Movado Mother’s Day Gift Exquisite Watch

Create simple and elegant watches and bracelet watches with modern lines and bright diamonds. Movado highlights the elegant beauty of women with a simple modern aesthetic. The annual Mother’s Day is coming. On this important day, select a Movado watch as a gift for this year’s Mother’s Day: the simplicity of the concerto watch contrasts with the gentleness of the mother, and the Simple and modern highlights the mother’s fashion, showing the vitality of the mother with the beautiful and smart movement of the moon bear bracelet …

Movado Sapphire SAPPHIRE ™ Series

 The Movado Sapphire series watches are simple and eye-catching. The flat sapphire crystal glass and the bezel-free case are integrated to form a smooth and complete look. The outer ring of the flat sapphire crystal is metallized. The elegant metallic color is consistent with the case as a whole. The watch diameter is 28 mm, which is more feminine. The new three-dimensional design of the bracelet has unique pyramid-shaped links on both sides, and the middle section is connected by flat vertical links. A butterfly-style folding clasp fits the wrist perfectly.

 The watch case is made of matte and polished pure stainless steel, the silver mirror dial, Movado’s signature concave sun dots at 12 o’clock, set with 11 diamond hour markers, and silver crown prince hands.

 The new sapphire women’s watch interprets the simplicity of Movado with extreme elegance. High-quality Swiss quartz movement. Water-resistant to 30 meters.

High-quality Swiss quartz movement.

Dial: Silver mirror dial with silver crown prince hands, Movado’s iconic concave sun dot at 12 o’clock, set with 11 diamond hour markers (0.0429 carat total weight).
Case: Round frosted / polished stainless steel caseless bezel case; thickness 6.75 mm; flat scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, silvered metal outer ring; water-resistant to 30 meters.
Bracelet: three-dimensional design, connecting the pyramid-shaped links on both sides with flat vertical links, polished pure stainless steel; with butterfly folding clasp.
Size: Women’s (28 mm)

Movado Concerto CONCERTO® Watch

 The Movado Concerto Concerto series watches have simple lines and exquisite outlines, highlighting Movado’s modern design aesthetics. In 2014, the Women’s Concerto Series introduced a new diamond-set watch. The 26.5 mm case is still equipped with an elegant embedded crown. The comfortable bracelet is highly polished and connected by a wide central link with a hidden folding clasp.

 The striking silver sunprint museum dial has a simple design, with Movado’s iconic gold or silver concave sun dots at 12 o’clock, set with 11 brilliant diamond hour markers, and Crown Prince hands.

 The new compact Movado Concerto Concerto watch, rich in details and modern, is equipped with a precision Swiss quartz movement, water-resistant to 30 meters.

Precision Swiss quartz movement.

Dial: Silver Sunprint Museum dial with iconic silver or gold concave sun dots; the dial is set with 11 diamond hour markers (total weight 0.042 carat), Crown Prince hands.
Case: pure stainless steel; embedded crown, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters;
Bracelet: three-row bracelet design, solid pure stainless steel chain link; or two-color pure stainless steel chain link; butterfly folding clasp.
Specifications: Women’s (26.5 mm)

Movado Mini Moon Bear Rondiro Series

 The famous Swiss watch brand Movado, MOVADO, is distinguished and elegant, elegant and simple. It is famous for its iconic Museum® dial and modern design. This year, the Movado Mini Moon Bear family has added a new bracelet watch style. The dial adopts Movado’s famous museum dial design, pink sun pattern or black museum dial, decorated with silver crown prince hands. Iconic concave sun dots.

 The Mini Moon Bear series watches are designed with smooth circles and smooth and beautiful curved lines as the design theme. The iconic C-shaped ring is designed as the lug connecting the case and the bracelet link, like a delicate wrist. The accessories are pleasing to the eye.

High-quality Swiss quartz movement

Dial: Black or pink Sunprint Museum dial, silver crown prince hands, Movado’s iconic concave sun dot at 12 o’clock.
Case: Pure stainless steel case, scratch-resistant sapphire crystal glass, water-resistant to 30 meters.
Bracelet: Bracelet-style bracelet with jewellery clasp.
Size: Women’s (22mm)

Unusually Simple Beauty Comment On The Mido Bruner Series ‘hourly Partial Core’ Watch

Time always represents beauty. When we enjoy a leisurely afternoon, we will be fascinated by the warm time, natural, calm, quiet, turning some beautiful text, and perceiving another world that has not been experienced before. Story here. In 2016, with a unique design, Mido brought a new masterpiece of the Bruner series. The design of ‘time division partial core’ amplifies the movement of the second hand, allowing us to perceive the rhythm and beauty of time. This time, we bring you a gold-plated Bruner watch, the official model is M024.444.36.031.00.

    The design source of the Mido Bruner series is the famous Royal Albert Hall in the United Kingdom. This classical building built in the 19th century is one of the sacred places in the world of music and art. It is a grand concert held here every year. Will always attract a lot of music lovers to come and enjoy. Mido looks for the imprint of time in the dome design of this building, which injects the soul of art and time into Bruner.

Mido Bruner series ‘Time Division Eccentric’ watch

    The biggest feature of this watch is that it subverts the traditional hour, minute, and second display, expands the space of the second hand, and moves the hour and minute hands to one side of the dial. At the same time, for the balance of the dial, the entire dial is designed diagonally, so the lower left And the upper right space is similar in size. There is no doubt that in the aesthetic fatigue that has been accustomed to the traditional dial, such a change has brought some new ideas to people.

Watch side

    The exquisiteness of the watch can be seen at a glance. The case of the Mido Bruna series ‘Time Division Eccentric’ watch is made of stainless steel, the surface is PVD-plated rose gold, and every part is polished. Treatment, so that the appearance is smooth and delicate, and the color is full. Qurun’s lugs add a gentleman-like taste to its men’s style.

Watch crown

    Just like most classic watches, this watch is just the right thickness, perfect for casual or formal wear. The crown is treated with a brand logo, and the non-slip texture on the side of the crown helps the owner to wind and adjust the time easily.

Slubbed Leather Strap

    A brown alligator-textured leather strap accentuates the gentleman’s character of the watch. Flexible feel, can provide a comfortable wrist feel. The filled leather material helps the strap to form a wearing memory and form a consistent arc with the wearer’s wrist, so it can be worn easily.


    The 40 mm case has a case thickness of 12.65 mm. The rose gold-plated surface presents a moist color. Prior to this, Mido had introduced a stainless steel non-gold-plated style. There is no doubt that the coolness of that metal is something else.


    Watching the dial surface of the watch at close range, its three-dimensional effect and the design of the hour and minute plate, you can see some of the more obvious elements of the dome of the Royal Albert Hall. The arc-shaped opening of the date window is somewhat unexpected, serving as both a decorative element and a function.

Adjustable discount

    And the leather strap is a stainless steel PVD rose gold-plated pin-type folding buckle. This buckle combines the characteristics of the pin-type buckle to adjust the length of the pin buckle and the simple operation performance of the folding buckle. The popular one has a buckle style.


    Turning over the watch, the screw-down caseback is embedded with a transparent sapphire lens in the middle, so that the internal self-winding movement can be seen at a glance. One of the charms of mechanical watches is the methodical movement of the movement, which is full of mystery for many people. The automatic oscillating weight is treated with Geneva stripe, and the substrate is only plated. The ‘A / H 28’800’ on the oscillating weight indicates its vibration frequency.

Summary: Everyone’s time is always passing by in one minute and one second. Being good at discovering the beautiful side of life can turn it into time and become a very meaningful part of your life. Everyone said that life is like a trip, so why not spend time in fun and make every moment more fun? The Mido Bruner series ‘Time Division Eccentric’ watch presents the classical concert hall architecture on your wrist, and appreciates the artistic life with you.

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