Change The ‘new Clothes’ For The Timepiece. Would You Take It Apart Or Not?

Nowadays, watchmakers often consider the design of the movement, material, and dial when they choose the watch, and ignore the strap. They do n’t know that it is also one of the more important watches. ring. If the watch is likened to a gorgeous woman, then the strap is a dress that changes with nature, allowing the same person to show a very different feeling on different occasions.

Cartier Santos

   Presumably everyone will have this experience. Even a single piece of clothing, no matter how beautiful or beautiful, will make people feel boring and prone to visual fatigue if worn for a long time. Well, the timepiece on the wrist is of course no exception. Although it is one of the best accessories that can show taste and temperament on a person, it will gradually become insensible as the wear time increases. Then we have limited funds, we can only start with a watch strap that highlights our personality, and change its appearance to make it appear ‘refreshing.’
Quick release strap
   Remember that in the past, changing straps was also a headache, because professional watch repair tools were needed, and most people did n’t understand how to use them, and they were not assured to send them to a repair point. Fortunately, a belt-changing mechanism called quick release came into being, making it possible for the wearer to change it by himself, bringing the gospel to watch friends who have a small number of watches, and making the watch reward It has broadened a whole new fun.
Mainstream brand with quick release
(Cartier Santos)
   Speaking of the quick release mechanism, the first update of the Cartier Santos 100 watch on SIHH this year. In addition to the upgraded case, dial, movement. The biggest highlight of the new product is the application of two practical and convenient technologies:

   The first is the patented QuickSwitch system (this technology is for the strap / chain connection case) whether steel or gold, whether steel or gold, or calfskin or Alligator leather straps can be quickly disassembled at the touch of a button and replaced at will according to the wearer’s mood or needs.

   The second is called ‘SmartLink’ technology, this technology is for the metal bracelet. Intercepting the links of a metal bracelet is a relatively cumbersome process, but not to mention the use of professional tools, the process must be extra careful. I believe most friends who have metal bracelet watches have a deep understanding. And the new Sandos can support the use of bare hands to complete the interception of the bracelet without using tools. By pressing the quick release button on the metal link, the bracelet can be removed, which provides great convenience in technology.
Vacheron Constantin Overseas
   The Vacheron Constantin Overseas Vertical and Horizontal series is one of the outstanding representatives of the quick release strap. Since its launch in 1996, it has been updated to the third generation. The styling and appearance of classic and unique steel high-end sports watches has already captured the hearts of some watch lovers. Also included are three replaceable straps / chains of rubber, stainless steel, and crocodile leather, which makes the timepiece extremely flexible. Match the straps of different materials as you want, making the models even more versatile, no matter where you are, you can enjoy a unique belt changing experience.

   In addition, the buckle and strap (chain) of the quick release mechanism also add a lot to this watch. The watch is under the iconic folding ears and is equipped with an easy-to-remove replacement device. This original strap / bracelet and folding buckle The replacement device allows customers to safely disassemble and replace without using any tools, while not affecting the robustness of the bracelet or strap.

    It is worth mentioning that the included rubber strap and crocodile leather strap have the same folding buckle structure and can be used interchangeably. The replacement method is also relatively simple, and it can be replaced simply by rotating the retaining ring.

Blancpain Women’s Watch

   Nowadays, what is the mainstream of changing bands, the two words ‘color’, especially the brighter and brighter color elements, can be said to be a breakthrough in the design of watch styles. This trend has spread to the entire watch market with the rise of the women’s watch market, making the choice of watches more diversified and a more eye-catching design method. The Blancpain ladies watch is one of the outstanding representatives. It not only provides four alligator leather straps with different textures and colors, and the inside of the strap is equipped with a quick release device. Women’s wearers can adjust the mood according to the mood of the day. 4. Attend the occasion to change the belt, so that each appearance can present a new look.


38mm Panerai watch

   Making existing models smaller and thinner is one of the main design methods for Italian Panerai watches to meet market demand. Especially this year, the brand broke the 40mm lower limit for the first time and launched a 38mm neutral payment, which makes the watch diameter more affinity and allows more people who love Peiwatch to control.

Quickly hide behind the lugs

   The word quick release is not uncommon for Panerai. Previously, most of the brand’s models would be accompanied by a tape and a quick release tool. On the lugs of some models, there are small dot buttons with a quick release device. When you press it down with a tool, the end of the strap connecting shaft will be pushed out of the lugs when the internal force is converted. Achieve tape change operation.

   It is worth mentioning that, at the same time, Panerai has introduced a new strap replacement method, which has been presented in this year’s ‘Fu’ watch. A strap changing system was set on the strap, and after a simple push-pull and lock Can be replaced, making quick release easier.
   In addition, there are many brands with quick release devices, such as the Tucson Bicheng Bronze model with disassembly device, IWC’s marine timepiece, Oris ProDiver and fashion models like Chanel. Quick release The installations are all reflected in it, and the relationship will not be explained because of space.
Disadvantages of the quick release device
   There are always good and bad things, and quick release devices are no exception. Because it is a device, it always has physical properties, and prolonged wear and tear will shorten the life of the device. The strap part is okay, because it can be replaced with a new one. After the connection part of the case is damaged, the entire case must be replaced, especially the precious metal case, which consumes a lot of money. Therefore, it is also necessary to use this tape changer with caution.

Colorful Panerai watches

Summary: In general, the release of the quick release device is a benefit for those who have a small number of watches. Through a convenient belt change mechanism, the appearance of the watch is changed to keep it fresh at all times. However, in the long run, it is also recommended to avoid unnecessary band changes to avoid damage to the case. So the question is, if you want to change the watch to ‘new clothes’, do you take it apart or not?