Can Rolex 3235 Be Placed In A 36mm Case?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Not long ago, I wrote an article ‘How to buy 3 Rolex DJs after the new 126334/126300 came out?’ ‘, Mentioned in the article, Rolex in the new DATE JUST 41 represented by 126333, 126334, 126300, completed the replacement of the new generation 3235 movement. At present, the new 41mm DATE JUST in Rolex’s official website and stores uses the new 3235 movement. At the same time, Rolex’s 36mm DATE JUST is still using the 3135 movement. As for the 36mm DJ, if it is not a new movement, it is unknown when the new movement will be replaced. After the article was published, some people said that ‘the 3235 movement cannot fit in the 36mm case at all’, ‘or why Xinhai Ambassador increased the dial this year. It should be the reason for the size of the 3235 movement.’ I believe that the new generation of 3235 movement may Not suitable for 36 mm DATE JUST. This question is very interesting, because I thought about it before, and I also asked myself, can 36 DJs use 3235 movement?
   Whether 36 DJ can use 3235 is a more meaningful question, this problem will affect some players. If 3235 can’t be used for 36 DJ, then good, we can safely buy 36 mm DJ without worrying about the replacement of the movement, the watch is out of date; if 3235 can be used for 36 DJ, then buy 36 now DJ, if the new movement is changed next year, some people may feel awkward. So today I will discuss with you and infer whether 3235 can be used for 36 DJs.

Rolex’s new 41mm DATE JUST (top) and Rolex’s 36mm DATE JUST (bottom). I used the same ratio for the two pictures. We can see the difference in size between the two watches.
   Now we ask this question because Rolex did not give detailed dimensions and specifications of the new 3235. Some players see that Rolex using the 32 series movements are large-caliber, 40mm DAY DATE, 41mm DATE JUST, 43mm new SEA DWELLER, only models below 40 are not available. So I wonder if it is because the size of the 3235 movement has become larger. The 32 series movement can only be used on watches of 40 mm and above. Even some people think that the reason why this year’s new SEA DWELLER increased to 43 is also because of the movement (the reason for the change of the new sea dweller, I will write a separate article to talk about). Although Rolex officially did not give detailed data of the 3235 movement, but I also collected some 3235 information myself, let’s compare the previous generation 3135 movement and the new generation 3235 movement to see if the 3235 can be installed in 36 In the shell.
The technical specifications of the Rolex 3135 are:

   It has a diameter of 28.5 mm, 31 jewel bearings, a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a power reserve of 48 hours. Early 3135 used KIF shock absorbers, Nivarox hairsprings, and later replaced with Rolex’s exclusive Paraflex shock absorbers and Parachrom blue hairsprings.
The technical specifications of the Rolex 3235 are (not official, data from folk):

   Diameter 28.5mm, 31 jewel bearings, 28800 swings / hour, 201 parts, 70 hours power reserve, new Chronergy escapement, Paraflex shock absorber, Parachrom blue hairspring.

Rolex 3135 (top) and Rolex 3235 (bottom), according to folk data, the dimensions of the two movements are the same.
   I want to emphasize that although Rolex did not give official data for 3235, I have inquired from many foreign articles and materials that the diameter of the movement of 3235 is 28.5 mm, not a single company. Wherever I see 3235 size, The information written is 28.5 mm, the same size as 3135 (two years ago, when Rolex launched the first 32255 series movement 3255, I checked it once, and the data found at that time was also 28.5). Therefore, I believe that the data of 3235 with a diameter of 28.5 mm is credible and should be true. The previous generation 3135 is the same size as the new 3235, so it can be inferred that the 3235 can be used on a 36 mm DATE JUST. There should be no problem that 3235 can only be used on large-caliber watches of 40 mm and above.

   Because Rolex has not yet replaced the 3235 movement on this classic 36mm DATE JUST, it has caused many players to guess, which is also an indisputable fact.

Disassembly of Rolex 3135
Guess one: According to Rolex’s consistent technology change rate, the replacement of a new technology will take up to several years, gradually starting from the all-gold flagship model, gradually decentralizing to gold and stainless steel, and updating one or two models a year. Some people have speculated that it may be close to 2020 when the steel shell water ghosts change into the new 3235 movement. This year’s 41mm DJ has been replaced with 3235, and next year’s 36mm DJ can be replaced. It is really hard to say. Rolex has a large output, and replacing the movement is a huge process, which will take a long time.

Conjecture 2: Some players believe that Rolex may also use the new 3235 movement on large-caliber models such as DAY DATE 40; DATE JUST 41, and 3135 on some other models of watches. Use two different movements to form a price distinction. I personally think this is unlikely. Industrial production is focused on simplification, and especially Rolex, a large-volume brand, should not have two sets of standards and two systems. Rolex also wrote in the introduction of the new generation 32 series movement, 90% of the parts of the 32 series movement are completely new design, and 31 series is not universal. Moreover, Rolex has never done two sets of standards.

The wheel train structure of the Rolex 3235 movement. It should be noted that the new generation 32 series movements of the Rolex use the center two wheel train layout, which is completely different from the center 4 wheel layout 3135 movement.
So we can infer:
   First of all, Rolex must have made the layout of the new 32 series movements. All men’s watches and large-caliber women’s watches (39 mm pearl ladies) will be 32 series movements in the future, and small-sized women’s watches will be 2235 series movements (including silicon Gossamer’s 2236). The 36 mm watch is certainly also the new 3235 movement. First of all, 36mm is the most classic size of Rolex. The true neutral size is impossible to cancel. Since there is 36mm, the 3235 movement will not be used in the future. Will it always use 3135? (Don’t forget, the 3135 movement was produced in 1988.) Will we use the women’s watch 2235, 2236? impossible. Therefore, the Rolex movement is not unchangeable, it is not yet time. Each year Rolex presents new technologies to one or two models at the Basel Watch Fair. This year it is 43 mm SEA DWELLER and 41 mm DJ with steel case. Whoever is next will depend on the next year’s watch fair.

Updated: 23. December 2020 — 2:32
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