Footwear Deep Sea Binding Dragon Five Recommended Female Diving Watches

Nowadays more and more female friends are beginning to like diving with common sense. Diving watches are also aimed at the women’s market, and women’s diving watches with both appearance and function are launched. Different from the thickness of men’s watches, diving women’s watches are exquisite and small, and some are also set with diamonds, but they are not inferior to men’s watches in function. In the 1950s, French Navy divers often performed dangerous underwater military missions. The Fifty Fathoms watch developed to meet the extreme needs of deep-water missions has always upheld its masculine charm. Today, this legendary watch is interpreted from a female perspective. In fact, Blancpain has always believed that women always have a high degree of appreciation for the wonderful world of mechanical watches.
    The Master Compressor Diving Lady series combines the elegance of women with superior watch performance. Each automatic function and appearance design presents the diving world exclusively for women in the eyes of Jaeger-LeCoultre, and the technical expertise that dive watches should have is unremitting. TAG Heuer is also a masterpiece of modern watch design, which meets the needs of every woman who is close to nature and pursues fashion and health. Due to the constant pursuit of superior quality and performance, the TAG Heuer Submarine Series has achieved a number of outstanding design achievements, from scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass to the double-layer safety washer screw-in crown with dust and water resistance; From a precisely timed one-way rotating bezel to an accidental release of the double insurance quick-action buckle, the safety watch with outstanding safety performance allows the couple to wear as much as possible in love even in the harshest underwater conditions. ocean. Omega Seahorse Series White Planet (St. Moritz) Ceragold model in a 37.5mm 18K red gold case with a new Ceragold bezel, 18K white ceramic base The red gold diving scale presents a unique visual beauty. This watch is a tribute to St. Moritz, the Swiss mountain resort. The sea and land strap is sturdy and durable. The rubber material is waterproof, shockproof, abrasion-resistant and UV-resistant. This is similar to the sturdiness of the high-tech precision ceramics of the classic model of the J12. Black or white lacquered dial, coupled with Swiss self-winding mechanical movement, J12 Marine faithfully reproduces the design concept of the J12 series: practical, accurate and irreplaceable simple and stylish sense, which is like Ms. Chanel like The lover’s men’s watch worn is exactly the same.