Iwc Launches Engineer Series ‘hong Kong Flagship Store Limited Edition’ Watch

To celebrate the anniversary of IWC’s official opening of a new store in Pacific Place in Hong Kong and Hong Kong’s first flagship store in Tsim Sha Tsui in 1881, IWC has specially produced an engineer’s automatic watch ‘Hong Kong flagship store limited edition’. IWC launches engineer series ‘Hong Kong flagship store limited edition’ watch
旗舰 The 1881 Hong Kong flagship store, which opened in 2009, is an important milestone for the brand. This is the world’s first IWC flagship store. The store incorporates unique design concepts and offers a series of watches exclusively sold by the store. To commemorate the third anniversary of the opening of the Hong Kong flagship store, the brand launched this watch from the replica series, limited to 188 pieces, and sold exclusively at the 1881 store. The watch reinterprets the first engineer’s watch manufactured in 1955 with an automatic movement, a Pellerton winding system, a date display and an engraved sapphire glass case back.
参数 Hong Kong flagship store limited edition parameters
Case: Red gold
Case diameter: 42.5mm
Movement: 80111 automatic movement
Function: hour, minute, second, date
Power reserve: 44 hours
Waterproof: 12 bar
Limited: 188 pieces

Watches And Racing Watch Brands With Racing Genes

Watches and racing cars are two things that most men care about most in life. If these two are combined, I believe it will be more loved by men. In fact, the crossover of watches and cars has a long history. And many watch brands will draw design inspiration from sports cars, tailor-made watches for racers, and interpret the passionate speed with the power of precision machinery. Let’s take a look at those watch brands with racing genes.
Blancpain Speed ​​Pioneer

   In 2009, Blancpain, the creator of the classic timepiece, became a partner of the legendary sports car maker Lamborghini, named Super
The Trofeo Super Challenge, and since then has been enthusiastically devoted to motorsports around the world, showing the ‘credator of classic timepieces’ passion for speed and excellence. Since 2010, Blancpain has become FIA
The exclusive official timepiece for the GT1 World Championship. FIA
The GT1 World Championship is one of the ‘Four International Series of Races’ recognized by the FIA, bringing together well-known sports cars to compete on ten tracks on three continents. Blancpain is the title sponsor and official timepiece of the Blancpain Endurance Race. This European Championship is an important event for GT3 and GT4 sports cars. The Blancpain Endurance Race is aimed at professional teams and non-professional ‘gentleman drivers’. It can change drivers twice during the race. It is a three-stage promotion race inspired by Formula One racing.

Blancpain L-evolution Tourbillon Large Calendar Oscillating Power Display Watch White Gold
   Blancpain’s cross-border cooperation with motorsport aims to convey the brand spirit of challenge and passion by sponsoring professional and high-level events. In addition, in the in-depth cooperation with high-end racing brands, the research results of materials and machinery manufacturing are shared, and the watch manufacturing technology is continuously innovated and refined. Among the six series of Blancpain series, the L-EVOLUTION series is modern and dynamic. With the art of timepieces integrating cutting-edge technology and traditional watchmaking technology, it perfectly explains the brand’s pursuit of the pinnacle of watchmaking.
Hubble HUBLOT is invisible

   Swiss top watch brand HUBLOT Hublot once again challenged the limit, launched the new MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ sapphire watch. With a transparent case carved from sapphire and an equally transparent strap, the shocking effect of this watch is that it is just a movement suspended in midair! From a technical and design perspective The movement with a power reserve of up to 50 days can be described as excellent performance.

Hublot MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ Sapphire Watch
   In 2013, to pay tribute to the special limited series of Ferrari sports cars, the Hublot MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ watch debuted, showing its unique ultra-complex watchmaking technology. The streamlined lines of the MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ are Hublot movement designers and watchmakers and Ferrari design director Flavio
Manzoni’s collaboration brings together watches and cars. The movement is independently designed, developed and produced by watchmakers and engineers in the Hublot factory, a record technological feat. The movement is equipped with up to 637 parts, setting a highest record for Hublot movement accessories. This new MP-05 ‘LaFerrari’ watch is a bold fusion of the ‘invisible and visible’ philosophical thinking, which is surprising and thought-provoking at the same time. To match the ultra-futuristic look of this watch, Hublot is also equipped with a mini electric drill for manual winding, which is made with reference to the tire changing tools used in the F1 race.

   Swiss car design company Rinspeed’s ultra-sci-fi concept RV ‘XchangE’ is based on the Tesla Model S of the future car.
S is more sci-fi, marking a new era in the future unmanned autonomous driving concept. Bucherer fully supports this new project and its passionate innovation and sustainable development concept. It has assembled one of the world’s most unique rotating transparent globe-shaped winders on the ‘XchangE’ steering wheel bracket.

Bucherer Plavi TravelTec chronograph
   The dashboard of the ‘XchangE’ concept car is embedded with a Bucherer Plavi TravelTec chronograph, which provides passengers with a unique time display and easily grasps the time in three time zones. The blue watch matches the hue of the car, with a globe-shaped winder engraved with a map of the global time zone. When the car is at a standstill, the globe winder starts to rotate, storing energy for the watch continuously. Of course, the watch can be taken out and worn at any time, even if you shuttle between different time zones.
TAG Heuer returns

   TAG Heuer’s Heuer Monaco, which was released simultaneously in Geneva and New York on March 3, 1969, became the first square waterproof automatic chronograph in Swiss watchmaking history. This watch is made by Jack Heuer
Heuer) named after Monaco Grand Prix — TAG
Heuer is still a partner of this competition. The watch’s large and square case, metallized blue dial, bright red minute hand, and arched plastic mirror all highlight a breakthrough in traditional watchmaking aesthetics.

TAG Heuer Formula 1 Senna Special Chronograph / TAG Heuer Monaco Calibre 11 Chronograph
   The watch debuted in 1970 and was worn by Swiss racer Jo Siffert (he is a Heuer-funded racer —
The sponsorship of the watchmaker by the watchmaking brand was unprecedented at the time); the following year, 1971, Steve McQueen insisted on wearing this watch to participate in the movie ‘Legend of Speed’
Mans), making the watch the focal point of the spotlight just like a star. The new Monaco Calibre 11 chronograph introduced in 2015 is a direct descendant of the 1969 prototype.
Frederique Constant Beijing to Paris

   Frederique Constant has been involved in various forms of motor sports for many years, especially the classic vintage car rally, because of the brand and the famous classic antique car brand Austin
Healey has deep roots and has been a long-term and loyal partner.

Frederique Constant Beijing-Paris Challenge
   The Beijing-Paris Car Challenge began in 1907 of the last century. The concept of the Beijing-Paris race was first seen in the French newspaper ‘Le
Matin. A message was published in the newspaper: ‘What we want to prove today is that as long as we own a car, we can do what we want, wherever we want, and go where we want to go. Does anyone want to accept the challenge, from Beijing Drive to Paris? ‘The first game began on June 10, 1907, when the French Embassy in Beijing began.
Oris Lightweight and Flexible

   Since 2003, Oris and Williams team have entered the fourteenth year. As one of the longest time sponsors with the Williams team, Oris has launched a new Williams model this year after launching the Williams team series watch last year-Oris Williams Bottas Limited Edition watch. The carbon fiber of the Oris Bottas limited edition watch is inspired by the manufacturing concept of F1 racing cars. The manufacturing materials of F1 racing cars must have the ultimate strength-to-weight ratio. The core components such as the outer frame and steering wheel of the racing car are all made of carbon fiber. It is twice as strong, but only 1/5 of its weight. The case of the Bottas Limited Edition watch is also made of carbon fiber and weighs only 7.2
Grams, the lighter body means more agile speed and explosive power.

Oris Williams Waltley Bottas Limited Edition
   As Bottas said, everything in Formula 1 is about time, every lap is a race against time, and the timer is closely related to the car. The Oris Bottas Limited Edition has a 30-minute chronograph, 12-hour chronograph and small seconds display. The chronograph hands and chronograph dial use the Williams classic blue, which matches the main color of black, making the watch more dynamic and attractive.
Chopard tribute to antique car race

   Chopard has been Mille since 1988
Partners and official timing of the Miglia antique car race, this deep connection stems from Karl-Friedrich, co-president of Chopard
Scheufele) passion for the world of antique cars and racing. This ‘world’s most beautiful race’ gathers 430 teams each spring to compete on the track. A 1,000-mile (1600-km) course crosses Brescia and Rome, passing by the picturesque and picturesque scenery.

Chopard Mille Miglia 2016 XL Race Edition stainless steel watch
   A shared love for the achievements of precision machinery and extraordinary sports creates a watch series: the Chopard Mille Miglia series. Chopard launches a limited edition watch series for car racing every year. Mille Miglia
The 2016 XL Race Edition watch is a veritable partner for riders, combining precision performance, wearing comfort and elegant design to accompany the rider throughout the battle.
Omega Speedmaster

   Once the Omega Speedmaster series was released, it felt the pursuit of racers and rally cars with its extraordinary timing performance and outstanding design beauty. In fact, the design of its dial was inspired by the dashboard of an Italian car. The Omega Speedmaster is the first chronograph to move the tachymeter scale from the dial to the bezel. This innovation made it easier to read the timing, so it immediately caused a sensation in the race. The Omega Speedmaster series racing chronograph uses a 40 mm stainless steel case. The bezel is equipped with a matte black aluminum speed ring. The speed scale color of different models is also different. There are gray, gray and yellow and gray red to choose from. The screw-down case back features the familiar seahorse emblem.

Omega Speedmaster Series Racing Chronograph
   The Omega Speedmaster series chronograph is equipped with the Omega 3330 movement, with a vertical wheel chronograph, equipped with a coaxial escapement system and a Si14 silicon spring. The watch comes with a stainless steel bracelet or a black rubber strap. Water-resistant to 10 atmospheres.

Panomaticlunar A New And Gorgeous Combination

Of the new products released at the Baselworld 2012, three of the PanoMaticLunar are from German high-end watchmaker Glashütte. The company’s designers have designed larger round cases for mechanical watches. These cases are all from the Glashütte factory. Combined with the thin bezel, the dial has more space and shows a brand new. Design concept.
   The Pano Eccentric series is known for its unique asymmetrical dial. Based on the original design concept, it has been perfected and achieved amazing results. The new PanoMaticLunar design is more mature, the layout is simpler, and presents a unique eccentric visual effect. The hour / minute dial and small seconds dial remain to the left of the dial, with the center of the circle vertically aligned, and the large date and superb moon phase display are below and above the right, respectively.

   The layout of the dial follows the golden ratio, a legendary aesthetic law that has traditionally fascinated artists, musicians and architects. In 2012, three new models of PanoMaticLunar interpreted new designs. The red gold model leads the way, the warm silver dial, the rose gold hour, minute, second and hour indexes are covered in a red gold case. The moon phase shows that the golden moon and stars embedded in the dark blue night sky are striking.

   Both watches have polished and striped stainless steel cases, showing a new visual effect and dazzling. One is a warm silver dial. The rhodium-plated silver hour markers are located under the blue steel hour, minute and second hands. The unique large date display, and the silver moon and stars in the moon phase display are embedded in the dark blue night sky, making this model The watch is more perfect. The stainless-steel dial is grey and striking-the ruthenium-plated dial features rhodium-plated silver hour and white gold hour, minute and second hands. The big date is displayed on a gray background and the numbers are white. The silver moon and stars in the moon phase disk are embedded in the silver night sky.
PanoMaticLunar uses the extraordinary automatic winding movement 90-02 from the Saxon factory, which is decorated with 47 gems and has a power reserve of 42 hours. The sapphire crystal case clearly shows the sophisticated movement, including a three-quarter splint decorated with Glashütte classic threads, a 21K gold skeleton rotor, blue steel screws, a hand-carved balance wheel splint and double gooseneck trims . PanoMaticLunar’s new models feature Louisiana alligator leather straps, each with different colors and finishes.

Breitling Breitling Watch Breitling Challenger Air Race Watch

Breitling Challenger series watches present new models for adventure seekers. The Breitlight® material case and cutting-edge black styling, which represent cutting-edge technology, show that the Challenger series is young, Dynamic, aggressive spirit. This watch is code-named Skyracer, and has the same name as the aircraft that represented the Breitling brand in the exciting Red Bull aerobatic race.

High-performance, high-efficiency, and long-lasting, the Challenger series has always maintained its excellent tradition of being a military watch in the past, reflecting all the characteristics of true professionals’ wristwatches. Today, Breitling has taken the collection to a whole new level by launching the latest generation of watches that perfectly combine reliable technology and original design, while also possessing an extremely high cost performance. It is for these reasons that the Breitling Challenger aerial racing watch stands out among many rookies.

Lightweight and sturdy Champion Watch: This watch has a diameter of 45 mm and its case is made of Breitlight®, which is light and strong. This unique high-tech material is 3.3 times lighter than titanium and 5.8 times lighter than stainless steel, and has many advantages: super resistance to scratches, tensile deformation and corrosion; anti-magnetic, anti-allergic; tactile ratio The warm, metallic mottled visual effect highlights its novelty and originality.

Champions watch with absolute precision: This watch is equipped with the SuperQuartzTM temperature-compensated super quartz movement certified by the Swiss Official Observatory (COSC), which is ten times more accurate than a standard quartz movement.
Clear and easy-to-read championship watch: Against a black background and red tone, the white luminous hands and logo are as clear and clear as the dashboard, and the double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal is accurate in any environment Read.
Champion watch with excellent shock resistance: This watch is equipped with a screw-in rubber die-cut crown with reinforced protection, and a protruding bezel gasket perfectly protects the mirror.

The Challenger Air Racing is water-resistant to 100 meters (330 feet), equipped with a bezel indicator, a rotating bezel for easy reading, and an additional 24-hour (military) graduated dial. Exclusive black rubber strap for all adventurers. The 12 o’clock section of the strap features 1: 25,000 and 1: 50,000 scales, and the 6 o’clock section has centimeters and inches. The exquisite detachable fastening system makes it easy for the wearer to quickly and easily remove the strap and use it as a measuring tool, and then it can be easily reassembled.
The Challenger Air Racing Watch was born for extraordinary achievements, speed, and challenges, and showcases the characteristics of the Breitling Racing Team high-performance aircraft MXS-R ‘Skyracer’, which was won by the aerobatic star Mika in the Red Bull World Aerobatic Championship Brageot driving.

Raymond Weil Became The Official British Watch Brand And Partner For The 11th Year

On February 24, 2016, luxury watch brand Raymond Weil celebrated its eleventh year as the official watch brand and partner of the British Music Awards. This UK’s most influential music awards ceremony, gathered in the UK and the world’s top musicians and red stars, this year’s O2 venue in London was grandly held.

   The theme of this year’s British Music Awards is to celebrate the 40th anniversary of Punk Music. In view of this, Raymond Weil created a unique watch inspired by Punk Music and invited many world-class watches. Musicians are involved, including Best Male Solo Artist, James Bay, Radio One DJ, Huw Stephens, Craig David and comedian Alan Carr.

   In order to pay tribute to the punk music of the 70s, the design of this men’s Toccata watch is modeled on Union Jack, the representative of the punk century, and Union Jack is a classic punk character such as The Clash and the Sex Pistols and others.
   The 42mm diameter stainless steel case is paired with the brand’s first red, white and blue three-color NATO nylon strap, and the unique bottom is engraved with the British Music Award BRIT logo designed by Pam Hogg. This special edition watch is recounted from the brand’s Toccata collection, and nominations, award presenters and performance guests of each award will receive this commemorative watch. The watch will also be available in limited quantities at the brand’s accredited retailers, priced at £ 730.
   Raymond Weil will launch a series of events and national advertisements for the British Music Awards, including many major cities in the UK such as London, Manchester, Liverpool and Glasgow. Many Raymond Weil ambassadors will also fully support, including last year British Music Award winners Jess Glynne, James Bay, Sigma, Labrinth and classical violinist Nicola Benedetti.
   ‘Raymond Weil is honored to be a long-term partner of the British Music Awards, and to launch a Toccata watch with the theme of punk music. The wonderful power between music and watchmaking echoes Raymond Weil’s promotion of music Brand genes, ‘said Avery Burheim, CEO of the brand.

The New Parmigiani Watch Presents The Beauty Of Time

As the first wave of Parmigiani’s first series in 2009, the Tondagraph watch has two main innovative features: complications that have never been seen since the brand was founded, and a new classic case.
Let’s start with the mechanical structure of the watch. Combining the glamorous beauty of the tourbillon with the functions of a chronograph, the Tondagraph model (calibre model PF 354) is included in the Parmigiani watchmaking line. With the extreme performance of home-made watchmakers, each watch in the Haute Horlogerie series is the result of a collection of dozens of precision divisions of labor. Just the bevel modification of the tourbillon double plywood bridge, it has taken 20 hours to reach the level required for the finished product, and the tourbillon frame as a whole needs nearly 40 hours of modification. Only in this way can you get smooth, shining and impeccable parts. Watch fans can appreciate the overall mechanical structure from the back of the watch, and savor the beauty of working on both sides.
日内瓦 The dial style of ‘Geneva Ripple’ makes a perfect annotation of Parmigiani’s consistent aesthetic concept. Located in the center of the dial, the double ellipse presented through the tourbillon frame and the outline of the 30-minute timer will become one of the brand’s most iconic symbols. The tachymeter (3000-meter scale) provides a complete indication of the precision of the chronograph to 1/4 second.
Finally talk about the part of the watch case. The round case has been redesigned to show a more rounded arc. The bezel design provides a perfect side arc shape, while giving overall characteristics, and bringing more generous time indications to the dial. Of course, the lugs with Parma Channing style are also not absent, conveying the ultimate elegance of the brand.
Tondagraph watch, limited edition of 15 pieces in 18K white gold (with independent serial number engraved on the case back), is a new contemporary look presented by Parma Channing for fine watchmaking.
Model: Tondagraph 43 Tourbillon-Chronographe.
Movement: PF354 tourbillon chronograph movement.
Function: hours. minute. Small seconds at 9 o’clock.
1 / 4-second stopwatch (large central second hand, 30-minute timer at 3 o’clock).
Outline 3-piece round case 😕 43 mm. Thickness: 13.3 mm.
Material: 150 Palladium Platinum. Polished.
Waterproof: 30 meters.
Anti-reflective sapphire crystal.
Crown:? 7 mm.
Sapphire crystal case back.
Limited edition of 15 pieces.
The back of the case is engraved with an independent serial number.
Dial Silver: Central ‘Geneva ripple’ decoration, creamy outer ring, ‘ink’ 30-minute timer, appliqued hour markers, luminous triangle shaped hands.
Leather Hermes alligator leather with polished folding buckle.

Roger Dubuisroger Dubuis And Italdesign Design Company Form A New Alliance

When the vision of the engineer met the extraordinary creativity of the watchmaker, a series of regrettable works and events unfolded endlessly. Geneva watchmaker Roger Dubuis will unveil the latest collaboration between the brand and the world-renowned Italian design company Italdesign at the Geneva International Motor Show 2017 in March this year. New timepiece.

   This unique partnership will be made public with the launch of the brand’s classic Excalibur King series of eight new limited edition timepieces, the Excalibur Spider Single Tourbillon. The watch is presented with a clever combination of carbon fiber and ceramics, and carries the representative colors of Italy. Roger Dubuis, unique and brave, has just announced its joint creation with Italian tire manufacturer Pirelli at Pirelli at the 2017 SIHH in Geneva. This is a new design alliance with Italdesign. So far, extraordinary works are presented again.

   The classic Excalibur King Series, which is absolutely gorgeous, has been deeply rooted in the brand genes of Roger Dubuis. Determination. The Excalibur Spider Italdesign Edition watch also follows the same direction and strives to demonstrate the brand’s unremitting pursuit of ‘combining disruptive materials with advanced complications’, becoming an outstanding interpretation of this creative concept.
   The Excalibur Spider Italdesign Edition watch was released in a limited edition of 8 pieces and sold exclusively in stores, perfectly combining the challenging spirit of Roger Dubuis’ Dare to be Rare with the fashion of Italian design company Italdesign, Futuristic traits and its branding gene of ‘Designing New Ambition’.
The perfect combination of complex machinery
   Italdesign Design was founded in Moncalieri, Italy in 1968, and has been continuously creating high-end avant-garde prototype display cars and serving some of the world’s top brands. Italdesign is not only the leader of many classic Italian design legends, but also the benchmark of excellence in Italian design today.
   Like Roger Dubuis, Italdesign prides itself on being a dream fulfiller, but the similarities between the two don’t stop there. Both brands regularly present their world-first creations to their followers through a variety of innovative ideas. In addition to their firm commitment to style, mechanical engineering, and design quality, they also have strong personality and far-sighted vision, condensed into Roger Dubuis’s concept of ‘creating extraordinary’; this concept also represents the brand’s boldness Straightforward watchmaking attitude and determination to explore and innovate in the wilderness.
   Both brands strive to uphold the concepts of tailor-made and handmade manufacturing, and use rich knowledge, comprehensive skills, advanced research and innovation drivers as the basis for all cooperation. In addition, both parties have long believed that ‘only a unique service experience can leave a deep and lasting impression on customers’, which has become a successful element of this cooperation.
Italian design comes out proudly
   The Excalibur Spider Italdesign Edition has a bold, sporty and easily recognizable look, bearing the iconic features of Roger Dubuis skeleton timepieces, including a star shape design, a Celtic cross tourbillon frame and high-end Finishing (such as the round granular splint of the RD505SQ hand-wound movement).
   The use of Excalibur Spider’s creative concept extends Roger Dubuis’s unique hollow-out technique beyond the movement. External elements such as the bezel and bezel also enable the watch to display a unique color design-hollow-out hands. The needles have a red bezel, while the titanium crown is decorated with a red vulcanized rubber coating. This color concept is also reflected in the application of the red, white and green colors of the Italian flag. They not only appear on the dial, but also on the stitching of the black rubber strap.
   This breathtaking timepiece bears the prestigious imprint of Geneva-a sure guarantee of the fine quality and superb craftsmanship of fine watchmaking. Its launch coincides with the advent of the Italdesign Hypercar.
   The car is guided by a racing style and ‘lightweight’ concept, demonstrating outstanding research results in aerodynamics. The carbon fiber body of the Italdesign Hypercar is paired with aluminum and carbon fiber bases, which exudes the unique sculptural beauty of Italian design as a whole. Only five vehicles can be produced. The lucky owners will be able to enjoy unprecedented customization services and personalize the inside and outside of their extraordinary ‘mountains’.
   ‘Italdesign’s collaboration with Roger Dubuis perfectly illustrates the basic beliefs of two iconic brands: the perfect balance between design and performance. The Excalibur Spider Italdesign Edition watch is a superb manifestation of this common belief. We We look forward to sharing design achievements and engineering creations that will lead us to new heights in the future. ‘Mr. Jean-Marc Pontroué, Roger Dubuis Global CEO
Excalibur Spider Italdesign Edition

Case: 45 mm diameter, hollow, multi-layer carbon fiber case; ceramic bezel,
With red liquid ceramic and black lacquer decoration; DLC coated titanium alloy back;
DLC-coated titanium crown and ring with red vulcanized rubber coating
Thickness: 13.75 mm
Dial: Hollow black matte titanium alloy upper edge, red transfer minute scale,
Italian flag in three colors and Roger Dubuis,
Titanium alloy screws covered with SLN luminous paint; platinum hollow hands,
Red needle with SLN luminous paint
Water resistance: 5 bar (50 meters)
Strap: black rubber frame with red, white and green stitching,
Internal Rubber Black Rubber Tech
Buckle: Adjustable titanium clasp with DLC-coated titanium buckle
Movement: RD505SQ manual winding movement
Yield: 8 pieces – sold in specialty stores
Certification: Mark of Geneva (Poinçon de Genève)
RD505SQ movement: skeleton flying tourbillon
Features: Flying tourbillon at 7:30 (one rotation per minute),
Mechanical movement with manual winding, precisely adjusted in six positions
Function: Hour and minute display
Decoration: skeleton movement, round granular main plywood and bridge with NAC coating,
Celtic cross-shaped tourbillon frame, fully refined according to the Geneva mark standard
Parts: 179
Gems: 19
Diameter: 16 law minutes
Thickness: 4.28 mm
Vibration frequency: 3 Hz (21,600 vibrations per hour)
Power reserve: 60 hours

Watch Inspired By The Cockpit Of An Airplane

This watch is inspired by the cockpit of an airplane. The entire watch is like a portable cockpit, a multifunctional watch that can be easily operated. The case diameter is 42.70mm and the date display is at 6 o’clock. Day and night display window in the second time zone is located at 3 o’clock. The vertical second crown is located at two o’clock, and the third time zone can be set on the inner ring. The compass and heading indicator display let you grasp the situation at any time like the captain. The special small white seconds hand is located at 9 o’clock, allowing the operator to easily distinguish whether the watch is functioning normally and equipped with a crown with a quick lock system. The design concept of the soft leather strap and contrasting stitching comes from the special buckle of the seat belt of the aircraft cabin. Flying: The Death of the Rich
     If racing is a rich man’s adventure game, then flying sports will take the race car a step further. It can be called a death game, and it is the ultimate pursuit of many adventurers.
Fly highest watch
     The highest flying watch is the Omega Speedmaster Alaska plan watch. Armstrong wore the prototype version of this watch when he first landed on the moon. The 2008 limited edition replica styles are also available in red anodized aluminum case, white nylon strap with red aluminum buckle, striking.

Classic Executives Magnum Xxl

Baume & Mercier’s new 44mm face plate, with black rubber strap and mechanical self-winding movement. Equipped with ETA7753 self-winding movement with chronograph function and calendar display at 6 o’clock. The time-lapse function of the sand blasting process is simpler and more convenient to use. Screw-in case back, water-resistant to 200 meters.

Baume & Mercier Classima Executives Magnum XXL Chronograph
Number: 8852
Case: stainless steel
Size: 44mm
Water resistance: 200 meters
Strap: Rubber
Movement: automatic winding timing
Functions: date (6 o’clock position), small second hand (9 o’clock position), minute count (3 o’clock position), hour count (6 o’clock position)

In addition, the same Classima Executives Magnum XXL Chronograph (8852) was also released

Roger Dubuis King Arthur Round Table Watch

Roger Dubius Arthur Roundtable

  This limited production of 88 watches with green and white round enamel dials supported by 12 gold sword knights, forming the dial’s 12 time scales. Obviously, this design is derived from the legend of King Arthur and his Knights of the Round Table.

The watch uses 12 round gold enamel dials with green and white enamel dials to form the 12 time scales of the dial.

   The green and white hand-painted enamel dial replicates the shape of a round table suspended from the Winchester Castle in England. The round table pattern was specially drawn by King Henry VIII of England in 1552 to impress the visiting Holy Roman Emperor Charles V.

Green and white hand-painted enamel dials replicate the shape of a round table suspended from Winchester Castle, England

   In the original pattern, the name of the twelve knights was written in a circle. Henry VIII himself was sitting on the throne of King Arthur. The center of the round table below the throne was a rosette representing the Tudor royal family.

The round table pattern was specially drawn by King Henry VIII of the United Kingdom in 1552 to impress the visiting Holy Roman Emperor Charles V. ***