Glasutti New Office Building Inaugurated Ceremony

With the theme of ‘Hundred Years Inheritance Creates Resplendence’, German top watchmaker Glashütte Original warmly invited media friends and business partners from all walks of life to attend the inauguration ceremony of the new office building.

 Based on the current global optimistic situation of Glashütte and the continuous increase of the brand’s visibility and prestige in key markets such as China, North America and the Near East, Glashütte is systematically increasing its production capacity to lay the foundation for sustained and continuous development. The two managing directors of Glashütte and Mr. Günter Wiegand and Mr. Yann Gamard who are members of the executive management team of the world’s largest watch group Swatch Group The VIP introduced the latest developments of this top German watchmaker and showed the optimistic outlook of Glashütte in the next few years.

 After a short reception in the main hall of the Glashütte main building, the inauguration of the new office building just minutes from the main building officially began. Later in the key handover ceremony, Mr. Björn Griemberg, the project’s director, handed a large golden key to Mr. Günter Wiegand.

 After the opening ceremony, all VIPs were invited to visit the new office building together. Mr. Yann Gamard, Mr. Günter Wiegand and Mr. Adrian Bosshard led the visit with all VIPs, distinguished guests The opportunity to experience for yourself the birthplace of high-quality Glashütte watches.

 Since October 3, 2011, after only 10 months of construction, the first employees moved into the new building on August 15, 2012. The new office building has a total area of ​​4,550 square meters and currently has only 50 employees working in the new office building. Glashütte’s brother brand, UNION, within the Swatch Group also owns the right to use the new office building.

 In order to make more space for the main building for production, Glashütte has started the reconstruction of the main building with the goal of releasing 1,900 square meters of production space. The central cafeteria on the top of the main building will be completed by the end of this year.

 To ensure enough skilled artisans in the future, more watchmakers and toolmakers will be recruited each year for training in the future. Previously, the Alfred Hewege School of Watchmaking at the Glashütte Watch Factory enrolled 12 watchmakers and 3 toolmakers each year; since 2011, the number of future watchmakers trained each year has been It increased to 14 people. They will learn watchmaking skills in a three-year course. After completing their studies, graduates who score high enough will be offered job opportunities offered by Glashütte.

 The increasing number of employees shows the continuous growth of the Glashütte brand: at the end of 2010, the company had only 321 registered employees; in September 2012, the number of employees had increased to 440. Most of the new employees join the company’s assembly and service departments. By the end of 2013, the Saxony company plans to recruit about 70 more employees, at which time the watchmaker’s number of employees is expected to reach 510. As a result, Glashütte will become the largest employer in Glashütte and one of the largest teaching bases.

Updated: 27. January 2021 — 1:04
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