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2012 Baselworld Swiss Exhibitors-trends Beyond Sexual Fashion

BaselWorld BaselWorld is one of the most important watchmaking and jewelry exhibitions in the world. Its 40th exhibition will be held from March 8th to 15th, 2012. A highlight of this exhibition is that it will be an opportunity to confirm the resumption of growth in export trends, but it is first of all to reveal the latest creations of Swiss exhibitors that compete with each other for originality and skills.
There are countless choices! From the most classic to completely futuristic, from feminine to masculine, and from quartz watches to mechanical watches, here will bring together the most emotional and technically created with innovation and tradition. Timepiece. Although some trends naturally develop year after year, Swiss watchmakers are careful not to create their own models based on fleeting fashion trends. Watches are extremely important in life.
Retro look and spirit
The retro style has been the focus of attention in recent years, and it has been reexamined and revised with contemporary aesthetics. These ‘new vintage’ creations relive the glory of old watches. As a result, Guanghua in the 1950s and 1960s will once again bloom on our wrists, though very sober. Simplified aesthetics, ultra-thin case, practical functionality and comfort are absolutely necessary. In the final analysis, a mechanism for rethinking is needed to improve it. The automatic movement ushers in its most brilliant moment, it is suitable for a variety of additional modules, strikes a new rhythm and can be decorated in various ways.
From ‘new vintage’ to 100% futuristic
BaselWorld is also an opportunity to learn about ‘another dimension’ of watches. Welcome to such an avant-garde world, where classics have no place, giving way to watches with innovative architecture and extraordinary displays. Stunning technology combines titanium, ceramics, carbon fiber, rubber … liquid, solid, air: break all the norms and go beyond limits! In addition, futuristic watches also have some seemingly unlikely ideas, such as sapphire crystals as the middle part or dial of the case, opaque glass discs to mask time, or alternate display and hide mechanisms.
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Captain-specific Timepiece Tasting Breitling Aviation Flight Chronograph

As an expert in precision chronograph watches, Breitling has played an important role in the development history of chronograph watches. Breitling has witnessed the glorious moment of human conquest of the sky with its accurate and reliable instruments with outstanding performance. Various models represented by professional chronographs demonstrate the quality of Breitling’s manufacturing and also reflect the deep flight culture of Breitling. Today’s Watch House brings you a captain-specific timepiece with excellent and reliable performance, the official model: Y2431012 / BE10 / 443A.

   The design of this new Breitling Aviation Flight Chronograph is inspired by a Breitling watch from the 1950s and 1960s. It is a pure captain’s watch. Its most notable feature is the large, star-shaped bezel made of high-tech scratch-resistant ceramic (super-hard synthetic material). The watch has date display, chronograph, second time zone and third time zone functions. The outstanding performance of this watch is beyond doubt, and the extremely readable dial is comparable to the best flight instruments.

Breitling Y2431012 / BE10 / 443A

   The body of this watch is made of stainless steel. The round case has a two-way rotating bezel and is covered with sapphire crystal. The strap is a stainless steel chain structure and is linked by a folding clasp.


   The side of the watch case is equipped with three crowns. The central crown can adjust the time of the watch and is decorated with pit patterns for easy grasping. The top uses the Breitling logo; the upper and lower crowns are chronograph crowns.


   This watch uses a seven-row chain strap with neat links and a unique arrangement. And the short chain link can ensure the wearing comfort.


   The watch case has a round shape, polished and smooth and shiny; the watch bezel is designed with ratchets, and the fine tooth patterns make the watch more masculine.


Chronograph small seconds

Chronograph minute dial

Hour counter

   The black dial of this watch has a date display at three o’clock, with three small dials as the chronograph, a twelve-hour counter at six o’clock, a chronograph second at nine o’clock, and a thirty-minute counter at twelve o’clock. The large bezel is printed with a 24-hour scale. The watch uses the red triangular pointed hands to indicate the second time zone of the 24-hour clock. The ultra-precise ratchet bi-directional rotating bezel allows the wearer to read the second time zone clearly and conveniently. With three time zones, you can easily handle long-distance flights anywhere in the world.


   The watch’s lugs are integrated with the case, and the connection with the case is smooth; the lugs are polished and polished with stripes on the lugs, which are beautiful and unique. The watch’s lugs are slightly curved, which can ensure that the watch body and wrist are more fitted.


   The bracelet of the watch is linked by a folding clasp made of stainless steel and engraved with the Breitling logo.

Table bottom

   The case back is a closed case made of stainless steel, which is engraved with some relevant parameters of the watch; the case is equipped with a 42-hour automatic mechanical movement with a power reserve; the watch is water-resistant to 100 meters.

Summary: This watch is made of stainless steel, the case and bezel are decorated in black, and the combination of silver and black is a classic; the three silver-white chronograph dials on the dial are distinguished by the surrounding dial. Inspired by a watch from the 1950s and 1960s, this watch is equipped with chronograph and second time zone functions to create this outstanding aviation timepiece suitable for the captain.

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