Manipulation Style, Manly Tricks: Tissot Laws Prs 516

If the world is your stretcher, then all in the city is not a race track, nor is it a fighting arena, and driven by desire, style competition. As the autumn wind is refreshing, the shape changes, and the choice of the sportsman’s body, the watch becomes indispensable and the finishing touch exists. Focusing on the world of racing that fans and collectors aspire to around the world, closely related to the unstoppable surrounding business opportunities, Swiss Tissot watches create daily, fully display racing elements, and integrate into the perfect timepiece of leisure life and workplace, like society The vitality and positivity that fresh people care about are just the right choice for Tissot Quartz PRS 516 series quartz chronographs to show rhythmic movements; as well as lightly mature and stable petty elites, wearing a T-shirt and leather jacket is a kind of Precise, charming, restrained and masculine, the Tissot Rush PRS 516 series three-pin automatic model is enough to taste its details. As a result, the new and highly anticipated Tissot PRS 516 series debuts. The watch design inherits the existing racing soul factor from the 1960s, and adds the fashionable look that it should have in 2016. It is definitely suitable for sportsmen: pop , Sports, introverted, personality and topic, etc. 5 major characteristics, so that you have a bright spot in raising your hands.

Tissot Prucci 516 watch-quartz chronograph

• Quartz movement
• Rose gold PVD stainless steel case
• Equipped with a speedometer bezel
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Water resistant to 100 meters
• Table diameter 42 mm
• Leather strap with button butterfly clasp

Tissot Prucci 516 watch-automatic chronograph

• A05.H31 automatic movement, power reserve up to 54 hours
• Stainless steel case
• Equipped with a speedometer bezel
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Water resistant to 100 meters
• Table diameter 42 mm
• Stainless steel bracelet with push-button butterfly clasp
Gold and silver price + value performance Tissot Rush PRS 516
   The quality of the watch has always been praised by the Swiss Tissot watch, and its various theme series have their own advocates, and the Tissot Rush PRS 516 series has been constantly renovating the classic appearance, showing the momentum of innovation that keeps pace with the times. Its racing style has its own origins, whether it is to explore the timed competition of blood, or to discover the abundant kinetic energy endurance, the Tissot Rush PRS 516 series can meet your expectations. In the end, you only need to match the appropriate personal style to control the style. .

Tissot PRS 516-Powermatic 80-Hour Automatic

• Powermatic 80 movement, power reserve up to 80 hours
• Black PVD steel case with transparent back case
• Carbon fiber face plate with carbon fiber bezel
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Water resistant to 100 meters
• Table diameter 42 mm
• Rubber strap with push-button folding clasp

Tissot Prucci 516 Series Watch-Three-Segment Small Second

• ETA 2825-2 movement
• Stainless steel case with transparent back cover
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Water resistant to 100 meters
• Table diameter 42 mm
• Leather strap with button butterfly clasp
   The new design in 2016 is like the wind and volcano. It first looks at the connection between crazy racing and popular enthusiasm. The black gold color quartz timepiece is definitely the first choice for autumn and winter. The design uses a rose gold PVD stainless steel case with a round hole that echoes the 1960s. The black leather strap of the steering wheel shows the spirit of perfect racing. Then, it can also be upgraded by sports. The stainless steel chain with a built-in self-winding chronograph movement with a harmonious face plate configuration and balanced overall shape is undoubtedly the first choice for both powerful and elegant men. The stainless steel version equipped with the Powermatic 80 movement is simple and restrained. The daily hours and minutes and the Day-Date function display are available. It is also a good choice for mechanical entry. Another carbon fiber model also equipped with the Powermatic 80 movement is more sporty in design. The design uses a black PVD case with a rubber strap and carbon fiber treatment on the dial and bezel, which makes the watch lighter. Finally, the three-segment small seconds dial is the most topical highlight of the 2016 Tissot Rush PRS 516 series. Through the three-segment small seconds dial, the date window and the PRS 516 mark configuration, there is a perfect landing point with a 10-minute interval. At the same time, it also echoes the design of the steering wheel and instrument panel in the 1960s. If the fans of the watch reverse the design of the case back, you can find that the round hole steering wheel inspired by PRS 516 is also decorated on it, and the leather strap with the round hole is the perfect combination. It is the best purchasing focus for the anniversary of department stores this year.

Tissot PRS 516-Powermatic 80-Hour Automatic

• Powermatic 80 movement, power reserve up to 80 hours
• Stainless steel case
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Water resistant to 100 meters
• Table diameter 42 mm
• Stainless steel bracelet with push-button butterfly clasp

Tissot Prucci 516 watch-automatic chronograph

• A05.H31 automatic movement, power reserve up to 54 hours
• Stainless steel case
• Equipped with a speedometer bezel
• Sapphire crystal glass
• Water resistant to 100 meters
• Table diameter 42 mm
• Stainless steel bracelet with button butterfly clasp

Complex Chopard L.U.C Perpetual T

During these 20 years of the establishment of the Chopard LUC Watch Factory, the main force was the development of ultra-complicated watches of the brand. Therefore, in the short period of more than 20 years, Chopard has continuously challenged itself to spawn multiple high-end watches. Ultra-complicated watch-making models, including perpetual calendar, tourbillon, moon phase display, time equation and other functions. Even though more than 20 years of watchmaking experience is in its adolescent years in the horological world, being able to gather such a large and complex watch lineup in a short time is enough to prove the strong watchmaking strength of L.U.C Watchmaking Workshop. The L.U.C Perpetual T to be introduced in this article is one of the masterpieces that integrates complex functions such as perpetual calendar, tourbillon, and big date in a watch.

Feature one: extremely readable face plate design
From the details of this watch’s dial, we can see that Chopard’s dedication to making this ultra-complicated watch, including the date, week, month, tourbillon, day and night display and other information, Chopard will This information is evenly distributed around the face plate with a visually balanced beauty, and the rich information can be read at a glance. The platinum case with the white dial has been hand-newly decorated with slate gray, and the slate gray perfectly separates the month, year, leap year display at 9 o’clock, and the day and night display at 9 o’clock. The overall design It also brings out a sense of visual hierarchy. It is worth mentioning that the diameter of the CHOPARD LUC Perpetual T 43mm also indirectly makes the overall information of the faceplate not overcrowded, and the watch of this size is also very reasonable for the wearer. Seeing Chopard from the details Attentive.

At six o’clock on the faceplate, you can see the tourbillon that Chopard used to compete and win.

Feature two: a pleasing tourbillon
CHOPARD L.U.C Perpetual T has a ‘core’ design for the faceplate. The tourbillon frame sits at 6 o’clock below the faceplate and is suspended from a steel bridge. This design seems ordinary, but it is said that Chopard will regularly send his tourbillon watch to Locle to participate in international competitions. Among them, the LUC Perpetual T tourbillon watch has also achieved good results and obtained the Chronometer mark. Therefore, in addition to the accuracy certification of the Swiss Official Astronomical Observatory (COSC), this tourbillon and even the watch itself are additionally recognized by other professional units to affirm the excellent performance of the watch.

After seeing the automatic winding movement designed by the L.U.C watch factory, this time the L.U.C 02.15-L manually wound movement is still full of Chopard’s characteristics no matter the performance or the finishing of the movement.

Feature 3: Aesthetic design of the refined movement
The LUC 02.15-L movement mounted on the watch this time is equipped with a Quattro system with four barrels, which makes the LUC Perpetual T watch have a power reserve of up to 8 days, which is endless and stable to provide energy for the watch. Worry about adjusting the time or date. To avoid overcrowding the dial, the power reserve display is set on the case back and is clearly visible through the sapphire crystal case back. The entire L.U.C 02.15-L movement is hand-finished, with mechanical beauty. The main splint is rounded and polished, the screws are polished, the table bridge is chamfered and decorated with vertical Geneva ripples, and the gems are embedded in the gold sleeve. These parts have been carefully polished and polished by hand and passed the test of the Geneva mark.

CHOPARD L.U.C Perpetual T

Hublot’s new BIG BANG Bavarian bronze watch, a perfect fusion and innovation of Swiss watchmaking technology and German traditional craftsmanship

Platinum material / LUC 02.15-L hand-wound movement / hour, minute, second, date, day of the week, month, leap year display / tourbillon device / perpetual calendar function / power reserve display / Geneva mark / sapphire crystal, transparent bottom cover / Water-resistant 30 meters / diameter 43mm / limited to 25 pieces

Can Rolex 3235 Be Placed In A 36mm Case?

It is not too late to get to the topic. Not long ago, I wrote an article ‘How to buy 3 Rolex DJs after the new 126334/126300 came out?’ ‘, Mentioned in the article, Rolex in the new DATE JUST 41 represented by 126333, 126334, 126300, completed the replacement of the new generation 3235 movement. At present, the new 41mm DATE JUST in Rolex’s official website and stores uses the new 3235 movement. At the same time, Rolex’s 36mm DATE JUST is still using the 3135 movement. As for the 36mm DJ, if it is not a new movement, it is unknown when the new movement will be replaced. After the article was published, some people said that ‘the 3235 movement cannot fit in the 36mm case at all’, ‘or why Xinhai Ambassador increased the dial this year. It should be the reason for the size of the 3235 movement.’ I believe that the new generation of 3235 movement may Not suitable for 36 mm DATE JUST. This question is very interesting, because I thought about it before, and I also asked myself, can 36 DJs use 3235 movement?
   Whether 36 DJ can use 3235 is a more meaningful question, this problem will affect some players. If 3235 can’t be used for 36 DJ, then good, we can safely buy 36 mm DJ without worrying about the replacement of the movement, the watch is out of date; if 3235 can be used for 36 DJ, then buy 36 now DJ, if the new movement is changed next year, some people may feel awkward. So today I will discuss with you and infer whether 3235 can be used for 36 DJs.

Rolex’s new 41mm DATE JUST (top) and Rolex’s 36mm DATE JUST (bottom). I used the same ratio for the two pictures. We can see the difference in size between the two watches.
   Now we ask this question because Rolex did not give detailed dimensions and specifications of the new 3235. Some players see that Rolex using the 32 series movements are large-caliber, 40mm DAY DATE, 41mm DATE JUST, 43mm new SEA DWELLER, only models below 40 are not available. So I wonder if it is because the size of the 3235 movement has become larger. The 32 series movement can only be used on watches of 40 mm and above. Even some people think that the reason why this year’s new SEA DWELLER increased to 43 is also because of the movement (the reason for the change of the new sea dweller, I will write a separate article to talk about). Although Rolex officially did not give detailed data of the 3235 movement, but I also collected some 3235 information myself, let’s compare the previous generation 3135 movement and the new generation 3235 movement to see if the 3235 can be installed in 36 In the shell.
The technical specifications of the Rolex 3135 are:

   It has a diameter of 28.5 mm, 31 jewel bearings, a swing frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a power reserve of 48 hours. Early 3135 used KIF shock absorbers, Nivarox hairsprings, and later replaced with Rolex’s exclusive Paraflex shock absorbers and Parachrom blue hairsprings.
The technical specifications of the Rolex 3235 are (not official, data from folk):

   Diameter 28.5mm, 31 jewel bearings, 28800 swings / hour, 201 parts, 70 hours power reserve, new Chronergy escapement, Paraflex shock absorber, Parachrom blue hairspring.

Rolex 3135 (top) and Rolex 3235 (bottom), according to folk data, the dimensions of the two movements are the same.
   I want to emphasize that although Rolex did not give official data for 3235, I have inquired from many foreign articles and materials that the diameter of the movement of 3235 is 28.5 mm, not a single company. Wherever I see 3235 size, The information written is 28.5 mm, the same size as 3135 (two years ago, when Rolex launched the first 32255 series movement 3255, I checked it once, and the data found at that time was also 28.5). Therefore, I believe that the data of 3235 with a diameter of 28.5 mm is credible and should be true. The previous generation 3135 is the same size as the new 3235, so it can be inferred that the 3235 can be used on a 36 mm DATE JUST. There should be no problem that 3235 can only be used on large-caliber watches of 40 mm and above.

   Because Rolex has not yet replaced the 3235 movement on this classic 36mm DATE JUST, it has caused many players to guess, which is also an indisputable fact.

Disassembly of Rolex 3135
Guess one: According to Rolex’s consistent technology change rate, the replacement of a new technology will take up to several years, gradually starting from the all-gold flagship model, gradually decentralizing to gold and stainless steel, and updating one or two models a year. Some people have speculated that it may be close to 2020 when the steel shell water ghosts change into the new 3235 movement. This year’s 41mm DJ has been replaced with 3235, and next year’s 36mm DJ can be replaced. It is really hard to say. Rolex has a large output, and replacing the movement is a huge process, which will take a long time.

Conjecture 2: Some players believe that Rolex may also use the new 3235 movement on large-caliber models such as DAY DATE 40; DATE JUST 41, and 3135 on some other models of watches. Use two different movements to form a price distinction. I personally think this is unlikely. Industrial production is focused on simplification, and especially Rolex, a large-volume brand, should not have two sets of standards and two systems. Rolex also wrote in the introduction of the new generation 32 series movement, 90% of the parts of the 32 series movement are completely new design, and 31 series is not universal. Moreover, Rolex has never done two sets of standards.

The wheel train structure of the Rolex 3235 movement. It should be noted that the new generation 32 series movements of the Rolex use the center two wheel train layout, which is completely different from the center 4 wheel layout 3135 movement.
So we can infer:
   First of all, Rolex must have made the layout of the new 32 series movements. All men’s watches and large-caliber women’s watches (39 mm pearl ladies) will be 32 series movements in the future, and small-sized women’s watches will be 2235 series movements (including silicon Gossamer’s 2236). The 36 mm watch is certainly also the new 3235 movement. First of all, 36mm is the most classic size of Rolex. The true neutral size is impossible to cancel. Since there is 36mm, the 3235 movement will not be used in the future. Will it always use 3135? (Don’t forget, the 3135 movement was produced in 1988.) Will we use the women’s watch 2235, 2236? impossible. Therefore, the Rolex movement is not unchangeable, it is not yet time. Each year Rolex presents new technologies to one or two models at the Basel Watch Fair. This year it is 43 mm SEA DWELLER and 41 mm DJ with steel case. Whoever is next will depend on the next year’s watch fair.

Patek Philippe’s 1518 Andy Gullen Auction Auction Fetches 794,500 Usd Sky Price

A Patek Philippe 15.18 million calendar chronograph watch, collected by a collector from the United States, attracted attention at the Antigoron auction. After many rounds of fierce auctions, this watch The price of 794,500 US dollars, almost double its original price, such a number makes most people startled. The last time this legendary watch appeared was 15 years ago, which was the site of the Antigoron auction in Geneva on October 18, 1997. 1518 was manufactured in 1951 and sold two years later on November 3, 1953. .

 The reason why this watch can be sold at such a high price did not surprise many people. It is very well preserved. According to current collectors, the soft lines of the case, the logo on the dial and the rose gold The texture of the enamel and the clear edges of the green bronze plate surface became the focus of their identification.

 Patek Philippe 1518 is the first perpetual calendar chronograph among many watch manufacturers. Of the many models from 1941 to 1952, only a very small number of watch bracelets were removable, so this point is particularly precious.

Richard Miller Launches Rm 60-01 Regatta Flyback Automatic Winding Chronograph

With RM 60-01 Regatta Flyback Chronograph flyback automatic chronograph, Richard Mille presents the brand’s first marine-specific technical watch to the world. The watch is equipped with a grade 5 titanium alloy RMAC2 movement, a 55-hour power reserve, a variable inertia balance, a complete flyback chronograph function, an annual calendar function with an oversized date display and UTC function. In addition, the RM 60-01 meets the needs of navigation with its four azimuth basis points as shown by its special rotatable bezel, plus 360 ° and 24-hour dial.

   The operating principle of the RM 60-01 is based on the following two points: local time and sun position. To calculate the exact position, the UTC display needs to point to the sun, press the UTC button at 9 o’clock, and turn the bezel until the UTC pointer matches the local time shown on the bezel scale. At this time, the northeast-south direction of the bezel will coincide with the orientation of the ground surface.

   The RM 60-01 is different from similar watches because of its ability to point in both the northern and southern hemispheres, no additional calculation is required for this operation. As an additional security measure, the chronograph’s buttons set a quick lock and unlock mechanism. When you lock (red arrow) or unlock (green arrow) the chronograph, you need to rotate the outer ring quickly, so you can easily prevent the chronograph reading from being changed inadvertently.

Casio Sheen Watch Is The Perfect Choice For Elegant Women

The SHEEN series watch created by Casio is an elegant watch specially created for women. Just like the character of SHEEN’s spokesperson Guilun Magnesium, it is as fresh, intelligent and elegant, so that the beauty of women blooms from the inside, always exuding smart wisdom.

    The supreme pursuit of women in modern metropolises: elegance and beauty are all in one, and strive to become a smart and elegant goddess. Such a charming woman can hold her dream in her hands and strive to realize it. This is also the personality statement of the female Elegant, Smart, Shining for the Casio watch SHEEN.

   Gorgeous yet concise design, raising hands to show elegance everywhere, making a suitable wrist decoration without exaggerating elegance, is absolutely suitable for all occasions, is the only way to increase women’s self-confidence and charm, let ladies no matter Whether in the workplace or in leisure life, the strap is always shining.

   The simple white is mainly SHE-5517D-7A, with a diamond-shaped dark grid design in the center of the dial text plate, which is a new feature of the watch, reflecting the elegance of the ladies without losing the affinity of pretty. Ceramic bezel, sector-shaped week display at 3 o’clock, Swarovski crystal embellishment at 6 o’clock, 9 o’clock, and 12 o’clock, equipped with sapphire glass mirror, which makes the entire dial shine brightly. Elegance is certainly the most striking focus of the scene.

   The SHE-4505SG-7A, which also has the shape of a round dial watch, is based on the well-received SHE-5512. After miniaturization, the star scale display is retained at 11 o’clock. This uniquely reserved star scale design conveys The beautiful wishes and happiness of modern women, everyone has the right to make their own wishes and work hard to realize them, hold the wishes firmly in their own hands, and let SHEEN accompany them to make a smart and fashionable charm female.

Casio SHEEN creates a temperament watch for newcomers to the workplace
20121102 / 13623.html
Casio SHEEN rose gold elegantly blooming
20120819 / 10739.html
Casio SHEEN large dial series women’s watch
20120718 / 9652.html

Gucci Creates New ‘interesting’ Fashion Watch With Bee Elements

Gucci watch jewelry incorporates new ‘bee’ design elements into the G-TIMELESS series. The G-TIMELESS series has always been rich and changeable, and many Gucci iconic series have been born. Its long-lasting charm lies in the fact that the watch can always be reborn and the pattern is multiplied.

   This new ‘bee’ adopts symmetrical design, which is pleasing to the eyes and expands the design possibilities. The new watch features a unique embroidered dial and a “bee” shape with gold threads, exuding modern neutral charm.

   All new models are 38mm medium size with gold embroidered bees set against Gucci’s ‘green red green’ striped fabric background. This extraordinary woven dial inherits Gucci’s innovative tradition in materials, while adding a touch of warmth and softness.

   The dial’s green, red, and gold colors complement the PVD gold-plated case. The crown is decorated with an interlocking ‘G’ logo.

   The watch comes with a ‘Cuoio Toscano’ calfskin strap and is available in red, green and light brown. All models are available in two styles: a ‘bracelet’ leather strap and a traditional strap that are easily interchangeable. The back of the watch is also engraved with a bee pattern. With these unique new G-TIMELESS watches, Gucci watch jewellery combines creative materials and design with traditional “Swiss Made” quality, consolidating its unassailable “Creative Watchmaker” status.

The Unique Style Goes To The End.

Swiss watch Jaquet Droz is one of the oldest watch brands in the world. It has a history of more than 300 years and has been appreciated by the Qing royals during the Qing Dynasty. . Over the centuries, Jacques de Lo will transcend the art of beauty over time, and interpret the rotation of time with extraordinary creativity. In its view, the watch is not only a mechanical device, but a symbol of emotion and warmth. Inspiring enthusiasm. Its watch impresses people with the number 8. Not only is it cleverly used in design, but it also conveys the brand’s luck and blessings. The simple and elegant design has impressed countless ladies. Here are three recommendations The characteristic Jacques Drona is a watch.

  Jacques de Nouveautes J014500270

Comment on the watch: What attracted me at first glance was the shape of this watch, which turned the number 8 into a unique design. The top of the watch is inlaid with a round pearl or gemstone, making the watch more elegant and luxurious. This setting is matched with the selected dial. The dark blue starry dial is deep and mysterious. The wearer can rotate it with a touch of it, and the charm is irresistible. Elegant watches use no lugs and connect a satin or crocodile leather strap directly to a diamond-set stainless steel case, making the model smoother. In addition, this watch also uses a new design of the new folding buckle, and also uses the shape of the number 8, so that it can show the charm of women’s personality between wrist movements.

Basic Information
Model: J014500270
Brand: Jacques Dro
Style: Automatic, 35 mm, ladies
Material: stainless steel diamond
RMB: ¥ 141,000
For more watch details, please click: Jacques D’EleganceParis J005003270

Table review: In terms of color, this watch can impress ladies’ hearts and touch the feelings of girls. ‘Ruby Heart’ garnet and rose red match the warm color of the 18k rose gold case in harmony. The metal and mineral are perfectly balanced, and it is more beautiful against the backdrop of a hand-rolled woven satin strap with a ripple effect. The diameter is 35 mm, and the small eccentric hour dial is located at 12 o’clock on the large dial. The watch is equipped with a JD2653 self-winding mechanical movement. Through the sapphire crystal caseback, the beautiful rotor and movement can be seen at a glance.

Basic Information
Model: J005003270
Brand: Jacques Dro
Series: EleganceParis
Style: Automatic, 35 mm, ladies
Material: 18k rose gold
RMB: ¥ 162,000
For more watch details, please click: Jacques de GrandeSecondeCircled J014013228 watch

Review of models: Since the eighteenth century, Jaquet Droz’s GrandeSeconde series has been launched in many styles. This watch is made of 18K red gold for a 39mm The case and mother-of-pearl dials use relatively fresh and clean tones, the hour and minute dials use retro Roman numerals, and the large dial of the second hand uses simple Arabic numerals. The two complement each other to become the number 8, which is also the characteristic of Jacques Dro. The white strap is more fresh and beautiful on the woman’s wrist.

Basic Information
Model: J014013228
Brand: Jacques Dro
Series: LegendGeneva
Style: Automatic, 39 mm, ladies
Material: 18K red gold
For more watch details, please click: jaquetdroz / 23801 /

Summary: Although mobile phones can meet the needs of watching time, it is impolite to look at mobile phones in many formal occasions. In addition to practical watches, they also have a great decorative effect, which can add glory to women’s appearance. So if you have a watch that suits you, you will definitely get an extra companion. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

Boll’s Pride From Railway Timing To Spontaneous Light

As an American watch brand, the origin of Bol Watch is the same as that of the entire American watch industry, thanks to the development of the American railway. No matter which series of Bol watches, the most important feature is the Swiss ‘3H self-illuminating miniature gas lamp’ inlaid into the dial scale on the hands. The night view of each Bolt propaganda album is a testament to its pride in this patent.
     Before the advent of trains carrying people, there was no clear need for precise time. With the rapid development of commerce after the First World War, long-distance and fast traffic became important. Whether the train was on time or not became a very important issue. The important thing, and the founder of Boer Watch Webb C. Boer made a significant contribution to the establishment of watch standards and detection systems for all watches used on the railway. After the Kipton train tragedy in 1891, regional authorities invited Webb C. Ball to investigate the time of day along the lakeshore and develop a monitoring system for them.
     Among the earliest models of Ball Watch, the most famous is the 999 watch, which is also known as ‘railway watch’. In 1893, the 999 train became a special train on the New York Center and the Empire Railway Line of the Hudson Railway. It exceeded the speed of 100 miles per hour for the first time, so the number 999 also became synonymous with high-speed railway. And Bol Watch served as a supplier of timing equipment in this historic event, and in 1895 produced a special No. 18 999 class pocket watch to commemorate the high-speed railway. In the following nearly fifty years, Bohr watch produced a total of more than 70,000 998 or 999 watches, and these watches with the 999 mark has become the enthusiasts of watch collectors today.
The spirit of adventure in the new century
     Borr watch, which has been defined as ‘the most durable railway brand watch brand’ in history, in 2001, the first year of the new century launched the ‘Engineer’ series of watches and later developed to be able to minus 40 The “Engineer Hydrocarbon” series that operates normally under ℃ environment and the “Engineer Master II Diver TMT” series with drilling-like processing case, are professional diving enthusiasts, mountain climbers, and base climbers A number of auxiliary timepieces have been developed.
     But no matter which series of Bol watches, the most important feature is the Swiss ‘3H self-illuminating miniature gas lamp’ inlaid into the dial scale on the hands, to achieve the night time reading function that can last up to 25 years , And is nearly 100 times brighter than ordinary luminous paint. The ‘3H self-illuminating miniature gas lamp’ is to seal the puppet in an empty mineral glass bottle in a very safe and stable form, and then attach the bottle to the needle and dial. This not only prolongs the life of the plutonium, but also greatly reduces the harm to the human body caused by the radiation generated when it decays. Now we can see that each Bolt’s promotional album will have a night view, which shows its pride in this patent.

Jacques Amvox2 Transponder Forwarding Watch

On the occasion of the 2014 Beijing Auto Show, Jaeger-LeCoultre launched the new AMVOX2 Transponder. The new watch is another masterpiece developed by Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin. The clever combination of mechanical technology and watch technology has once again demonstrated the spirit of Jaeger-LeCoultre’s continuous innovation and surpassing.

 The collaboration between Jaeger-LeCoultre and Aston Martin began in 2006. When the first AMVOX Chronograph was introduced, Jaeger-LeCoultre created an unprecedented epoch-making invention in the history of horology-the vertical start chronograph system. This is an ingenious design. Just tap the watch’s sapphire crystal to start, stop or reset it. The button on the right side of the case of a traditional chronograph watch disappears, replaced by a latch on the left side of the case that controls the crystal mirror. When locked, the latch is in the middle position; when opened, the latch can move up and down. You can start or stop the timekeeping function by lightly pressing the 12 o’clock position on the surface. When returning to zero, you can just press the 6 o’clock position on the surface. The operation of this chronograph watch is very simple. The wearer can easily control the chronograph function with a single touch, just as you effortlessly start the car’s engine.

 This simple and clever operation is based on Jaeger-LeCoultre’s original mechanism, using a delicate spherical coupling on the inner edge of the case, and using the principle of leverage to convert the pressure on the surface of the crystal into precise pulses to control the stopwatch timing . Each lever in this technology is connected to a mini stainless steel bearing, which contains 7 balls with a diameter of 0.1 mm. The Jaeger-LeCoultre 751E caliber is doing its best here, with a power reserve of up to 65 hours, allowing the watch to run longer with optimized precision. Excellent gear column and advanced vertical escapement ensure ultra-precise chronograph performance. There are four screws for adjusting the inertia on the outer ring of the balance wheel, which effectively enhance the stability of the adjustment function. Ceramic dial bearings with automatic dial bearings have the advantage of not requiring lubrication, so that all wrist movements can be converted into watch energy, which greatly improves the long-term reliability of the watch.

 The main difference between the 2014 Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new AMVOX2 Transponder and the 2006 AMVOX Chronograph is the addition of the ability to remotely lock and unlock Aston Martin sports cars, which can be controlled by simply tapping the watch Sports car door. The AMVOX DBS Transponder watch, AMVOX2 DB9 Transponder watch and AMVOX2 Rapide Transponder watch previously launched by Jaeger-LeCoultre all have the function of locking and unlocking the car, but only for models corresponding to the watch name. And Jaeger-LeCoultre’s new AMVOX2 Transponder is compatible with all existing Aston Martin models.

 Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder can lock, unlock Aston Martin sports cars from a certain distance, or turn on the lights to make it easier for owners to find, and this feature is applicable to all existing Aston Martin models . Pressing the sapphire crystal of the watch lightly is like pressing the start button of a sports car, which is also made of sapphire crystal, to start the engine. It is smooth and textured. It is worth noting that although the AMVOX2 Transponder has such advanced and convenient functions, it cannot completely replace the car key. The keyless connection function of the engine using the start button still requires the existence of an ignition key.

 The perfect signal transmission between the car and the watch is achieved by a miniature transponder placed between the double-layered case back of the watch, and the line and the transmitter antenna can be clearly seen between 4:00 and 8:00. The antenna is metal-coated and integrated with the inner wall of the sapphire crystal to reduce the energy consumption. Jaeger-LeCoultre watchmakers perfectly combine the technical characteristics with the exterior design. They also use metal coating technology to mount the reactors labeled “Open” and “Close” inside the mirror, so that the door can be unlocked or opened with a light touch Delicate function of the lamp.

 The Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder completes the original concept. On the one hand, it continues to use the vertical start chronograph system with the function of manipulating the chronograph by pressing the surface lightly. The stable signal transmission between sports cars and watches.

 Each Jaeger-LeCoultre timepiece has a unique design, and the AMVOX2 Transponder is no exception. This watch has a small window at 6 o’clock where you can see the Aston Martin logo. When the 751E movement starts ticking, the logo in the small window will rotate around the axis at a rate of once a minute. If it no longer rotates, the watch has stopped working.

Jaeger-LeCoultre AMVOX2 Transponder
Jaeger-LeCoultre 751E self-winding mechanical movement
28,800 vibrations per hour
41 gems
5.65 mm thick
Consists of 280 parts
65 hours power reserve

Hour, minute, timing function, operation display, date display
Vertical start timing device
Miniature transmitter

Black matte, ruthenium plated
Fluorescent Digital Timescale

Barton-shaped fluorescent pointer
44 mm diameter
Sapphire crystal
Water-resistant to 50 meters

Strap and buckle:
Belt, Frosted Stainless Steel Buckle

Q192T48A (US version)

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