Boll’s Pride From Railway Timing To Spontaneous Light

As an American watch brand, the origin of Bol Watch is the same as that of the entire American watch industry, thanks to the development of the American railway. No matter which series of Bol watches, the most important feature is the Swiss ‘3H self-illuminating miniature gas lamp’ inlaid into the dial scale on the hands. The night view of each Bolt propaganda album is a testament to its pride in this patent.
     Before the advent of trains carrying people, there was no clear need for precise time. With the rapid development of commerce after the First World War, long-distance and fast traffic became important. Whether the train was on time or not became a very important issue. The important thing, and the founder of Boer Watch Webb C. Boer made a significant contribution to the establishment of watch standards and detection systems for all watches used on the railway. After the Kipton train tragedy in 1891, regional authorities invited Webb C. Ball to investigate the time of day along the lakeshore and develop a monitoring system for them.
     Among the earliest models of Ball Watch, the most famous is the 999 watch, which is also known as ‘railway watch’. In 1893, the 999 train became a special train on the New York Center and the Empire Railway Line of the Hudson Railway. It exceeded the speed of 100 miles per hour for the first time, so the number 999 also became synonymous with high-speed railway. And Bol Watch served as a supplier of timing equipment in this historic event, and in 1895 produced a special No. 18 999 class pocket watch to commemorate the high-speed railway. In the following nearly fifty years, Bohr watch produced a total of more than 70,000 998 or 999 watches, and these watches with the 999 mark has become the enthusiasts of watch collectors today.
The spirit of adventure in the new century
     Borr watch, which has been defined as ‘the most durable railway brand watch brand’ in history, in 2001, the first year of the new century launched the ‘Engineer’ series of watches and later developed to be able to minus 40 The “Engineer Hydrocarbon” series that operates normally under ℃ environment and the “Engineer Master II Diver TMT” series with drilling-like processing case, are professional diving enthusiasts, mountain climbers, and base climbers A number of auxiliary timepieces have been developed.
     But no matter which series of Bol watches, the most important feature is the Swiss ‘3H self-illuminating miniature gas lamp’ inlaid into the dial scale on the hands, to achieve the night time reading function that can last up to 25 years , And is nearly 100 times brighter than ordinary luminous paint. The ‘3H self-illuminating miniature gas lamp’ is to seal the puppet in an empty mineral glass bottle in a very safe and stable form, and then attach the bottle to the needle and dial. This not only prolongs the life of the plutonium, but also greatly reduces the harm to the human body caused by the radiation generated when it decays. Now we can see that each Bolt’s promotional album will have a night view, which shows its pride in this patent.

Updated: 9. November 2020 — 10:37
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