Plum Blossom Watch ‘bloom’ World Expo

TITONI Swiss Plum Watch, established in 1919, has been in China for more than 50 years, and the brand is loved by consumers. Plum Blossom Global President Daniel Schluep visited China this summer. The bustling atmosphere of Shanghai, the human touch of Chengdu, and the delicate fragrance of Hangzhou Longjing tea, he and his family experienced a meaningful journey in China .
Mr. Slopp deliberately made the first stop of the itinerary to visit the world-famous Shanghai World Expo. Also, the Swiss City Pavilion at the Urban Best Practices Zone has the longest stay. Three huge plum dials are hung at the reception of the exhibition hall, showing the local time of Shanghai, Geneva-Zurich and New York, which became a highlight. Mr. Slopp is very proud that Plum Watch can become the official partner of the Swiss City Pavilion.
After the trip to Shanghai Station, he and his family came to Chengdu with great joy and excitement, and adopted his second daughter ‘qiqi’. Mr. Shrop has always preferred the panda, China’s unofficial image ambassador, and this is not the first time he has become associated with a panda. In April of this year, Mr. Slopp also launched the first artist watch of Plum Watch, which cleverly applied panda painting to the surface design of the watch. This trip to China gave Mr. Slop and his family a deeper understanding and understanding of Chinese culture.