Gucci Creates New ‘interesting’ Fashion Watch With Bee Elements

Gucci watch jewelry incorporates new ‘bee’ design elements into the G-TIMELESS series. The G-TIMELESS series has always been rich and changeable, and many Gucci iconic series have been born. Its long-lasting charm lies in the fact that the watch can always be reborn and the pattern is multiplied.

   This new ‘bee’ adopts symmetrical design, which is pleasing to the eyes and expands the design possibilities. The new watch features a unique embroidered dial and a “bee” shape with gold threads, exuding modern neutral charm.

   All new models are 38mm medium size with gold embroidered bees set against Gucci’s ‘green red green’ striped fabric background. This extraordinary woven dial inherits Gucci’s innovative tradition in materials, while adding a touch of warmth and softness.

   The dial’s green, red, and gold colors complement the PVD gold-plated case. The crown is decorated with an interlocking ‘G’ logo.

   The watch comes with a ‘Cuoio Toscano’ calfskin strap and is available in red, green and light brown. All models are available in two styles: a ‘bracelet’ leather strap and a traditional strap that are easily interchangeable. The back of the watch is also engraved with a bee pattern. With these unique new G-TIMELESS watches, Gucci watch jewellery combines creative materials and design with traditional “Swiss Made” quality, consolidating its unassailable “Creative Watchmaker” status.

Updated: 16. November 2020 — 16:01
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