Patek Philippe’s 1518 Andy Gullen Auction Auction Fetches 794,500 Usd Sky Price

A Patek Philippe 15.18 million calendar chronograph watch, collected by a collector from the United States, attracted attention at the Antigoron auction. After many rounds of fierce auctions, this watch The price of 794,500 US dollars, almost double its original price, such a number makes most people startled. The last time this legendary watch appeared was 15 years ago, which was the site of the Antigoron auction in Geneva on October 18, 1997. 1518 was manufactured in 1951 and sold two years later on November 3, 1953. .

 The reason why this watch can be sold at such a high price did not surprise many people. It is very well preserved. According to current collectors, the soft lines of the case, the logo on the dial and the rose gold The texture of the enamel and the clear edges of the green bronze plate surface became the focus of their identification.

 Patek Philippe 1518 is the first perpetual calendar chronograph among many watch manufacturers. Of the many models from 1941 to 1952, only a very small number of watch bracelets were removable, so this point is particularly precious.

Updated: 17. December 2020 — 1:15
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