

   The 28mm stainless steel rose gold case, after brand polishing, presents a superb look and feel, exquisite and elegant. The bezel is set with 62 top Westelton diamonds, which shines to add luster to the watch.

   The dial is inlaid with white mother-of-pearl, showing an ethereal and elegant look in the visual effect. The elegant fan-shaped hands are complemented by the central fan-shaped scattering pattern decoration, which contrasts with the Arabic numerals on the flower body. It looks simple and delicate, and the details show the independence, confidence and affinity of Baoxi women. The shuttle-shaped calendar display window is a new design of this watch, which makes people shine. The singular dates are presented in Arabic numerals, and the even dates are presented in the origin, which makes it easier to distinguish the neighboring dates, making the date display more orderly and orderly.

   The back-through technology makes the movement clearly visible. Equipped with MB 29.17 self-winding movement to ensure the accurate movement of the watch, the watch has a water resistance of 30 meters and a power reserve of 38 hours.

   Comes with a black alligator leather strap with a soft texture. Connected with a stainless steel pin buckle engraved with the Montblanc hexagon star logo. The traditional pin buckle is processed with the details of Montblanc in place, which makes the buckle have the beauty of smooth lines, but also makes wearing and removing the watch faster and more convenient. .

Montblanc Bohème Ladies Watch
Summary: The perfect combination of unique design and traditional watchmaking technology is the essence of Baoxi women’s watch. This is the case for this year’s Montblanc Bohème Lady’s watch, a perfect fusion of luxury and simplicity. The stainless steel / rose gold diamond case with delicate, pure mother-of-pearl fan-shaped diffuser dial surface, coupled with a stylish and elegant black alligator leather strap, make you stand out. If you like this watch, you may wish to enter the brand store for details.

Hublot Joins Hands With Jingart Art Fair Beijing Expo Again “Hubo Love Art” Exhibition Continues To Light Up Artistic Events

On May 30, 2019, HUBLOT, a well-known Swiss watchmaking brand, once again brought the Hublot Love Art exhibition to the Beijing Expo of JINGART. Following the full transfer of the concept of ‘integrated art’ in the first JINGART Art Fair Beijing Expo last year, Hublot and the second JINGART continued to work together to focus on presenting Hublot’s co-operative artists from May 30 to June 2. Masterpieces and innovative wristwatches, once again shine in this art event!

  JINGART Beijing Art Fair was created by the team of ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art Fair. Continuing last year’s success, the second JINGART entered the Beijing Exhibition Hall, bringing together thousands of fine works of art, focusing on contemporary art design. Hublot, always adhering to and conveying the concept of ‘integrated art’, has not only moved forward with JINGART again on the road to supporting contemporary art, but also strongly supported a number of art events, including ART021 Shanghai Contemporary Art for three consecutive years Expo and AAC Art China Peak Night Annual Impact Selection, as well as exhibitions by Fosun Art Center, Oil Tank Art Center and MWOODS Art Museum.

  The dialogue between art and time is unique and charming. When fine watchmaking is integrated with contemporary art, pieces of art on the wrist show a brilliant symbiotic beauty. This time, the ‘Hublot loves art’ exhibition in JINGART once again brings to the art enthusiasts masterpieces of Hublot collaboration artists from different backgrounds and genres. At the same time, Hublot watches with these fine creations will also be exhibited together, exquisite timepieces and artworks complement each other, fully interpreting the ‘fused art’ concept.

One day by Mr. Zhao Yao

Manuscript by Maxime Plescia-Buchi

Marc Ferrero’s classic painting Lipstick

Lang Lang’s new album “ Piano Book ” in 2019

Red King Kong ‘WildKong’

  In the Hublot Love Art exhibition, well-known artist Zhao will graft his time-related installation work ‘One Day’ to a sculpture of a cow and successfully achieved the second creation of the artwork. ‘One Day’ is a video work showing the composition of time from three time zones around the world. The color blocks projected on the cow are like graffiti in the electronic age. Serious and standardized time is displayed in a relaxed and humorous manner, which triggers people’s time for time. Thinking about the correlation between various factors, standards, colors, and information, also presents a wonderful fusion of different art forms. Maxime Plescia-Buchi’s manuscripts from SangBleu’s studio show his profound accomplishments in the creation of geometric patterns. He deeply understands the mysteries of geometric figures and creates a unique artistic style. . HUBLOT Star Wheel Gear (Red), the godfather of contemporary graffiti art, Shepard Fairey displays the star wheel symbol of power, which is ‘used in wristwatches through mechanized duplication, and has also become a wrist The symbol and functional parts of the watch are undoubtedly a match made in heaven. ‘. The classic painting ‘Lipstick’ by contemporary artist Marc Ferrero, female characters wear black sunglasses, creating a strong mysterious color. She had a somber look and wasn’t frightened, using lipstick to highlight the charming femininity. Lang Lang’s new album ‘Piano Book’ in 2019 explains the origins of his piano journey, his constant passion for innovation, and how to teach and share the true meaning of music to the younger generation. Also striking in the exhibition is the fangs and wild growling red King Kong ‘WildKong’, a representative work by French contemporary art sculptor Richard Orlinski, using a diamond-like angle The cutting lines are combined with pop art style to unreservedly show primitive animality and emit a shocking red light, as if to guide the public to think about modern civilization and the laws of the jungle.

  The Hublot Love Art exhibition also showcases watches inspired by artistic masterpieces. These watches with artistic concepts fully demonstrate Hubble’s subversive and innovative spirit, pay tribute to contemporary art with masterpieces of the wrist, and convey the beauty of ‘fused art’.