Flowers Of Good Affection Mark The Moment Of Reunion Feiyada Mid-autumn Festival Gifts

There are many ways to reunite. No matter where you and I are, you can share a few citrons and enjoy the full moon round. Imprint the heart of reunion under Hao Yue, and enjoy the moment of affection for spending the full moon. ‘The autumn sky is bright and the moon is hanging, and the luster is wet.’ On this beautiful occasion, Fiyta presented two watches in the flower language series and the printed series, which will be permanently printed on your wrist.

[Jingmei moving ‘month’ enjoys the most beautiful moment]

   The full moon and mid-autumn festival, the long stay, each reunion time is our most beautiful moment, just like a flower language watch, listening to the flower words on your wrist, counting the passage of time, and meeting, the best self, is you. The watch’s compact rose gold case design is simple and generous; the dial is round and small, and the introvert contains ingenuity. On the pure white dial, a lotus flower is looming and fresh. The rose gold base is hand-inlaid with sparkling crystals, adding to the delicate dial and elegant case. Rose gold-plated hollow willow-shaped copper needles, exquisite and elegant, highlight the delicate and feminine temperament of women. Coral pink leather straps are fresh and beautiful. They are decorated with colors and are elegant and versatile. Fiyta’s flower language series will linger on the wrist with passionate flower language, crafting beautiful expectations, blooming the most beautiful moments in life.

[Notes of Time, Marks of Happiness]

   We always want our memories to stay at their best. Time has become the best witness. Even though the years are passing away, those happy times are still vivid and become indelible marks in life. These imprints are in the bottom of my heart, quietly recording the bits of happiness in the past.

   The Fiyta Indian series inherits the classic design of the watch, focusing on the concept of light retro and fashionable products, like a gentleman, elegant and romantic. The matte texture of the retro ivory white disc surface is round and elegant, and the elongated silver bar pins are matched with a fine circle of tick marks around it, retro and stylish. The intimate luminous pointer allows you to read clearly even in the dark. The large black hands and steel blue seconds hand reflect the classic style of the watch design. The lugs are inspired by vintage cycling chain elements. After the polished lugs, the bright texture enhances the light and elegant temperament of the watch. The round shape not only has full affinity, but also gives the wearer a comfortable and close wrist experience. Under the retro feeling, the watch also combines modern design style, simple lines, atmospheric layout, and round case highlighting the beauty of modern touchable arcs.

[Fiyta X Backpack for Ten Years, Time Travel]

   The watch and the full moon also carry the perfect meaning, and also witness the moment of meeting. Fiyta joins hands with the famous Chinese professional travel writer, backpacker Xiaopeng, to invite you to express your feelings at the Mid-Autumn Festival. Write down your blessings to loved ones and start the journey of time.

   He is a new literary youth who has achieved in the Internet age. His blog is called by netizens as a “crazy” diary who lives on a journey. 1 million copies, his new book is a youthful book for dream owners; he is the founder of Backpack Youth Park for ten years, and is located in Lijiang and Shangri-La, bringing dreams to life; he is China’s first professional traveler, Zhang Jinpeng, The pseudonym ‘Xiaopeng’.

   [Backpack Ten Year Youth Park] is a theme inn opened by Xiaopeng in Lijiang and Shangri-La. In addition to the heavenly surrounding environment, the store is a utopian that can make everyone forget the outside world. Cafes, bars, open-air cinemas, sunny library, prairie backyards and other leisure places and facilities provide a large rear for all travelers, and at the same time provide a platform for travelers to make friends on the road.

[Festivals for the holiday season, ‘table’ expresses affection]

   During the event, write down the person you most want to ‘show’ affection and blessings to TA, we will select 30 messages on September 13 to vote and vote; the top 5 lucky ones will get Fiyta stars Recommended watches (two of which are optional) 6-10 lucky people will get [Backpack Decade Youth Park] Lijiang, Shangri-La Inn Deluxe Room for two nights and free nights, we will put your blessings and above on the Mid-Autumn Festival A gift for someone you want to express. Gifts are limited, first come first served.

Watch configuration:
Name: FIYTA Flower Language Watch
Model: LA802008.PWS
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: Stainless steel, IP-plated rose gold
Table mirror: anti-glare synthetic sapphire glass
Dial: white medium light, crystal inlay
Hands: Rose gold-plated brass hands
Bottom cover: stainless steel, threaded bottom
Strap: Orange-pink non-woven leather strap
Water resistance: 30 meters

Name: Fiyta Indian Series Watch
Model: GA850002.WWR
Movement: imported automatic mechanical movement
Case: stainless steel
Table mirror: anti-glare synthetic sapphire glass
Dial: Ivory White
Hands: black-coated copper hands, luminous, large seconds steel blue
Bottom cover: stainless steel, synthetic sapphire thread bottom
Strap: Dark brown leather
Water resistance: 50 meters

Updated: 13. March 2021 — 16:56
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