Carl F. Bucherer Brand Story (1): Inheriting Watchmaking Technology And Leading The Trend Of Time

As a famous independent watch brand in Switzerland, Carl F. Bucherer, founded in 1888, has always been known in the top watch market for high-quality mechanical watches and exquisite women’s jewelry watches. . In 2008, Bucherer completed the acquisition of the Technologys HorlogeresAppliquees SA (THA) movement factory, which has been cooperating for ten years, and reorganized it into Carl F. Bucherer Technologies, SA (CFBT). Core, formally entered the field of Maufacture “home-made watch factory”, adding a new chapter to the rich and long-standing tradition of watchmaking of Bucherer, then let this website lead each of them to understand the wonderful history of Bucherer for more than 125 years.
 In 1888, Carl F. Bucherer opened his first watch and jewelry store in Lucerne, Switzerland. Karl has a keen observation of fashion trends and social trends, not only has a wealth of watchmaking knowledge, but also has an innate accurate intuition for the tastes and requirements of top customer groups. As a result, the Bucherer Jewellery & Watch Store has grown rapidly from a small store, laying the foundation for its future development as a Shanda Group.

 Carl’s two sons, Eduard and Ernst, both inherited his career, one trained in London to become a goldsmith and one to become a professional watchmaker. They both inherited the extensive knowledge of their parents and further expanded the location of the Bucherer watch shop to all Switzerland. The two then opened a store in Unter den Linden, Germany. Ernst quickly rose to become a watchmaker to which the royal nobility relied, and the reputation of Bucherer jewellery and watches also swept Germany’s high society.

 In 1919, the Bucherer brothers formally established a watchmaking factory and launched Bucherer’s first watch series, a women’s watch designed with delicate white gold and precious diamonds. Since then, the Bucherer watch has been passed down through the generations with sophisticated traditional craftsmanship and the pursuit of perfection. Bucherer has a strong passion for watchmaking, adheres to traditional handicraft skills and the highest quality standards, and is familiar with the tastes and requirements of customers. Therefore, it quickly gained a place in watchmaking, and in each era, outstanding works came out to polish the treasure Qilai became a golden signboard. For example: a silver brooch with a unique shape of a carriage in 1930; a chronograph with elegance and performance in 1948; an astronomical table certified by the COSC in Switzerland in 1968; Archimedes diving in 1971 symbolizing the extraordinary technology And the first Swiss quartz watch.

 1919: The first women’s watch inspired by Art Deco, with an octagonal case and inlaid with jewellery, is an innovation that immediately conquers the world of women’s watches.

 1930: Bucherer launches a silver brooch watch, which is shaped as a horse-drawn carriage and inlaid with iron ore, and the timepiece can be displayed when the door is opened.

 1948: This chronograph has a large calendar window displayed at six o’clock. It can be said that it is an ingenious and exquisite design that reveals the unique features of Bucherer’s innovation and harmony.

 In addition to great achievements in watchmaking, Bucherer’s sales business is also booming. From 1927 to 1931, Bucherer opened five strongholds in Switzerland. In 1930, he bought the Hotel du Right in the centre of Lucerne and refurbished it as a storefront. Today, this building is not only the flagship store of the Bucherer watch shop, but also a famous building in Lucerne. It is a must-visit for many tourists who come here.

 Bucherer’s flagship watch retail store in the centre of Lucerne is the source of the Bucherer Group’s multinational business and one of the must-visit attractions for many tourists visiting Switzerland.
 In 1967, the Bucherer Group acquired the Credos watch factory in Nidau ​​(near Biel) and renamed it Bucherer Montres S. A. Between 1968 and 1976, Bucherer was one of the leaders in the Swiss watchmaking industry, with nearly 15,000 COSC-certified astronomical watches, second only to Rolex and Omega. At present, the Bucherer Group is still owned by the Bucherer family, with the third generation of Jorg G. Bucherer as its chairman. Under his leadership, Carl F. Bucherer effectively developed sales channels in a short period of time and established an international reputation that consumers knew well.

 1968 Observatory-certified watches: Bucherer manufactures a total of 15,000 Swiss-Observatory-certified watches, which also makes Bucherer one of the top three Swiss watches.

1971: Archimedes Archimedes diving watch symbolizing the extraordinary technology of the brand.

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