Casio Sheen Watch Is The Perfect Choice For Elegant Women

The SHEEN series watch created by Casio is an elegant watch specially created for women. Just like the character of SHEEN’s spokesperson Guilun Magnesium, it is as fresh, intelligent and elegant, so that the beauty of women blooms from the inside, always exuding smart wisdom.

    The supreme pursuit of women in modern metropolises: elegance and beauty are all in one, and strive to become a smart and elegant goddess. Such a charming woman can hold her dream in her hands and strive to realize it. This is also the personality statement of the female Elegant, Smart, Shining for the Casio watch SHEEN.

   Gorgeous yet concise design, raising hands to show elegance everywhere, making a suitable wrist decoration without exaggerating elegance, is absolutely suitable for all occasions, is the only way to increase women’s self-confidence and charm, let ladies no matter Whether in the workplace or in leisure life, the strap is always shining.

   The simple white is mainly SHE-5517D-7A, with a diamond-shaped dark grid design in the center of the dial text plate, which is a new feature of the watch, reflecting the elegance of the ladies without losing the affinity of pretty. Ceramic bezel, sector-shaped week display at 3 o’clock, Swarovski crystal embellishment at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock, equipped with sapphire glass mirror, which makes the entire dial shine brightly. Elegance is certainly the most striking focus of the scene.

   The SHE-4505SG-7A, which also has the shape of a round dial watch, is based on the well-received SHE-5512. After miniaturization, the star scale display is retained at 11 o’clock. This uniquely reserved star scale design conveys The beautiful wishes and happiness of modern women, everyone has the right to make their own wishes and work hard to realize them, hold the wishes firmly in their own hands, and let SHEEN accompany them to make a smart and fashionable charm female.

Casio SHEEN creates a temperament watch for newcomers to the workplace
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Casio SHEEN rose gold elegantly blooming
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Casio SHEEN large dial series women’s watch
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Updated: 12. December 2020 — 14:53
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