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The Temptation Of Gold Pure Gold Watch Tasting Zenith

Zenith is a very compatible brand. Its watch style is full of various mechanical elements, and naturally it is outstanding in appearance. Zenith watches are known worldwide for their precise timing. In other words, buying Zenith watches, if you do not choose a watch with a chronograph function, it will be a lifetime regret.

 This Zenith watch uses an automatic movement, which makes it impossible to look away at first glance. If the watch looks like a beauty, then this watch will become the object of chase for many men. Official model: 18.0526.4039 / 01.M526

If you are interested in complex functional watches. Then you must not miss this, because this watch not only has very powerful functions and movement, but also has a luxurious appearance as an advantage, which can be described as the essence.

 This watch is fully armed and made of 18K gold precious metal. Such watches are actually rare. Most of the gold watches in daily life come with metallic luster, and the surface of this watch is frosted, allowing the essence to bloom quietly on the wrist.

 18.0526.4039 / 01.M526 The five-pointed star of the watch is the logo of Zenith. Perhaps the Zenith family originated from a star in space and fell into the world to become a famous watch brand in the world. Such a logo on the crown is undoubtedly a crowning of consumer identity.

 18.0526.4039 / 01.M526 case back with a transparent bottom design, it is worth mentioning that Zenith wrapped this back-through movement with a pure gold case. Perhaps this design of the brand is for the protection of the movement, but more Much of it is the high respect for consumers of this watch.

 18.0526.4039 / 01.M526 From this perspective you can observe that this Boao case is very heavy, the use of precious metal materials and very large hands, so the design is so heavy, its significance is probably to make the watch on the sense of luxury More prominent.

 18K yellow gold straps are actually very common, but the design of Zenith is unique in distinguishing luxury from superficiality. This kind of measurement is actually very difficult to control, but Zenith did it.

 18.0526.4039 / 01.M526 engraved the five-pointed star logo on the center of the buckle. Although the area is very small, the workmanship is very fine and clever. Just like the quality of Zenith, it is luxurious and low-key and restrained.

 The lugs are linked to the case to make it a whole design. The dividing line from the dial is that the dial design highlights the contours, making this watch not only weighty but also durable.

 18.0526.4039 / 01.M526 The visible balance wheel design is more common in the watch industry, but different from many brands, the balance wheel design of Zenith watches is very fine, making every detail worth your time Scrutiny and recognition.

 This Zenith watch uses the Zenith EI Primero chronograph movement, which is a very outstanding movement in the Zenith family. The movement runs smoothly and steadily, and the timing function is very accurate. Lets you find a perfect ‘internal organs’ under its glorious appearance.

 Summary: The Zenith family has come along all the way, constantly bringing surprises to the development of the human timer. Now we regret that this watch has been discontinued and purchases must be made through second-hand channels. But such a landmark watch masterpiece is definitely worth a lifetime collection.
 Watch details: zenith / 22468 /

Decrypting Patek Philippe’s Enamel Watch

Enamel is actually a ‘glaze’ attached to the surface of a metal or ceramic after sintering at a temperature of about 800 degrees Celsius using silicates such as quartz, feldspar, borax and fluoride. Used for decoration and rust prevention. The enamel pots, cloisonne utensils, etc. that we commonly use in our lives belong to the enamel category. From 1918 to 1956, enamel and enamel were the same concept. In 1956, China set the standard for enamel products, and enamel became the exclusive term for artistic enamel.

At present, enamel and enamel are still used in English vocabulary abroad.
Enamel is mostly used for dials in watches. An 18K gold watch equipped with a 2892-A2 movement in Athens can be sold for more than 200,000 yuan with an enamel dial. Still Patek Philippe is kind. Its REF.5116G, although using a white enamel dial, is priced the same as the REF.5119G using a normal dial. However, Patek Philippe launches a set of color enamel watches every year, and the situation is another look: most of the 18K watches with 215 movements are usually more than 200,000 yuan each. Patek Philippe’s enamel watches are usually collectibles and are not easy to buy.

I like enamel, Patek Philippe Museum is a must visit. The enamel treasures here are arguably the richest and most exciting in the world. Once when I was visiting enamel at the Patek Philippe Museum, the guide said: the most important thing to appreciate enamel is color. Red and blue, which are common in classical oil paintings, were only reproduced in enamel products by the French hundreds of years ago. It took the Swiss more than 100 years to decipher the ‘color code’ of enamel. Enamel is white or transparent and colorless. Its color comes from the mixing of various metal oxides during high temperature sintering. For example: gold is added to the raw materials for making enamel, and the red after the high temperature kiln transformation. In addition, cobalt oxide turns blue, antimony turns yellow, rhodium turns black, copper oxide turns green, manganese turns purple …
曾经 I once asked Mr. Philippe Stern, the former president of Patek Philippe, why the prices of some antique enamel watches on the auction floor are often astonishingly high? Is it just because the enamel watch is difficult to make? Philip Stern replied: ‘Enamels made by ancient people usually copied some famous oil paintings. In this sense, an antique enamel watch is actually a slightly painted oil painting. When the ancients made enamel watches, It often takes 10 or even 20 years to paint, and then 5 to 10 years to fire and repeatedly polish. In the long process, if there is a mistake in one link, then the enamel Watches will become obsolete. How many 10, 20 years are there in a person’s life? ‘How many people are still willing to spend 10 years to complete a work?

Kangsden’s Sales In The First Half Of 2014 Increased By 26%

Swiss watch brand Frederique Constant released the company’s first half of the year’s statement. Data show that Frederique Constant increased by 26% in the first half of this year compared with 2013.

‘We are proud to welcome the best first half of our history, which clearly proves that our brand positioning-accessible luxury, still has great potential. Our brand was made in Switzerland from the beginning, With a reasonable price and high-quality watches, let more people enjoy luxury as the brand concept. Even today, this brand mission still brings us passion. We hope to take this opportunity to thank our partners around the world, and I hope everyone will support Frederique Constant as always, ‘said Peter Stas, Founder and CEO of Frederique Constant.

‘In 2014 we have seen a significant increase in market vitality in most of our regions. According to our luxury brand market positioning, we have been occupying a certain market share in watches ranging from $ 1,000 to $ 5,000. It is expected In the second half of 2014, Tibet Temple and other countries will continue to maintain strong growth in markets such as Japan, South Korea, Australia, the United States and Canada. ‘Mr. Peter Stas said.

‘This year, Frederique Constant has just celebrated the tenth anniversary of the brand’s self-produced movements. Since 2004, Frederique Constant has begun to launch models equipped with the brand’s in-house developed, manufactured and assembled movements. So far the company has independently developed 15 models of hand-made movements, including the latest FC-945 heartbeat movement equipped with a silicon escapement, launched in 2014, effectively improving the accuracy and reliability of the watch. ‘

‘With a good start in 2014, we will continue to strengthen our sales strategy, market positioning and promotional activities, and launch new products. We expect to continue strong sales growth for a whole year. Over the past 25 years, Frederique Constant has experienced 15 Annual growth rate of% ~ 25%. This year, Swiss watchmaking exports have actually only increased by single digits, and we will do better than the market. ‘Mr. Peter Stas said. (Picture / Text Watch House Xiao Sen)

Girard-perregaux Launches New Cat’s Eye Tourbillon Watch

The watchmaker perfectly combines the skills of watchmaking and jewellery making to create this Cat’s Eye golden bridge tourbillon masterpiece coveted by women. The soft feminine curve design exudes an elegant atmosphere. The case, bezel, lugs, and even the crown are densely set with 308 diamonds. Among them, the diamond setting on the crown is the finishing touch, noble and luxurious.

   The unique oval white gold case is carefully decorated with a silver-white mother-of-pearl dial. The dial is decorated with a delicate flower-shaped relief, which corresponds to the rounded leaf-shaped hands. The two are integrated into one. The sapphire crystal glass is engraved with the ‘GP’ brand logo, which shows the identity of the timepiece, and the hour and minute hands move elegantly below it to indicate the time.

  The six o’clock position of the dial is exactly the iconic Zhiba Tourbillon that best reflects the brand’s professional skills. The exquisite golden bridge is also engraved with a flower-shaped pattern. The overall design perfectly matches the dial. Functionally adjusts the internally equipped GP09700- 0012 manual winding movement, making it more accurate and reliable.

  This watch has a total of 174 parts. The decoration, correction and assembly are all done by hand. Its perfect shape is a symbol of strict brand standards and excellence. At the same time, Girard Perregaux has become a pioneer in the production of exquisite ladies’ mechanical watches.

  In addition, this Cat’s Eye tourbillon watch comes with a red alligator leather strap, and the gold folding buckle is set with diamonds.

Radar High-tech Materials Pilot Technology Tour

‘If you can imagine, you can create it; if you can create it, you can achieve it.’ Swiss Radar founder said in 1957. Since then, RADO and its owner have embarked on a never-ending, continuous journey of technological discovery. All along, based on stable and reliable quality performance and brilliant historical records, RADO Swiss radar watch has always been committed to continuous breakthroughs in materials and technology. After several years of research and development, radar set a new milestone in technology, and presented a new masterpiece at the Baselworld 2011.
Material innovation triggers change

Innovation 1: Ceramos
EraCeramos is made of high-tech ceramic materials and metals, including titanium titanium and metal alloys. This foreshadows the re-evolution of high-tech ceramics, platinum-gold high-tech ceramics and alloy materials, making them have the excellent performance of both high-tech ceramics and metals. Ceramos has the same quality and advantages as high-tech ceramics, with a light texture and fast temperature adjustment based on body surface temperature. The watch uses an innovative injection molding process with a unique angular platinum finish, which has a higher hardness after polishing than high-tech ceramics. This watchmaking technology is the world’s first and shines in the new D-Star series.

Innovation 2: The thinnest ceramic watch in the world
In 2011, the Swiss Radar TrueThinline ultra-thin watch was launched, becoming the world’s thinnest high-tech ceramic watch, setting another milestone for the application of high-tech ceramic materials by the radar. This watch has an ultra-thin structure with a thickness of only 5mm, all parts are carefully processed, and an ultra-thin quartz movement with a thickness of only 1mm is used.

Famous Rugby Player Dan Carter Joins The Tag Heuer Family

TAG Heuer is proud to announce that Dan Carter, a famous New Zealand rugby player, has joined the luxury lineup of Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer.

   Dan Carter is the current legend of the global rugby world. He won the title of ‘World Rugby Player of the Year’ for the third time in 2015 and was crowned ‘World’s Best Athlete’ three times by World Rugby. As the 2011 and 2015 world champions, he is considered the best outside forward in the history of the All Blacks (New Zealand National Football Team). He currently plays for the French Racing 92 team (one of the Top 14 league teams).
   The press conference was held on the roof of the Montparnasse building opposite the Eiffel Tower. Attendees included TAG Heuer’s general manager Mathieu Selzer, former Rugby player and TV commentator Mark Six of the Six Nations Championship. Marc Maury, New Zealand Ambassador to France James Kember, and André Poulie, co-founder and president of Theodora Foundation. A group of children greeted guests with a ‘Haka’ (Maori war dance) to welcome Dan, and then issued a ‘not to crack under pressure’ challenge to Dan.
   In the TAG Heuer Rugby Challenge set against the backdrop of the huge Carrera Heuer 01 chronograph shape, their results will win them € 10,000 in prize money, all of which will be donated to the Theodora Foundation-this fund It will help professional hospitalized children and autistic children by organizing professional artist visits.

Hublot And Watches Of Switzerland Launch The First Collaboration Watch

Hublot and its British luxury watch retailer WatchesOfSwitzerland, announced the launch of the first collaboration timepiece-Classic Fusion Chronograph WatchesOfSwitzerland Special Edition (model: 521.NQ.1170.LR.AUM18) .

 Hublot’s vision is to develop a luxury watch that combines tradition and innovation; the classic fusion series combines traditional Swiss watchmaking with modern style, showing a unique concept. As the symbol of Hublot’s first disruptive design created in the 1980s, the Classic Fusion Collection embodies the iconic concept of the brand’s ‘Art of Convergence’-when it was born, Hublot has adopted precious and industrial Materials to open up new horizons.

 The new watch is not only a manifestation of Hublot’s superb craftsmanship, but also a testament to the vision, innovation and dedication of the brand’s partners. The Classic Fusion Chronograph WatchesOfSwitzerland Special Edition is the result of Hublot’s Hublot’s ‘Art of Fusion’ concept and WatchesOfSwitzerland’s dedication to providing customers with quality and unique Swiss timepieces.
 The Classic Fusion Chronograph WatchesOfSwitzerland Special Edition combines the traditional 45mm titanium case with the innovative sporty carbon fiber bezel. The top of the chronograph second hand and the stitching of the strap are decorated in red to pay tribute to WatchesOfSwitzerland. This watch has a self-winding chronograph movement that provides a 42-hour power reserve. The watch embodies Hublot’s forward-looking consciousness, with a limited edition of 25 pieces, priced at 10,600 pounds, equivalent to about 96,000 yuan. (Photo / text watch home Xu Chaoyang)

Tudor Watch Sincerely Welcomes The Brand’s Global Spokesperson Jay Chou To Visit Tudor 2019 Basel Watch Exhibition

He shines on the stage and is active on the big screen. He is a magician of music and won the ‘Asian Pop King’ with the microphone in his hand. The title, he is Jay Chou, the world’s spokesperson for the declaration and brand of the TUDOR watch # 天生 敢 为 #. This afternoon, he stepped onto the red carpet as the world’s first guest of honor and visited the Tudor Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2019, attracting the attention of the world. Before today, people may only know his extraordinary talents and talents, but after today, I believe that his daring attitude towards life will be remembered by more people.

  Jay Chou is a pioneer in music, and he is also an actor and philanthropist. On March 20, 2018, Tudor announced on Basel Night that it has become the global spokesperson for the brand, and welcomes him to officially join the Tudor family. Just one year later today, Jay Chou went to the Basel Watch Fair to observe the holding of global watch events. As a special guest, he took a group photo at the TUDOR booth to unveil the latest masterpiece of TUDOR 2019 and win the world s concern. The ‘Tudor Black Bay Chrono S & G’ watch he wears is the latest model of the brand in 2019, which combines the essence and creativity of the Tudor diving watch and racing chronograph, in tribute Brands have deep roots in two important areas. After the preview, Jay Chou also attended the welcome reception hosted by the brand at the Tudor booth, and the atmosphere was very harmonious.

  For more information on the latest Baselworld 2019, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

Hublot’s New Headquarters Factory Officially Launched In 2015

HUBLOT’s second headquarters factory building officially started in Switzerland! Mr. Jean-Claude Biver, Chairman of the Hublot Hublot Board of Directors and President of the Watch Division of the LVMH Group, and Mr. Ricardo Guadalupe, Global CEO of Hublot Hublot, laid the foundation for the new factory. The area of ​​the new factory will be more than double that of the original Nyon headquarters factory, which will further meet HUBLOT’s continuous development and the brand’s pursuit of vertical development.

Hublot’s second headquarters factory building officially starts in Switzerland

The new factory building is adjacent to the first phase of the headquarters factory, and will mainly focus on the production of parts and watch cases for Hublot’s own movements. This means that when the factory is completed in August 2015, the micro-machining workshop, all CNC machine tools, as well as the processing, electroplating, machinery and cleaning workshops, etc., as well as the after-sales service and some administrative departments of HUBLOT In the second phase factory.

The new factory building is adjacent to the first phase of the headquarters factory.

At the same time, the existing factory space will be rearranged. The first floor of the factory will be used for the expansion of the innovation and research and development departments, allowing Hublot to focus more on new materials and complex movements.
Under this development plan, the ASF parts assembly, T1 movement assembly and T2 / T3 dial and watch assembly departments of the headquarters plant will also be expanded and optimized and expanded.
The production department and assembly department from Switzerland Gland in charge of HUBLOT carbon fiber parts and case will be merged into Nyon headquarters.
HUBLOT will spend 20 million Swiss francs on the expansion and invited Coretra Construction to complete the construction of 8,000 square meters. At that time, HUBLOT will add 100 new positions, and the headquarters will have more than 400 employees.

Iwc Launches Engineer Series ‘hong Kong Flagship Store Limited Edition’ Watch

To celebrate the anniversary of IWC’s official opening of a new store in Pacific Place in Hong Kong and Hong Kong’s first flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui in 1881, IWC has specially produced an engineer’s automatic watch ‘Hong Kong flagship store limited edition’. IWC launches engineer series ‘Hong Kong flagship store limited edition’ watch
旗舰 The 1881 Hong Kong flagship store, which opened in 2009, is an important milestone for the brand. This is the world’s first IWC flagship store. The store incorporates unique design concepts and offers a series of watches exclusively sold by the store. To commemorate the third anniversary of the opening of the Hong Kong flagship store, the brand launched this watch from the replica series, limited to 188 pieces, and sold exclusively at the 1881 store. The watch reinterprets the first engineer’s watch manufactured in 1955 with an automatic movement, a Pellerton winding system, a date display and an engraved sapphire glass case back.
参数 Hong Kong flagship store limited edition parameters
Case: Red gold
Case diameter: 42.5mm
Movement: 80111 automatic movement
Function: hour, minute, second, date
Power reserve: 44 hours
Waterproof: 12 bar
Limited: 188 pieces

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