Crystal White Series High-tech Ceramic Watch

The Centrix white high-tech ceramic watch is a natural sapphire crystal with no seams, which gives this watch a timeless beauty that travels through time and space. The crystal clear circular surface is like a bright moonlight. Simple, elegant and endlessly charming, the white, high-tech ceramics section with warm and jade complements the sparkling diamonds on the dial, and adds a bit of indulgent beauty to its classic charm.
    Swiss radar first produced white high-tech ceramic watches in the 1990s. This one represents the classic, elegant and fashionable color of the times will become the main color of the Swiss radar in 2011. Today, Swiss radars have created a new trend. Many of its collections have launched new white watches simultaneously. The white high-tech ceramic watches with many styles can be used in white dresses or white accessories as embellishments. Add a touch of refinement and elegance.