Dior’s Largest Specialty Store Airborne To Taiwan

This specialty store is located in the majestic Taipei 101 building in Xinyi District, covering an area of ​​1805 square meters and covering two floors. It integrates all the artistic features of the flagship store in Paris, France. The specialty store held a dinner and opening ceremony on March 23. In addition to the chief executive officer Sidney Toledano, celebrities such as Michelle Yeoh and Yanzu Wu were also present.
Dior’s largest specialty store airborne to Taiwan
   Architect Peter Marino blends 18th-century style with contemporary elements to create a style and atmosphere that is also very contemporary.
   All Dior products are sold here. There are two rooms on the ground floor for leather goods, a room for watches and jewellery, three living rooms on the second floor for fashion, and another room for footwear. The two floors are connected by a beautiful cast iron staircase.
  According to the French Enterprise International Development Agency (UBIFRANCE), Taiwan’s luxury market has a market share of 1.6 billion US dollars, and this market share is still growing in double digits. In addition, data from the French Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Taiwan show that the wealthiest 10% are particularly keen on Western goods, which is why Dior chose to open this flagship store.