Dior Chiffre Rouge M01 Watch

Dior, who is good at detailing, has designed a series of watches with front oscillating weight, supporting the supporting role as the protagonist. Such an imaginative approach must be related to the romantic brand style. Those who have seen Dior’s past works are not hard to find that Dior’s watches have always been neither lacking in romantic themes nor tasteful design, nor will they be subject to various professional technologies and hand-made craftsmanship.
Unlike other watches with a front rotor, Dior Chiffre Rouge M01 does not have much decoration. I saw two sets of scales on the silver-white rotor, the larger one is from 15 to 45 minutes, A small set of 0 to 15 scales is in the middle position, which is conspicuously modified by red, and becomes a bright spot on the surface of the main color of black and white. The black ceramic bezel is printed with Arabic hour numerals. The stainless steel case diameter is 39 mm. It is not exaggerated and really tough. The asymmetrical lugs reflect Dior’s desire to get rid of the traditional idea of ​​watch making. A touch of freshness emerged from the bezel.
Basic data
Stainless steel case, 39 mm diameter, self-winding movement, limited to 200 pieces
The automatic movement can use the movement of the wearer’s arm to drive the metal oscillating weight in the system to continuously rotate, thereby pushing the inner lever and gear to wind the mainspring. When you move, the pendulum moves, and the pointer moves forward. This eliminates the small device that people use to wind up the watch with their hands. Since its appearance, most of them have been hiding behind the watch, turning around at the bottom of the watch, and winding the watch silently, it has become full of neglect. Supporting role.