Kaia Gerber’s Choice-omega’s New Disc Flying Master Series Women’s Watch

Omega celebrity ambassador Kaia Gerber wears an omega disc flying classic series watch
Source of inspiration

   The famous Swiss watch brand OMEGA has outstanding achievements in the field of women’s watches. For over a century, Omega has been committed to creating exquisite and elegant timepieces for women.
   In recent years, Omega has held the ‘Her Time’ Women’s Watch 100-year global tour exhibition, honoring the long history of the brand’s ladies watches. While paying tribute to history, Omega has continued to create new and fashionable timepieces for modern women.

Omega saucer classics ladies watch
   Today, Omega is launching a new women’s watch from the Flying Disc Classic.
   The watch inherits the exquisite style of Omega classic ladies’ timepieces, and incorporates many aesthetic elements loved by modern women, so that the wearer always exudes self-confidence and charm.

   The watch’s thin case and slender hands highlight the retro style, while adding modern aesthetic elements such as Roman numeral hour markers, curved diamond inlays, and stylish straps, which are all stylish and elegant.

   Omega has always believed that women’s true charm comes from her personality, inner strength, wisdom and personal style. It is the unique charm of every woman, and it is also a quality worth cherishing.

   Omega used this as a source of inspiration to launch a new disco-famous classic ladies’ watch. Different materials and different color schemes make each watch shine a unique personality, showing the unique temperament and fashion style of modern women.
Legendary name

   Omega first named a watch series with Trésor in 1949, implying that the watch was equipped with the legendary ‘treasure’-the classic 30 mm movement. At that time, this movement became a model of precision and simplicity, which also allowed Omega to give the first classic watch a slim gold case.
   In 2014, the disco-famous classics series watch returned, and the ‘Zhenzhen coaxial’ movement at that time was ahead of the industry with precise travel time. The watch follows the classic style of the prototype, with a slim case measuring just 10.6 mm thick.

   Today, Omega continues to inherit the classic traits of the disco-famous classics series and gives it a new life and meaning, and builds a bridge between classics and avant-garde.
   The new disco-famous ladies’ watch is equipped with an exquisite quartz movement, which guarantees the watch to move accurately while greatly reducing the thickness of the case. The 39 mm case has a thickness of 9.75 mm, while the 36 mm case has a thickness of only 8.85 mm. More importantly, this series aims to inherit the essence of Omega ladies watches, create new watches for modern women with superior quality and charming design, and pay tribute to the brand’s outstanding achievements in the field of women’s watches.
New watch
   Omega’s new disco-famous classic ladies’ watches incorporate many modern and stylish aesthetic elements in the classic design. The case is slim and chic and is available in 39mm and 36mm.

   Each watch is set with sparkling diamonds on both sides of the case, creating a charming curve. The flower pattern on the crown is composed of 5 Omega brand logos overlapping, made of red liquid ceramic, and the flower core is set with a bright diamond, exquisite and unique. The classic Roman hour markers are printed on the lacquered dial, which makes this timepiece more elegant and noble.

   The watch’s mirrored back is decorated with ‘Her Time’ floral patterns, which is unique. It is equipped with the Omega 4061 movement, which provides accurate timekeeping for the watch. This watch is not only a practical fashion item, but also conveys the concept of self-confidence to contemporary women, hoping that they can learn more about themselves and find their inherent charm.
   There are 9 different styles to choose from. The watch case is made of stainless steel or Sedna® 18K gold with a fabric or leather strap. Dials come in a variety of styles, including black, taupe, white, blue, silver-white dials, and mother-of-pearl dials.

Kaia Gerber’s Choice

Omega celebrity ambassador Kaia Gerber wears Omega saucer classic watches

   Kaia Gerber is undoubtedly one of the hottest models in the fashion industry today. As the celebrity ambassador of Omega and the daughter of the famous supermodel Cindy Crawford, she has already shown her edge in the fashion industry. Her unique talent and personality have made her the pearl of a top fashion designer and participated in many fashion shows. And signed with a number of fashion brands.

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Kaia Gerber

   Like his mother Cindy Crawford, Kaiya has also formed a cooperative relationship with Omega. Omega held the ‘Her Time’ Ladies Watch 100 Years Collection Exhibition during Paris Fashion Week in September 2017, and officially announced that Kaiya joined the celebrity ambassador family. The young and stylish Kaiya became the perfect choice for the interpretation of Omega’s new disco-famous classic ladies’ watches.

Omega Celebrity Ambassador Kaia Gerber

   Enough to be an omega celebrity ambassador, means a lot to Kaiya. ‘I love the Omega brand very much. It can be said that it has accompanied my growth, and the staff of the brand have been with me. Since I remember, we are like family.’
   To showcase this young model and the new ladies’ watch series, Omega invited famous photographer Peter Lindbergh to shoot her an exclusive set of photos at Malibu Beach, California. photo. The legendary photographer has worked with Cindy on several occasions, and it would not be more appropriate for him to take photos for Kaia.
   In addition to this black-and-white blockbuster for Kaiya, Lindbergh also shot a picture for Cindy and her husband Rande Gerber, a pair of children Presley Gerber and Kaiya Precious family portrait photos. This photo was exhibited at the “Her Time” Ladies’ 100th Anniversary Exhibition in Paris, which illustrates the importance that the Cindy family attaches to the family and the family’s love for Omega.
    ‘I have a special liking for classic-style watches. The look of the Duffy Classic watch is very retro, but there are also fashionable and cool elements in the details. It can be said that it is a very beautiful watch. I like wearing it very much ‘Kaiya said.