Ephj-epmt-smt Trade Unveiled, Record Number Of Exhibitors

The 11th EPHJ-EPMT-SMT trade show opened yesterday at the Palexpo Exhibition Center in Geneva. The number of exhibitors reached a record 664, and the number of visitors is expected to exceed 13,000. The number of exhibiting watchmaking suppliers, microtechnology and medical technology companies increased by 100, or 16%.
Along with the 4-day exhibition, until June 8, a series of lectures focusing on future technology and industry needs will be held at the exhibition.
‘EPHJ-EPMT-SMT is a unique European forum for the exchange of expertise and important innovations. The microtechnology industry continues to develop with the talent and vitality of all people. Today, in Geneva, they are a great opportunity to show themselves. That’s why this annual conference is so important: everyone can showcase their products and technologies, stay up-to-date with the latest technological innovations and harmonize with the market, ‘said Johann N., Member of the Swiss Parliament and Head of the Federal Economic Affairs Department Schneider-Ammann said.

EPHJ 2012

The co-founder of the exhibition, André Colard, recalls the use of 316 L stainless steel, ceramics, and even the application of laser technology from the medical industry to the watchmaking industry, emphasizing the synergy of the exhibition. ‘At our show, productive exchanges between different industries have allowed the subcontracting industry to continue to develop and revive,’ he said. ‘The fact is so. For example, we will find some special materials developed by medical technology experts today. It is becoming more and more common in watches. In this case, everyone is a winner. ‘
The Grand Prix des Exposants Grand Prix was set up in 2012, which will reward exhibitors for technological innovation, contribution to the growth and development of the industry, manufacturing technology and originality. The final day of the show will announce the list of Grand Prix winners.
Visit www.ephj.ch for the full schedule of lectures, or check out the new iPhone app at the trade show.

Change The ‘new Clothes’ For The Timepiece. Would You Take It Apart Or Not?

Nowadays, watchmakers often consider the design of the movement, material, and dial when they choose the watch, and ignore the strap. They do n’t know that it is also one of the more important watches. ring. If the watch is likened to a gorgeous woman, then the strap is a dress that changes with nature, allowing the same person to show a very different feeling on different occasions.

Cartier Santos

   Presumably everyone will have this experience. Even a single piece of clothing, no matter how beautiful or beautiful, will make people feel boring and prone to visual fatigue if worn for a long time. Well, the timepiece on the wrist is of course no exception. Although it is one of the best accessories that can show taste and temperament on a person, it will gradually become insensible as the wear time increases. Then we have limited funds, we can only start with a watch strap that highlights our personality, and change its appearance to make it appear ‘refreshing.’
Quick release strap
   Remember that in the past, changing straps was also a headache, because professional watch repair tools were needed, and most people did n’t understand how to use them, and they were not assured to send them to a repair point. Fortunately, a belt-changing mechanism called quick release came into being, making it possible for the wearer to change it by himself, bringing the gospel to watch friends who have a small number of watches, and making the watch reward It has broadened a whole new fun.
Mainstream brand with quick release
(Cartier Santos)
   Speaking of the quick release mechanism, the first update of the Cartier Santos 100 watch on SIHH this year. In addition to the upgraded case, dial, movement. The biggest highlight of the new product is the application of two practical and convenient technologies:

   The first is the patented QuickSwitch system (this technology is for the strap / chain connection case) whether steel or gold, whether steel or gold, or calfskin or Alligator leather straps can be quickly disassembled at the touch of a button and replaced at will according to the wearer’s mood or needs.

   The second is called ‘SmartLink’ technology, this technology is for the metal bracelet. Intercepting the links of a metal bracelet is a relatively cumbersome process, but not to mention the use of professional tools, the process must be extra careful. I believe most friends who have metal bracelet watches have a deep understanding. And the new Sandos can support the use of bare hands to complete the interception of the bracelet without using tools. By pressing the quick release button on the metal link, the bracelet can be removed, which provides great convenience in technology.
Vacheron Constantin Overseas
   The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series is one of the outstanding representatives of the quick release strap. Since its launch in 1996, it has been updated to the third generation. The styling and appearance of classic and unique steel high-end sports watches has already captured the hearts of some watch lovers. Also included are three replaceable straps / chains of rubber, stainless steel, and crocodile leather, which makes the timepiece extremely flexible. Match the straps of different materials as you want, making the models even more versatile, no matter where you are, you can enjoy a unique belt changing experience.

   In addition, the buckle and strap (chain) of the quick release mechanism also add a lot to this watch. The watch is under the iconic folding ears and is equipped with an easy-to-remove replacement device. This original strap / bracelet and folding buckle The replacement device allows customers to safely disassemble and replace without using any tools, while not affecting the robustness of the bracelet or strap.

    It is worth mentioning that the included rubber strap and crocodile leather strap have the same folding buckle structure and can be used interchangeably. The replacement method is also relatively simple, and it can be replaced simply by rotating the retaining ring.

Blancpain Women’s Watch

   Nowadays, what is the mainstream of changing bands, the two words ‘color’, especially the brighter and brighter color elements, can be said to be a breakthrough in the design of watch styles. This trend has spread to the entire watch market with the rise of the women’s watch market, making the choice of watches more diversified and a more eye-catching design method. The Blancpain ladies watch is one of the outstanding representatives. It not only provides four alligator leather straps with different textures and colors, and the inside of the strap is equipped with a quick release device. Women’s wearers can adjust the mood according to the mood of the day. 4. Attend the occasion to change the belt, so that each appearance can present a new look.


38mm Panerai watch

   Making existing models smaller and thinner is one of the main design methods for Italian Panerai watches to meet market demand. Especially this year, the brand broke the 40mm lower limit for the first time and launched a 38mm neutral payment, which makes the watch diameter more affinity and allows more people who love Peiwatch to control.

Quickly hide behind the lugs

   The word quick release is not uncommon for Panerai. Previously, most of the brand’s models would be accompanied by a tape and a quick release tool. On the lugs of some models, there are small dot buttons with a quick release device. When you press it down with a tool, the end of the strap connecting shaft will be pushed out of the lugs when the internal force is converted. Achieve tape change operation.

   It is worth mentioning that, at the same time, Panerai has introduced a new strap replacement method, which has been presented in this year’s ‘Fu’ watch. A strap changing system was set on the strap, and after a simple push-pull and lock Can be replaced, making quick release easier.
   In addition, there are many brands with quick release devices, such as the Tucson Bicheng Bronze model with disassembly device, IWC’s marine timepiece, Oris ProDiver and fashion models like Chanel. Quick release The installations are all reflected in it, and the relationship will not be explained because of space.
Disadvantages of the quick release device
   There are always good and bad things, and quick release devices are no exception. Because it is a device, it always has physical properties, and prolonged wear and tear will shorten the life of the device. The strap part is okay, because it can be replaced with a new one. After the connection part of the case is damaged, the entire case must be replaced, especially the precious metal case, which consumes a lot of money. Therefore, it is also necessary to use this tape changer with caution.

Colorful Panerai watches

Summary: In general, the release of the quick release device is a benefit for those who have a small number of watches. Through a convenient belt change mechanism, the appearance of the watch is changed to keep it fresh at all times. However, in the long run, it is also recommended to avoid unnecessary band changes to avoid damage to the case. So the question is, if you want to change the watch to ‘new clothes’, do you take it apart or not?

Bvlgari Diva Series Emerald High Jewelry Watch Won The 14th Geneva Fine Watch Award (Gphg) ‘best Jewelry Watch’ Award

[November 3, 2014] BVLGARI BVLGARI DIVA series grandmother at the 14th Grand Prixd’Horlogerie de Genève (GPHG), known as the Oscar in the watch industry DIVAHighJewelleryEmeralds won the ‘Best Jewelry Watch’ award. As the world-renowned Italian jewellery family, Bulgari won this prestigious award on the 130th anniversary with a masterpiece of the brand’s essence, showing its outstanding strength in the field of jewelry and watchmaking.

  The DIVA High Jewellery Emeralds is not only an extraordinary watch, but also a masterpiece of jewellery craftsmanship. It perfectly combines creativity, colored gemstones and unconventional cutting to highlight the origin of the Bulgari brand. Its design inspiration comes from the classical aesthetic form-the mosaic pattern of the ancient Roman mosaic mosaic (Mosaic), based on the history and tradition of Rome’s 2700 years, and this is exactly the source of Bulgari’s inspiration.

  Mr. Jean-ChristopheBabin, global president of the Bvlgari Group, said: ‘We are very honored and proud because this Bvlgari jewellery watch combines professional watchmaking technology and top jewelry craftsmanship. To win this award is to us A very big affirmation. ‘

  Technical parameters of DIVA series emerald high jewelry watch
  High jewelry watch, 18K white gold case and bracelet (about 94.75 grams) and 42 baguette-cut diamonds, 8 round-cut diamonds and 394 brilliant-cut diamonds totaling about 10.29 carats, 250 baguette-cut grandmothers Green and 8 round-cut emeralds (approximately 10.52 carats). Bvlgari Swiss-made quartz movement.

  For more details, please visit BVLGARI’s Chinese website http://www.bulgari.com/zh-cn/ or follow BVLGARI’s official Weibo weibo.com/bulgari to understand.

Midnight Phantom Real Shot Altiplano Blue Watch

2017 is a very important year for Piaget’s Altiplano series. This ultra-thin revolution was born in 1957 and was promoted by Valentin Piaget. The century is still classic, and it is appreciated by the mechanical watch industry and the global market. Altipalno’s simple design makes it an aesthetic cornerstone that can be passed on forever. To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the collection, the brand launched multiple Altiplano models. The original Altiplano is used as the original, drawing on time-honored design elements and blending a variety of colors and sizes. And materials, no doubt, this year Altiplano will be even more charming.

   Piaget Altiplano takes its name from the towering Andes Mountains, with its endless mountain views, perfectly echoing the natural beauty of the watch, and it has a subtle and elegant temperament for the new generation pursuing the ultimate aesthetic.

   Since the beginning of the series, Altiplano has been equipped with the world’s thinnest manual movement 9P at that time. Three years later, the world’s thinnest automatic winding movement 12P came out. These two pioneering works, even today, there are only a handful of watches. The factory has the ability to match it. Altiplano is not the most complicated of Piaget, but it is the most important. Piaget’s many innovations on the ultra-thin road have been pioneered on Altiplano. This includes 900P in 2014.

   This Altiplano Midnight Blue watch is an attempt by Piaget to color art this year. Although Piaget’s use of color is adept, in men’s watches, it has not always been too jumpy. This year is different, except for midnight blue and dark gray And pine green two, such ‘color’ watch, is simply a ‘Sao Nian’ weapon.

   The Midnight Blue watch has a 40 mm diameter and is equipped with an ultra-thin self-winding 1203P movement. Without a doubt, this is the best formal watch in this year’s SIHH. It is thin, elegant, individual and full of charm.
  The above content is the information related to the 2017 Geneva International Haute Horlogerie Salon prepared by the staff in front of the Watch House. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports, please everyone attention:

What Are The Cheap And Good Swiss Watches Within 10,000 Yuan?

Swiss watches are often seen as a symbol of status and taste. Tens of thousands of Swiss watches are commonplace, and hundreds of thousands or millions of Swiss watches are still paid, basically belonging to ‘the emperor’s daughter does not worry about marrying.’

Not all Swiss watches are as expensive as this one

This has caused us an illusion. It seems that the Swiss watch always makes ordinary people ‘can’t afford to climb high’, only to stand on the side and then swallow. In fact, just like Russian women are not all beauties, Swiss watches are not all that expensive, and some Swiss watches are more grounded and of good quality. As long as you haven’t fallen into the Di Bao guarantee, you have every hope to take them home.

Wow, these Swiss watches can be bought for less than ten thousand

The brands introduced in this article have mainstream prices of less than 10,000 yuan, and they are all authentic, authentic Swiss watches. In this price range, I believe most people can win without gritting their teeth.


Mido is a brand that works hard on design. I think the most successful place is design. Design is also the soul of Mido. Although I am not a member of the Appearance Association, I have to say that design is too important for a Swiss brand that is close to the people.

Whether it is a formal watch like Belem Sairee or Bruner, or a diving watch like a helmsman or pilot, the value is very high. Coupled with the extremely ‘lethal’ price, it is basically one of the preferred brands of Swiss watches within 10,000.
Berenceli Collection Series Commemorative Watch (Part 1); Helmsman Series Passer Special Long-Kinematic Automatic Mechanical Watch (Part 2)

My first Swiss mechanical watch was Mido. At that time, I basically knew nothing about wristwatches, but I felt that Meidu was really beautiful and sexy, so she was ‘seduced’ willingly, and eventually held the beauty (Dudu). Facts have proven that my choice is correct. This watch has been around for six or seven years, and it has gone well. Only one maintenance has been done in the meantime.

Mido Berencelli bought a few years ago

Mido’s parent company is the well-known Swatch Group. It almost includes some of the most familiar watch brands in China, such as Tissot, Longines, Radar, Omega and so on. Due to the brand positioning, Mido does not have a strong reputation for self-produced movements and polishing. However, relying on the ‘big tree’ of the Swatch Group, Mido need not worry about the movement supply.

Pilot’s Watch Long-Range Titanium Waterproof Watch

Commander Series Silicon Hairspring Long Kinetic Observatory Certified Watch

Belem Série Graceful Long Kinetic Mother Of Pearl Real Diamond Watch

There are many observatories under Mido. We know that watches that pass the Swiss official observatory certification generally cost tens of thousands of yuan, and Mido astronomical watches usually do not cost more than 10,000 yuan, which is one of the most cost-effective observatory watches. In terms of movement, the current ‘main player’ is Caliber80. This self-winding movement has an 80-hour power reserve, and some models are also equipped with a silicon hairspring, which has a very good performance in terms of accuracy and anti-magnetic properties.


It is difficult to define Tissot in a sentence or two, because in this brand you can see many different aspects, both the youthful and lively side, the traditional calm side, and the high-tech side.

Colorful Tissot

It is these different aspects that have created our familiar Tissot. Tissot watches are very rich. A cursory look, there are probably more than twenty series.

   Le Locle

Tissot has a well-known series of Leloc, which is named after Leloc, the birthplace of Tissot’s brand. In the first half of last year, he and the technical consultant and independent watchmaker Guo Ming of the watch world visited the watch sacred place in Switzerland together, and one of the stops was Leloc. There are no places of interest in this place, but the watch industry is well developed. Compared to the surrounding low-rise houses, the Tissot factory on the hillside is tall and magnificent, which may be one of the best buildings in the small town.

Tengzhi series second generation solar professional watch

Porsche Series NBA Special

Few Swiss brands are good at both traditional mechanical watches and high-tech quartz watches, but Tissot does it. If Lilok, Baohuan and Haozhi represent the strength of Tissot’s traditional watchmaking, then Tengzhi represents the skill of Tissot in driving high-tech quartz watches. Although most people think of Japanese brands when it comes to quartz watches, Tissot has opened up a road of its own, and has walked down this road and achieved many results.

In terms of price, Tissot also brought us a lot of surprises. From quartz watches of one or two thousand to mechanical watches of thousands or even tens of thousands of yuan, everything is available, which can fully meet those who want to buy a Swiss watch, but do not want to spend too much. Consumer demand for money.


Perhaps compared with the above two brands, Certina is relatively low-key in China, but it is low-key without losing its style, and its characteristics are very obvious. The main features of Certina are waterproof, shockproof and durable.

Do you think these features sound familiar? That’s right, it’s a little Rolex. Therefore, many people affectionately call Certina ‘Little Rolex.’ For those who want to buy a Rolex water ghost, but also feel that the price exceeds the budget, Certina is indeed a good choice.

DS-1 Himalayan Special Edition

Certina is a long-established brand that was established in 1888. As early as the late 1950s, the brand introduced DS double insurance technology. This technology later became Certina’s signature technology. With the advent of DS double insurance, Certina has reached a new height in both water resistance and earthquake resistance.

Maybe many friends don’t know what DS double insurance technology is. It can be understood that the DS double insurance technology is equivalent to ‘buying two insurances’ for the watch, greatly eliminating your worries.

DS Action Lady

Specifically, DS double insurance technology starts from the mirror, crown and case back, including highly wear-resistant sapphire crystal, O-ring washers on the crown and lever, and the reinforced case bottom cover. Complex sealing system. In this way, the watch seems to be covered with a sturdy armor, which can well cope with various harsh environments. All Certina watches now use DS double insurance technology.

DS Action Diver

Certina’s mechanical watches are usually priced at five or six thousand, and quartz watches are naturally cheaper. It is worth mentioning that Certina’s quartz performance is working towards a more precise direction, such as the Precidrive quartz movement easily certified by the Swiss official observatory, the accuracy is far better than ordinary quartz movement.

  Plum Blossom (Titoni)

Many people mistakenly believe that plum blossoms are domestically produced watches. In fact, this is an authentic Swiss brand. The watch factory is located in Grechen, Switzerland. Moreover, Plum Blossom is still an independent brand and has not been acquired by any luxury goods group. I heard a lot of rumors that plum blossoms were acquired by Hong Kong people, which is a bit like ‘a lie repeated a thousand times is the truth.’ At least Plum Blossom has not yet been acquired by Chinese companies.

Older generations are very fond of plum blossoms

The plum blossom complex is common in the older generation. At that time, there were relatively few Swiss watch brands entering the Chinese market. Plum Blossom was one of the brands that entered the Chinese market earlier, and because of its reliable quality, many older people have a good impression of Plum Blossom.

But this is not what it used to be. With the increasing number of watch brands entering China, and the trend of groupization, the plum blossom as an independent brand is also facing a lot of survival pressure. To be fair, the quality of plum blossoms is pretty good and the pricing is reasonable, but there seems to be a lot of work to do in marketing.

From the perspective of style, the design style of plum blossoms is conservative, and seems to be a little behind the times. Relatively speaking, I think the design of the high-end series of plum blossom master series has its own characteristics.

Master Series

This series are all observatory watches, the price is basically the same as Longines. However, if two watches are put together, it is estimated that most people will still choose Longines. Mainly because the popularity and influence of plum blossoms is not enough. But because of this, we should give more attention and support to plum blossoms, because in any case, this is a brand that seriously watches.

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Carl F. Bucherer Brand Story (1): Inheriting Watchmaking Technology And Leading The Trend Of Time

As a famous independent watch brand in Switzerland, Carl F. Bucherer, founded in 1888, has always been known in the top watch market for high-quality mechanical watches and exquisite women’s jewelry watches. . In 2008, Bucherer completed the acquisition of the Technologys HorlogeresAppliquees SA (THA) movement factory, which has been cooperating for ten years, and reorganized it into Carl F. Bucherer Technologies, SA (CFBT). Core, formally entered the field of Maufacture “home-made watch factory”, adding a new chapter to the rich and long-standing tradition of watchmaking of Bucherer, then let this website lead each of them to understand the wonderful history of Bucherer for more than 125 years.
 In 1888, Carl F. Bucherer opened his first watch and jewelry store in Lucerne, Switzerland. Karl has a keen observation of fashion trends and social trends, not only has a wealth of watchmaking knowledge, but also has an innate accurate intuition for the tastes and requirements of top customer groups. As a result, the Bucherer Jewellery & Watch Store has grown rapidly from a small store, laying the foundation for its future development as a Shanda Group.

 Carl’s two sons, Eduard and Ernst, both inherited his career, one trained in London to become a goldsmith and one to become a professional watchmaker. They both inherited the extensive knowledge of their parents and further expanded the location of the Bucherer watch shop to all Switzerland. The two then opened a store in Unter den Linden, Germany. Ernst quickly rose to become a watchmaker to which the royal nobility relied, and the reputation of Bucherer jewellery and watches also swept Germany’s high society.

 In 1919, the Bucherer brothers formally established a watchmaking factory and launched Bucherer’s first watch series, a women’s watch designed with delicate white gold and precious diamonds. Since then, the Bucherer watch has been passed down through the generations with sophisticated traditional craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection. Bucherer has a strong passion for watchmaking, adheres to traditional handicraft skills and the highest quality standards, and is familiar with the tastes and requirements of customers. Therefore, it quickly gained a place in watchmaking, and in each era, outstanding works came out to polish the treasure Qilai became a golden signboard. For example: a silver brooch with a unique shape of a carriage in 1930; a chronograph with elegance and performance in 1948; an astronomical table certified by the COSC in Switzerland in 1968; Archimedes diving in 1971 symbolizing the extraordinary technology And the first Swiss quartz watch.

 1919: The first women’s watch inspired by Art Deco, with an octagonal case and inlaid with jewellery, is an innovation that immediately conquers the world of women’s watches.

 1930: Bucherer launches a silver brooch watch, which is shaped as a horse-drawn carriage and inlaid with iron ore, and the timepiece can be displayed when the door is opened.

 1948: This chronograph has a large calendar window displayed at six o’clock. It can be said that it is an ingenious and exquisite design that reveals the unique features of Bucherer’s innovation and harmony.

 In addition to great achievements in watchmaking, Bucherer’s sales business is also booming. From 1927 to 1931, Bucherer opened five strongholds in Switzerland. In 1930, he bought the Hotel du Right in the centre of Lucerne and refurbished it as a storefront. Today, this building is not only the flagship store of the Bucherer watch shop, but also a famous building in Lucerne. It is a must-visit for many tourists who come here.

 Bucherer’s flagship watch retail store in the centre of Lucerne is the source of the Bucherer Group’s multinational business and one of the must-visit attractions for many tourists visiting Switzerland.
 In 1967, the Bucherer Group acquired the Credos watch factory in Nidau ​​(near Biel) and renamed it Bucherer Montres S. A. Between 1968 and 1976, Bucherer was one of the leaders in the Swiss watchmaking industry, with nearly 15,000 COSC-certified astronomical watches, second only to Rolex and Omega. At present, the Bucherer Group is still owned by the Bucherer family, with the third generation of Jorg G. Bucherer as its chairman. Under his leadership, Carl F. Bucherer effectively developed sales channels in a short period of time and established an international reputation that consumers knew well.

 1968 Observatory-certified watches: Bucherer manufactures a total of 15,000 Swiss-Observatory-certified watches, which also makes Bucherer one of the top three Swiss watches.

1971: Archimedes Archimedes diving watch symbolizing the extraordinary technology of the brand.

Baoqilai Watch Factory