Watching A Watch Showdown By Police Bandit ‘drug War’

‘Drug War’ can be described as a very hot movie recently. This film is rich in details, the plot is true, not contrived, and not in love, it almost perfectly shows the actual scene of anti-drug to the audience. The confrontation between righteousness and evil in it tells a story that a person’s heart is more poisonous than poison. What would it be like to wear several specially designed watches for the protagonists?
Gu Tianle The real and fake poisonous heart

 Chopard Racing Shows Speed
 As a representative of medium-sized men in Hong Kong films, Gu Tianle established himself on the big screen with another police bandit and action movie. The years didn’t seem to leave too many traces on him, but only increased that maturity and domineering. He played a cruel villain in ‘Drug War’ and brought us superb performances. The watch that suits him is the Chopard racing series that shows the speed and speed of confrontation.
 This 162286-5001 watch, which belongs to the classic racing series, has a time stamp design different from other watches. On the low-key black background, there are exaggerated digital shapes. Exaggerated and irregular numbers break the normal rules, as if they are telling The villain played by Gu Tianle how to break the routine of self-protection in order to survive.
Sun Honglei’s Proud Bones

 Girard Perregaux Three Golden Bridges Balance Choice
 In order to hunt down drug dealers, Sun Honglei chose a balanced and compromise solution between catching and not catching, that is, using Gu Tianle as a bait to catch bigger fish. But this decision implies greater risks. At this moment, Sun Honglei is like walking on a wooden bridge. Between the front line of life and death, he must grasp that delicate balance, in order to protect himself and destroy the enemy. That’s why we recommend this Sanjinqiao watch.
 Girard Perregaux’s three-gold bridge tourbillon watch not only makes people appreciate the superb craftsmanship of watchmaking, it is also one of the most important patents applied by Girard Perregaux. The history of the Sanjinqiao Tourbillon can be traced back to 152 years ago. As a model of contemporary timepieces, its status has never wavered. This specially crafted and aura watch is the most suitable for a tough guy like Sun Honglei walking on the bridge of life and death.
Zhong Hanliang’s heroic spirit of righteousness

 Founder of Zenith showed that the police were just right
 Zhong Hanliang, with his handsome appearance and high popularity on the Internet, plays the role of a public security policeman in the ‘Drug War’ by subverting his past temperament. His handsome appearance cannot hide the hard work and danger of the police in pursuit of drug dealers. What kind of situation will he be involved in? Let the Zenith watch that suits his perfect temperament tell you the answer. This watch has a large diameter. The most special thing is that every small window inside is presented in a rectangular pattern. The black and white and gray tones reveal simplicity and skill. Not only can the date be clearly read, but also the power reserve display. Bring great convenience to users. What kind of experience will it bring in its square shape?
Gao Yunxiang did his best to keep up the hunt 追

 Rolex rose gold shines bright human nature
 Although everyone may be a little unfamiliar with Gao Yunxiang’s name, when he sees his face, he will definitely recall his superb acting skills in ‘When Love Has Been Past’ and ‘Wind and Rain’. This time he also plays the role of a police officer. In order to find the big drug lord hidden behind him, he made every effort to hunt down relentlessly.
 This watch belongs to Rolex. With its special material, it is realized that the original male watch can also use rose gold, a material full of feminine characteristics, so perfect without revealing a trace. The craftsmanship of the see-through design on the back is superb, coupled with the turning point of the plot, it seems necessary to expose the drug dealer to transparency.
 After reading these four watches, presumably you guys are going to try it.

Updated: 3. April 2021 — 3:35
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