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Nabucco’s Global Conference In Turkey: A Shocking Event, A Modern Image Of The New Series.

The Geneva-based watch manufacturer chose the famous Istanbul to hold the official global launch of the new nabucco series, creating an unforgettable night on Suada Island, Turkey’s most famous trendy mecca.
Turkey is a bridge connecting the two continents of Europe and Asia. It has a rich historical background and traditional culture. It is a market with great economic potential for watchmakers in Geneva, and it is also a sign of their true change. So Raymond Weil’s president and CEO Olivier Bernheim made a natural choice to choose such a city for the new men’s watch series, a very modern and exciting official global conference of nabucco.

top view of nabucco soirée
More than 300 celebrities from all over the world and local Turkey, guests and news media enjoyed a special evening. In the warm, modern, luxurious and warm atmosphere, roam the Bosphorus Strait in the cocktails. The neo-Babylonian décor, fire-swallows, oriental dancers, music and magic warmly welcome guests to this festive evening on the island of Suada, which is specially prepared and furnished for this event.
The highlight of the night was a live concert by popular pop singer Serdar Ortaç. Accompanied by stage dancers’ elaborate stage performances, with the unforgettable lighting and fireworks effects, the wonderful performance of Raymond Weil in Turkey’s image spokesperson Serdar Ortaç moved and excited the guests The famous singer accepted such a performance arrangement because he worked closely with the brand, which gave guests a chance to see this precious internal performance. Between the two big hits, Olivier Bernheim was pleased to present the flagship of the nabucco series, the carbon fiber chronograph stopwatch to the singer.

Olivier Bernheim and Serdar Ortaç, Raymond Weil President and CEO and Raymond Wei’s image spokesperson in Turkey
This important time is the best time to show you the overall concept of nabucco, an extension of this concept is already in the plan and will be rolled out around the world in the next few years. The marketing department, led by Elivier Bernheim’s eldest son, Elie, developed the plan. The concept consists of a series of innovative marketing tools and ideas, such as a four-action marketing campaign, and the nabucco series is shown on the big screen during the festival Hollywood movie-style five-minute listing short film, creating a ‘nabucco-style’ environment and atmosphere, while also building the nabucco islands in the virtual game ‘Second Life’ (will be officially launched on September 3, 2007), etc. These marketing tools will be accompanied by PR activities in the brand’s main markets.

nabucco’s Market Activities
The new nabucco series debuted in Basel this year and has been considered a real success globally, and his prospects are very promising.
nabucco represents the completion of the revival process of Geneva watchmakers and their recognition of independence as a core value. This party was a fantastic way to show and share the brand’s further ambitions to the world.
In this unique and celebrated atmosphere, everything of Raymond Weil radiates luxury, glare, and the light of the times, and everything reflects his uniqueness and his independence.
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