Blancpain Moon Beauty Watch

Romance is a woman’s nature, as if you never guess when I will leave and go elsewhere. My mood will change quietly with the light and shadow. The sun goes from east to west, and my makeup changes from light to thick. When I wear my watch, the sun rises; when I fade away, the night falls. I am Blancpain Moon Beauty, and the world moves with me.
  Romance and beauty are instantly recognizable. From day to night, the charm of Blancpain’s moon beauty touches the tides. In the changing colors, Blancpain uses several scenes related to the Moon Beauty watch from morning to night to portray the exquisite daily life of romantic and intellectual independent women in modern cities.
  The Blancpain Moon Beauty Watch is a romantic choice for independent women. Modern women’s time management and aesthetic cultivation can be expressed through this pure mechanical female watch: the round dial represents classics, the simple design conveys aesthetics, and the delicate polishing and polishing destined her beauty to stand the test. Fearless years. The power and taste of Blancpain Moon Beauty is self-evident.
  From morning to night, the more you look, the better you look at;

Blancpain Moon Beauty Eccentric Date Retrograde Watch
  8:00 AM morning game
  Coffee, black tea, or ice water. For breakfast, she matches it according to her mood. The contrasting color handbag full of architectural lines feels naturally matched with a unique and uniquely designed Blancpain Moon Beauty Eccentric Date Retrograde Watch-this is the finishing touch of today’s style, and those with advanced aesthetics know this .

Blancpain Moon Beauty Moon Phase Moonwatch
  12:00 pm play at noon
  She never evades when the sun is the strongest. Sitting at the window of the restaurant during the lunch break, she meditated and enjoyed every bath of light, not realizing that she had become the scenery in the eyes of others. The moon beauty face with beauty moles on her wrist, looming in the light, smiled at her: Blancpain Moon Beauty has more than one side, she can illuminate the night, or hug the sun.

Blancpain moon beauty date indicator
  15:00 PM Inspirational Hunting
  She was used to writing down thoughts in the notebook at hand. Sometimes it’s a paragraph, sometimes it’s a painting, and sometimes it’s a dream. The second hand of the Blancpain Moon Beauty watch turned her back to this world. She knew that the fleeting romance was beautiful, but she hoped that she could live in the moment to have more beautiful memories.

Blancpain Moon Beauty Moon Phase Moonwatch
  18:00 PM Twilight Vitality
  She didn’t feel a little tired after finishing work, not only because of her delicate appearance, she hoped that she would look motivated at all times. Confidence and confidence are not what high heels can give. Like this long-lasting Blancpain Moon Beauty watch on her hand, she believes that the baptism of time will make the strength clearer and more able to grasp the people and things that accompany long-term companions.

Blancpain moon beauty date indicator
  21:00 PM Night Tour
  As night fell, she was ready. Red dinner bag, golden high-heeled shoes, these items with social attributes are the equipment for attending a party, dazzling, except for her imprint. Tonight she reduced complexity to something, and Blancpain Moon Beauty was her only accessory. ‘It can be dazzling, but be yourself,’ she said to herself.

Updated: 13. May 2021 — 18:05
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